Money talks...but all mine ever says is good-bye.

Some Knife's
In no particular order: Spyderco knockoffs, Swiss Army knockoffs and anything by Franklin Mint. I was in my local watering hole the another and talking with the bartender about knives. He appreciates good ones but can't afford them some he usually carries some piece of junk. Some guy overheard us and starting going how he was a collector and that it was a very expensive habit. I was just about to ask himwhat he collected when he said "I've got the whole pewter handled Heroes of the Old West collection from the Franklin Mint!" Then he said he paid about $100 a piece for them! I hadn't yet opened my mouth and at that point realized I had nothing to say.

Dexter, I saw those HD flashlights at Sears. I actually thought about picking up a couple as a joke for some of my biking buddies. A closer look revealed they were made in Taiwan and I changed my mind.

who dares, wins

I hate all knives which have socalled americanised tanto point and most of their whatever variations.

Also hate all sheepfoot blades.

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I tell ya, I went with what you guys had told me some time agao, and picked up an EDI Genesis...the knife is the worst. Sharp as hell, the damn thing's locked failed too many times to count. And because I picked it up from a non-liscensed dealer, EDI will not service it!

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