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Steve Corkum does not deliver on paid orders

Wow, I just worked with this guy for 2 months, he was trying to sell cars. Man what a story teller, don't know what was true or not but interesting, none the less. He quit on Saturday saying only "the Government needed him". He talked about his knives a lot but I never typed his name into google until today. I was thinking of some of his heroic stories and thought I may see some articles about him, I guess you could say what I found was not necessarily a surprise. Did you know one time he was involved in a mid-air knife fight after falling from a window? Just thought I would give an update, good luck to all on getting what they ordered and also sending positive thoughts to Steve in hopes he can make a comeback or something, he obviously made good knives! One thing I will not miss is trying to get away from the man when he started telling me stories....LOL!

----- That's awfully nice of you to say about a guy but what he says is true, ive met the people he has talked about. Its sad what happened to him and a shame he had to spend some time with you because you are obviously not such a nice guy.
Just looking over these forums. I know Corkum personally now and did then. What you are saying is made up. The man was very very sick and almost died at the time you are talking about and I know for a fact that you didnt see what you say you did, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!!!!!

How much did he pay you to say this?. Or are you Mr Corkum himself?.
I'm a young guy and a new maker, and I love Japanese styled knives. I did an internet search for japanese styled knives and saw some of Steve Corkum's work. I pretty much fell in love with his knives, and thought highly of him until I saw this thread here on BF.

The knives are wonderful. If the guy kept his nose clean and was a good honest man I believe he could have been one of the greats.

Too bad man....:(

Hes a great guy and a great father not to mention a fine craftsman. You have to realize that these guys are knife makers and dealers that took advantage of him when he got sick. I am his neighbor and met the people he speaks of, seen the scars and stood in fear thinking he was going to take his last breath on that hospital bed. Dont let them fool you my friend.
Ok first thing first , I do not know anything about mr.townsend83 or Mr. Corkum but after reading this thread I was cruising the bay and ran across this . You must admit that it seems a bit fishy ,mr.townsend83.
That's pathetic.

From the ebay profile: "Based in United States, mrtownsend83 has been an eBay member since Sep 07, 2013"
I know this is an old thread but anyone owed money or knives can contact me for some current info.
I know this is an old thread but anyone owed money or knives can contact me for some current info.

If you have current info wouldn't the right thing be to share it openly? Rather than having people contact you privately?
I'm making this post as I believe Esav said to, when I emailed him earlier. If I'm mistaken correct me please and I will share all.
On craigslist, York pa. search the word knife and you will see 4 Corkum knives for sale. If I'm correct they are presently, unless someone bought them at a very good friend of mine's store. If they belong to someone from an order, he would have no problem pulling them from sale online or in his store. I may also be able to get current address of Corkum.

Well I finally made it to my buddies store and the knives were sold to him by Corkum. I checked the out and all were very small and extremely light but you could easily tell the ray skin was plastic and the nylon cord used to wrap the handle was crudley cut off and melted to get it into the knot. There were three daggers one drop point and a cleaver like knife with very poorly done kydex. I filled my friend in about Corkum but other customers were in the store so we could not talk alone. Oh yeah he also had a longer almost 14 inch kind of blade without the suba ? I'll see him again soon and hopefully get more info on where he's hiding out but I do know its still in Littlestown. He said Corkum claims the big one was the last he made.
Im not SC or paid by him.

Mr.townsend, do you think that is more important to set the record straight about Corkum's personal life or the people he cheated out of their orders and money plus the horrible feeling of being cheated, if he was Ill we all understand that but why not communicate and make things right ????, you can understand that you are dealing with a lot upset people who give a rats...as who Steve truly is was or whatever happen, so before you get upset tell your body to set things right and you will find out that this community forgives those who clean up their acts.