The Best Offensive Weapon

Nick 1016-How is your "dark side" training
working out?In New York we are training with
everyday items that are untraceable.The
previous poster is in my class(the old tooth-
pick in the eye trick).This week we trained
with q-tips.You remove the cotton and stick
the tip in the targets ear as far as possible
Tomorrow i am going to the N.Y.Custom Show
to recruit new members.I will be disguised as
a short fat man with glasses.I should blend
right in.

Hope this helps.

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Even there, as an aside, can any of us honestly claim to have never had fantasies of "007" as a teenager?

I don't fantasize about James Bond or fantasize about being like James Bond. Getting shot at every day will not be fun! Besides, he has probably got 100 different venereal diseases! Yuck!


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