Survive in the woods?

Hi, I am new here and thought I might contribute my simple thoughts on this subject.
Living off the land for a novice is dependent on the "Land" in question.
There are parts of the world where the climate is mild and food plentifull, obviously in other areas the climate is harsher and food less plentifull and climate less forgiving.
I am from Australia, many Australians are outdoors types that camp and hunt, anyone near the coast could survive indefinitely.
Get into the "Woods" or "Bush" as we call it here and it can be difficult for a novice.
Extreme heat or cold will kill you off as quick as hunger.
If you can find reasonable water
Find or make basic shelter.
Find basic food you will last at least a month or two.


Dick brought a movie camera along with his axe when he went into the bush. PBS runs "Alone in the Wilderness" from time to time and sells the DVD as a fundraiser. I was amazed at the level of craftsmanship Dick put into that cabin. Those hinges were over the top!
The book is a good read as well.


Spectacular show. What a skilled craftsman and a great documentary.