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Steve Corkum does not deliver on paid orders

Hey this is my first post - been lurking for a while. This is a great site, tons of great info.

I was reading this thread feeling really bad for all those involved then I saw Steve's phone number and address. This guy lives down the street from me.

Probably about a 3 iron away......

Giving Littlestown PA a bad name.

Good luck guys.
Heck with the 3-iron!!!!

If I ship you a 2X4 can you kindly insert same in the appropriate orfice. If you are not sure just look for his chin. It's the only part of his head that he can't fit up his butt!!!

You need not remove prior same to insertion siimply apply force..................
I should clear my statement up, saying he is just a 3 iron away means that he is right down the street from me. I could probably see his house if it was light out. I did not mean to imply I was going there with a 3 iron. Not a good first post.

That said, I am friends with some of the Littlestown PD and have met the Adams County Sheriff for some of my C3 dealings. If there is anything I can do or information you would like me to pass along, let me know. I would be very happy to do it.

Corkum should be in
And...right back up to the top.

Can't expect Mr. Montgomery to put in all the public service work.
Gollnick;2971888...........Write the man a letter saying "Forget it. I'm writting this off." With that done said:
depending on your tax bracket, essentially be like getting 25-38% of the money back[/B]..........

hehehe yea 25-38%. ASSUMING his annual income is less than $3000.
:D I don;t think that's the case though.

In any event, my concern is that this guy owes you, OldOne, (unless I misread your post) several knives over the course of several years. Light bulb is going off here..........................
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