Survive! GSO 4 Limited Edition Regrind

Chiral, we've had this discussion about bevel angles before, but I can't recall if Guy ever mentioned the original bevel angle on these.
Regardless, the video makes it clear that he has reground them into a conventional saber style with a secondary bevel.
Mora uses a fairly obtuse angle on their scandi knives, and I think that I've measured grinds of 25° per side.
That is probably a much higher angle than Guy would have tried, but with a high carbide steel anything less than 15° per side doesn't seem to hold up to aggressive use.
My recollection is that the Mora "Heavy Duty" or Robust models are 27-30' inclusive, not per side, and while that is not technically "obtuse" (>90) it is certainly MUCH thicker than a conventional saber-ground blade with a primary bevel of only 10' inclusive and only an edge-bevel 15-20 dps. I feel like these are a smaller-version preview of the "Bushcraft 4.5"

I also cannot recall what the original angle on those blades ...
Looks good! I think I inspired him when I repaired that dudes 4.1 that was a jacked up from hand convexing. I remember them saying something to the likes that it gave them an idea
These knives are going to be SUPER SLICERS. While the lack of thickness will probably make them slightly less robust than other S!K knives, the quality of the steel and length of the blade will probably keep all but the most brutal owners from ever seeing any decrease in durability when compared to other S!K knives. I won't be getting one, but will be very interested to see how these turn out and how they perform in the "wild."
From the Weekly Sales thread:

Anyone know a ballpark price these will be sold? What is the lure of owning one of these? Is it the exclusivity, the Sagewood combo or something else? I figure these will have a premium price.

The price will be $299. The higher price is part of a general increase but also because of the Sagewood Gear sheath that will be included in every order. You can order without the sheath to save some $$$.

As for the lure, that is up to you folks. They should be highly effective for bushcrafting and I know some hunters who are looking forward to having one. They will not be made again and there are a lot less than our typical run size since these blades are a few years old now.
Thanks for the reply. They appeal to me for the limited availability, but I was not sure what others would be thinking. Can't wait to see the finished combo.

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20CV, and more like the old spec 4.1 than the new spec. At least, the base blanks were old spec 4.1s not the new spec 4.1s.
Hey Ellie, there is a typo on the production description page for the reground 4 model.
Towards the bottom where you discuss the non-refundable portion of the purchase price it should read "Preorders", not "Peorders".
I now return you to your regularly scheduled knife discussion. Thank you. ;)
I am so tempted right now. I even put one in the cart, but gonna save my money this time.
Same here, but can't dig the $100 restock fee for canceling given Survive's track record for sticking to lead time commitments. I'm sure they'll sell out though.