Leather The “What’s going on in the S&F shop” thread!

OHHHH 🤔 I would punch a slot in my belt for that stud and hang it on the outside of my pants. Already too crowded inside ;)🤣
You could always do that, yes. I might be concerned that the sheath could catch on something and be lost.
Finally finished up this mouse pad project (available)…in Sharp & Fiery style…
It is oversized at 15”x10” with full stitching…padded and border stitching. I used a piece of leather that had some character. :)

I just realized what a terrible photo that is…this is the truer color…
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Also took the time during the last batch to make a sheath for my version 1 Thistle (which I’ve had since 2020)…


Yes…I said version 1… more info coming soon!
What I know is that those are not the same as what I've grown up knowing as smarties...
No they are not. :) These are Canadian Smarties…not to be confused with me, a Canadian Smartypants. Haha.

Fun fact: Here in Canada they sell USA Smarties under the name Rockets.