Ten, 6" Utility Fighters

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Feb 13, 2007
The 6" Utility Fighter was designed as a collaboration with design and functional input from a family friend, US Army Green Beret Jason Landphair. It is a well made, durable, high performance mid sized utility combat knife designed to carry light, tolerate rough use beyond the abilities of most alternatives, and function properly as a mid size fighting knife in addition to normal cutting chores. In this newest release of this old pattern it now has the Delta 3V heat treat that is optimized for edge stability so it will hold a sharp edge in rough use better than ever. A side effect of this heat treat is a higher percentage of free chromium, so although it is not stainless, it is nearly so. I consider this to be one of the ultimate modern particle metallurgy super steels and a knife of this nature is an ideal application for it.

The handle is 3D sculpted CNC machined and ergonomically designed for a standard forward, reverse, saber and pinch grips for an average sized hand. Unnecessary weight is removed where possible and the tang is internally skeletonized for a neutral balance. The blade is made of .188" CPM "Delta" 3V. Despite being light (8 oz) and ground relatively thin (.025" before sharpening) it will tolerate rough use in demanding environments. You can baton and pry with it. It will tolerate punching holes in sheetmetal, cutting iron wire and even chopping through cinder block without breaking or developing excessive damage. One of the design requirements when developing this knife was it would be capable of opening a hole in a masonry wall without risk of breaking. You might damage the edge if you set your mind to it, but despite being light and reasonably thin (and subsequently a good cutter) the knife itself is practically unbreakable and comes with my rough use warranty: if it ever fails for any reason short of intentionally breaking it I will replace, repair or refund. Broken tips get re-pointed, broken scales are replaced with a material of my choosing.

CPM 3V, Delta heat treat, tested 61 HRC, .188" at ricasso
Total length 10.8"
Blade length 6.0"
Edge length 5.6", 20 DPS
Weight 8.0 oz
Extra grippy 3D machined scales
Black oxide treated 18-8 stainless steel fasteners
The price includes a very nice Mashed Cat Kydex sheath with TecLok.
Tell me what scale option you choose and I'll build it. There are ten knives available in this sale. The knives in the picture are not the knives you will receive. We are sharpening now and we will try to get them out next week although time will be tight due to the holiday.
Due to limited quantities please limit one per post.














Rather than just take my word for it here is an old video that illustrates the excellent durability of this pattern in CPM 3V:

These knives are unusual because they are machined. I do this in my shop on industrial CNC machine tools. A WIP thread documenting their construction can be found here: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php/1153472
These are all utility “field grade”, “as machined” and stonewashed with visible tool and grind marks.

They are shown with buffed scales but you can request unbuffed for an ugly alternative with better grip.
Price is:

$305 in black or natural canvas micarta
$315 in OD green G10
Shipping is $12

I take paypal, cash, check, or MO.
Jo will contact you via PM or email on Sunday or Monday. Emails though BF often get lost in spam filters. If you don't hear from her by end of day Monday please contact Jo on her PM, or send us an email at carothersknives at g mail dought com

Come by here again next week for the last of this run of 6" Utility Fighters, there should be about 8 remaining I think. Also, since there has been some un-met demand we will go ahead and start a pre-order to ship by the end of next year for these on our forum next week. Thank you for your interest.

Thanks for looking,


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May 29, 2004
On the phone, at work, on cell service...I'm still in shock that I made it;)

I'll take one, OD green please. (If there's any chance of OD green Micarta I'd be eternally grateful and happy to wait).

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Jul 5, 2018

Post-Loser Status Attainment Edit: HAAH! Last week I was here waaay early, 115% attentive, humble/obidient/hopeful, quick on the draw, tragically entered stupid unnecessary text and ended up #36 (or so) on a list of 10. This week I got here ~2 minutes early with a belly full of Irish Coffees, didn’t give a rat’s ass about the outcome (owing to knowing how it would probably go for me), still gave it my "best/fastest on the draw" shot and ended up #25 (or so) on the list. Apparently attitude and Irish Coffees must help. Life never ceases causing me to laugh. Oh, well---here’s looking forward to pre-order(s). Maybe I can succeed there (???)...
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