The Best Offensive Weapon

Mar 25, 2000
I am thinking of buying a knife solely for the purpose as an offensive weapon.Could anyone give me some recomendations?
A Scottish Claymore would do some serious damage if you whacked somebody upside the head with it. United Cutlery makes lots of "Death-o-matic" edged combat "weapons" with long scary blades and nasty looking spikes, which I find VERY offensive.

Knives are tools. Knives can be defensive weapons, especially when firearm carry is not an option. But I can't think of a single reason why a knife would ever be my first choice for an "offensive" weapon.

Try something that goes "bang" from outside of arm's reach.

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Will you be attacking from the front, or sneaking up from behind?
Just kidding, but I, too, consider knives to be tools and, hopefully never, defensive weapons.
Your question is too broad to get any serious answers. If you will be charging at people as you run down a hill, a claymore fits the bill but if you want something concealable and legal to carry all over, get a gunting. Narrow your question. Also, why do you want one for "offense"- planning on using a blade offensively?

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Have read many post's regarding last ditch defensive type knives but this is a first for offensive. Maybe you should have posted this on either the Assasins Board or maybe the HitMan Board and I'm sure you will get a better response.
Originally posted by Strider:
Have read many post's regarding last ditch defensive type knives but this is a first for offensive. Maybe you should have posted this on either the Assasins Board or maybe the HitMan Board and I'm sure you will get a better response.
Is there such a board? if there is, could you kindly tell me the url? thanks.BTW, i require a knife as a primary offensive as sometimes a knife is accessible in places a gun is not.
my requirements are that the knife be useful for stabbing, as i feel that slashing someone is not the fastest way for him to die.sorry if i am being a bit brutal in my statements, but those are my requirements.thanx.i am currently considering the benchmade spike.
Are you planning to murder anyone I know? Let's see, an offensive knife ... how about a three foot long samurai sword! You could slice or stab with that baby!

I hope you meant "defensive"

Just checking,
Offense? I find the fact that anyone would carry a knife as an offensive weapon offensive.

Find OJ's email address. He might have some good recommendations.

Well, since the best defense is a good offense, I think your question has merit. Indeed, after just completing a course on knife defense, I can tell you that offense plays a huge role in defense.

So, most well-balanced "fighters" with good hand indexing and sufficient reach (length) should work well. I can think of several. The Al Polkowski Kasper Fighting Knife (6 inch blade), the Greg Lightfoot Sierra 1 (5.5 inch blade) seem excellent customs. The Boker Applegate/Fairbairn fixed blade (6 inches), the Mad Dog ATAK, and the Busse Combat Basics, are all excellent production fighters.

You might also send an email to Les Roberston. I think he would know as much about this as anyone. He may recommend an even longer blade.

Good luck and good defense.

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Gerber Mark II is an excelent weapon, but useless for something else. An Fairnbairn-Sikes from WWII used by British Commandos is also very "offensive".
Get psychiatric help. And in the meantime take stupid posts like this elsewhere.
I have to agree with a couple of the above statements...your question is offensive in itself...and you need help. Oh yeah...I also agree...take silly posts like this somewhere else.

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Just some knife pictures
A knife is never a weapon! You are on very dangerous ground when you start thinking about your knife as a weapon. A knife is a tool and like a screwdriver it can be used as a weapon when needed. The best way to defend yourself against a knife is to turn around and run like hell.

If you need a good blade for everyday carry I recomend a Microtech Socom.

A blade in itself is neither offensive or defensive in nature. Yes, they may be designed with specific purposes in mind. But what really matters in the end is the intent of the user and the blade's application towards that intent.

To be sure, offensive tactics are OK so long as it is meant for a defensive strategy. But the original author never did clarify.

In any case, I am glad to see the level of responsible people who have found the very idea of helping anyone with offensive, possibly criminal intents in mind to be vulgar and repulsive.
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When nick1016 looks for "an offensive weapon", he sure want NOT to attack someone. Many knives are designed primary to be a weapon, not a tool. And many people (not assasins) buy one.
Sorry everybody.but i need a knife for purely a defensive weapon as i am working for the black side of the government,and sometimes in some places, you just cannot carry a gun.Thus i am looking for the most effective blade.thanks for your information, and i would like to apologise to TomW, the4th and richard, but i just needed some good opinions, and this seemed the perfect place.thanks everyone.sorry if the post caused any concern.but,could you guys give me more opinions, so that i can submit the list of knives to HQ for evaluation and ultimately chose one as my personal carry weapon.

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I humbly suggest the deadly Swiss Army knife, for the following reasons :
  • Switzerland is one of the richest countries in Europe, so the Swiss military can choose the best equipment, regardless of price
  • In places where 'You can't carry a gun', stealth and disguise are far more important than blade length and spine thickness
  • There is no locking mechanism, so there will be no lock failures/operator errors under high stress
  • for the same reason, the noise signature during deployment is very low

I sincerely hope this helps in preparing the people on the dark side of the government for their hazardous duty.

Take care,
Tobse !

P.S. : I shall now remove the tongue from my cheek
If you have Gov't sanction for this type of work and yet your asking here tells me that someone is in a dreamworld. So as long as you are dreaming though you should have no trouble finding the Assasins Board.

When they outfitted me for my assassination missions, I was given a mont blanc pen with a poison tip. Ask the super-double-secret armory master for one.

There's also one in the glove compartment of your Lotus sub/car, and the suitcase gyro-copter.

By the way - if you need a Ghillie suit, I know this guy...

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"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, the bear eats you."
I forgot to mention the one alternative to the OCSSAK (Operator's Crew Serviced Swiss Army Knife) : The Leatherman Micra !. It is American-made, fully black-helicopter-certified and will mount to any assault rifle (If You have enough duct tape). Check out the classified web site of a forum moderator whose name shall remain secret.