Leather The “What’s going on in the S&F shop” thread!

Well, I hate to say it…but I’m about 2 weekends behind schedule in the leatherwork department.

However, this is a three day weekend here in Canada, so I will be continuing on the projects currently on my bench. Might make some good time today. :)

I don’t like to rush. I love taking my time and making things people are proud to own. :)

Here is one project in the works…stage one complete. It will now be set aside to continue on a few projects for others. :)

Thank you for following my leather-crafting journey!

Well, not a lot has been coming out of the S&F shop the last few weeks. I’ve been completing spring weekend outdoor projects. Family time and some outdoor activities.

Now that the “biting” bugs are coming out in full swing, it will be back to leather/kydex projects.

I apologize for neglecting my subform.

Good times ahead!
Back at the leather bench today. I’m working through the orders and have a few on the go at the moment.

One for badmatt badmatt is in the works.

One for Wild Willie Wild Willie has been in the works for a couple weeks now and is really stretching my brain power…wasn’t sure I had any left. Haha. Your patience is just incredible, my friend.

And a proto requested by C cutchu will be in the works shortly. I’m sorry, my friend, that this proto has been a freaking long time coming. Hope I can do it right.

I will catch you all soon! Man, it feels good to be back at it!