The Best Offensive Weapon

Dear folks out there...please pardon me if this post has caused much annoyment...however i have a few points to state...firstly....though most knives are designed as utility cutting tools, it is of my belief that some knives were designed primarily as weapons. i cite 3 types.

1: the TANTO point:
this type of blade pattern was specifically termed as as one with an ARMOUR PENATRATING POINT. why was this so? please don't tell me the point was meant for easier cutting of wood for firewood??
the only "utility" purpose i can think of for the tanto point knife is for cutting open car doors in a rescue operation...

2: the SPEAR point:
this type of blade pattern was designed as a stabbing weapon....may i ask you...what "utility" purpose would a stabbing knife be used for?? stabbing into tree trunks??the only stabbing purpose i can think of is is for stabbing stop his/her offense if you were attacked by him/her...

3: the hawksbill:
now..i may be wrong on this one....but personally i feel that the hawksbill blade is a slashing MOD Ladyhawk...or the EMERSON La Griffe...i feel that if you bought a knife like would be for 1 a slashing weapon...not as a tool...fine...i admit...a hawksbill blade may be the best shape for opening boxes....for the purpose of cutting strings...but that aside..i can't seam to find any other "utilitarian" purpose for it...

in searching for the best offensive weapon, i was looking for the most effective knife available on the market.
be it custom, semi-custom or production...i just wanted to know your views as you guys are whom i would think to be experts on any topic relating to knives....
I agree that knives should always be used defensively...and it was my fault to have put the title under "offensive weapons"
the reason why i searched for "the best offensive weapon" was due to the fact that in the eyes of the law, a knife was, is and always be put under the catergory of "offensive weapons"

granted that my opinions might be out of point..or politically incorrect...but those were my personally harm intended......
1. Swiss Army Knives have spear point blades
2. Hawksbill blades are normally marketed toward gardeners, electricians and commercial fishermen.
Originally posted by Frank:
1. Swiss Army Knives have spear point blades.
i mean blades such as the cold steel culloden, this was designed as a it is pretty useless as an utility knife...
again...these are my sentiments...
and were right about the apologies

1) Nick...From what you've been saying, either you are not from Singapore at all, or you are one major nutcase that the mental institutions have not caught up with yet. Hope you are not unfairly giving the country, which is one of the safest and politically transparent in the world, a bad name.

2) And I hope the rest of the sane people in this forum do not become more biased about this country as a result of Nick claiming that he belongs there. I know for a fact how the legal system operates in Singapore, and can say for sure that many American jounalists have grossly exaggerated and misreported issues like the Micheal Fay caning just for the sake of sensationalism.

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govt???...hmmm i hope not!!!...if you do then you would be giving more merit to "govt intelligence, a contradiction of terms", not that it needs any more help from you. your comments are not only offensive, but ridiculous!!!
Nick, before I give out any info on technique, I have a quick question. Which Government. No offense, but I really don't want to give advice to someone that I may have to kill one day. Strictly on a professional basis mind you.
My prefered knife in a combat situation is the one I happen to be carrying at the time, just like my firearms. It's better to be armed with anything than have nothing. The best knife is a sharp one.
PS. Be vewy vewy quiet. I may be hunting you.

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Welcome to the forums, partner. I hope you have an enjoyable time here and are able to learn a great deal. Now, with all of the other outstanding knife related discussions currently taking place, why in the he11 did you have to bring this stupid thread BTTT?

Semper Fi


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Nick1016-we have "dark side" classes here in
N.Y. Last week we learned how to clear a
subway car,by opening a self-seal plastic bag
full of horse manure.we get the manure from
Central Park.It's cheap and untraceable.Dump
the stuff on the floor & you take a newly
vacated seat.Then you study your homework in
peace.Wear sunglasses & a fake beard so you
look older.More lessons next week.
Hope this helps.
Hi Bronco...

I'll take your advice and leave this spot before it gets too 'interesting'

This is a GREAT thread! How did I miss this?

Some of you just don't learn. There is no one knife (or weapon) for *everything*. As the more enlightened among continually point out, *it depends on context*.

For example, if our resident govt-certified killer "Nick" is assigned to take out Superman, he (or perhaps *she* -- i.e., "Nicole"?) is better off with a dull piece of kryptonite than with the sharpest, longest INFI/Talonite/3V alloy light saber.

Call me "Clouseau"

(PS: On the other hand, this thread proves that the best offensive weapon is a poorly-phrased question ...)
Best offensive weapon ???
You mean really deadly ???
No chance to survive ???
Try... my WIFE !!!
Ahem, if I may interject a few comments of my own on this irrefutably well responded to, if inappropriate thread, isn't the REAL intent of forums the exchange of ideas, information, and knowledge? That being said however, one thing none of us WANTS to do is furnish potentially dangerous knowledge and insight to youngsters whose maturity and self-control have not yet fully developed.
Even there, as an aside, can any of us honestly claim to have never had fantasies of "007" as a teenager? Yet there is no way to determine from a message board between who is merely fantasizing, and will never act on his mental masturbation, and those who are truly unstable.

Accordingly, I would like to suggest that some way be devised to password protect any forums that may contain information best reserved to responsible and serious ADULTS.
Not that there are no adult morons. All we need to do is look around, and see who our world "leaders" are to banish that concept immediately. But, we DO have a moral obligation to refrain from actively contributing to truly (not necessarily as defined by government) criminal activities.

That being said, there are some legitimate concerns evoked in this thread, regardless of the inappropriateness of the initiation of it. Here are some valid points (for adults only, of course):

*As already stated, often the BEST defense is a good offense.

*The "BEST" offensive weapon is a knife, (for many reasons best not discussed here)

*The most efficient and effective "offensive/defensive knife is a well designed stiletto, as exemplified in the Randall #2 "Fighting Stiletto" (far too expensive for the casual teenage wannabe government agent)

* Any "offensive/defensive knife should never be so valuable that is cannot be disposed of without regret, which coincidentally means that if forced to be used even once, it has served it's purpose well, and was worth the loss, regardless of cost or nostalgic value.

*No weapon, regardless of type or kind, is effective without extensive proper training and experience.

*It needs to be recognized that NO government can afford, in it's own self interests, to condone or even allow such a concept of "self-defense", for it is contrary to the justification for it's own existence. Accordingly, there are some laws that in the interests of survival, NEED to be taken with a grain of salt by anyone with a strong self-preservation instinct.

I've enjoyed reading through this thread, and having had my say, will not return here to see rebuttals or agreement, whatever. Anyone with enough interest in my comments to take the time to, may E-mail me directly though.

To all:
Take care.

Tom...that's a good one...hahah
guess there is another weird fella in my country...i mean the topic starter...not you..

silent souls leave .308 holes
What's the best offensive weapon to use on an offensive (if funny) thread?
i think all are wrong, from my various covert operations i have learned that the stealthiest weapon is the allmighty toothpick! wont cause any comotion always out in the open and man do they mess up people when ya poke em in the eye heheh