Jan 28, 2001
I know many of you have knives you own but don't use either because of it's value or it's awkwardness, but, if there is one knife, or knife company you hate, which one is it?
Any of the HSN selections. Spyderco ripoffs. Benchmade ripoffs. Chinese/Pakistan POS knives. The only knife I had that I hate is a really crappy gravity type knife, made in China. I was going to throw it out, but my roommate wanted it. In short, I hate the cheap knives. :p
Any folder by Cold Steel. Now their fixed blades are another matter. I would but a Mini Tac but that stupid penal code always gets in the way.

(code sec. 626.10 sub. B)

See you in hell, Liquid. That takes care of the cremation.
*Walks away from the scene of the battle, Hind gunship in flames. Lights a Marlboro.*
Schrade Cliphanger. Worse POS from a reputable Co I have ever seen or handled.I think the liner lock bar is made from strengthened aluminium foil.
I agree about the Schrade Cliphanger being the worst POS around. I've seen cheap Chinese imports with better quality.
Emerson Commander '98.
Ever since the Wave came along, I have a collection of knives that never get carried, unless they are also Waved.
The smith + Wesson Tactical Neck Knife for 2 reasons.
1) It is a blatent rip-off of Darrel Ralph's Krait design.

2) It has a WHISTLE built into the plastic sheath.This is about as useful as pajamas on a snake!

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Anything by Bear MGC but mainly their balisongs. This is a company that could do with some serious revamping (read, get one)of the quality control division

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Mike Franklin makes a very solid folder construction-wise, fit/finish, and materials-wise, but the design of the HAWG is just awful. Ridiculous drivel for design.

Anything with Harley Davidson logo on it.
Anything with any kind of NASCAR $#!+ on it.
Anything from Franklin Mint.
A lot of the TOPS designs are just hype.
Anything with a compass built-in.
Anything made out of un-modified 420.
El Cheap Gil Hibben production $#!+.
Many if not most "Fantasy" knives. Whussup wid dat?

Chisel grinds with grind on wrong side for right-handers (read "Emerson"). Ernie...great designs, wrong side grind! Daaaaaamn, bra!!

[then he donned his full body armor]

The REKAT Sifu. Oh yeah!! I NEED a HUGE folder with FINGER GROOVES, brah!! YeahUrite...

Life is simply too short to:
1. live with ugly, fat women
2. drink cheap wine
3. carry & use cheap knives
4. shoot crappy guns
5. drive POS cars/trucks

etc... If you don't know better, you don't deserve better.

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Any knife made by fury!

hey ElCid, where do you get your handle from?

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The K.I.S.S. folder, because it does when you grip it tight.
reason #3 for hating the Smith & Wesson ....
it's Smith & Wesson (it's a political thing)

Speaking of Schrade... is that "Beast" thing (green handle, liner lock, short, wide blade) the ugliest you've ever seen???!!! Does anybody actually own one ?

Actually, I think the Frostwood is pretty nice, if the handles were just attached to a quality knife. It's like a multi-color laminated rifle stock.
my boss got one of these from his wife for x-mas.what a piece of ****.i came in,and he says "come look at this knife-its really cool!"-so i was thinkin maybe he got a decent knife....nope.
the thing would BARELY open.the liner sucks ass.the handle is cheesy plastic.the blade just plain sucks.
i hate that knife.

i think ill hang on to my mini task and damascus folder as my e.d.c.
My Buck Nighthawk is really a POS. Hate it. Considering to trash it...

Impossible to put on edge. Even if one was able to do that, the f.... knife wouldn´t keep it.

The original sharp edge disappeared in no time, working on some ordinary stuff like paper, wooden sticks, hamp cords and so on.