The new STORE!

Oct 2, 1998
The store will open in a few weeks. 100% of the profit from items sold will be put back into making this site bigger and better and getting a server. The items we will sell will be geared towards knife accessories, shirts, hats and so forth. We do not want to compete with the dealers that post here so we will try to only sell items which are not widely available and items which are unique to us. The Blue G-10 Native would be a prime example.

My question here is what items would you guys and gals like to see at the store other than those mentioned above?

What accesories do you want to see?

And is there a dealer willing to lend us a secure order form on their site til we get one?

I will be out of town til the 1st so I wont be able to check in as often but hope to see many great ideas when I get back. I will be at the ASD trade show in Las Vegas and I will try to check in so I can make contacts with companies who offer some products that you all may want. Also keep in mind that the items do not need to be 100% knife related.


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Mike Turber
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Why not rummage through your WOW warehouse and put all the neat knives and stuff that you might have forgotten about or didn't sell at the time into the new Bladestore.Just a thought.

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Hi Mike - as far as accessories go, I'd like to suggest Tuf Cloth and Tuf Glide. IMO they are just as essential to any knife nut as having sharpening equipment.

Dexter Ewing
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Dexter already suggested Tuf Cloth and Tuf Glide. Could you add sharpening equipment and generic sheaths ? Storage boxes would also be nice.
Glad you are establishing a store. Great idea !

You mention the blue native.... I trust we haven't forgotten the Tie Clipit

how about display cases and or stands for our knives, books on knives. knife training videos,the full gamet of Bladeforum stuff.
Prime Beef at select prices?

Gregg Lane
unemployed salesman,
any work done.

Can anyone think of a better place to buy those knife tie tacs and knife earings? Also I am all for the idea of selling tuff cloth and tuff glide and other knife care products. How about zippered storage cases for knives? I use alot of those. Is someone working on any information packages to promote the forums? I know that is sort of off topic. How about BladeForums jackets? You can put me down for one of those


Tom Carey
I'd also like to see some inexpensive oak storage boxes to display and store autos in their open position. Small stackaable ones with glass in order to see and display what's inside would trip my trigger. I also agree with the posts concerning tuff cloth.
I only have 2 requests. If you are going to sell knives please make them lefty friendly, and if you sell clothes remember that some of us are bigger then most, to the tune of XXXL. Yes I am doubly blessed, left handed and oversized!!
Thanks Nick
How about a Gerstner chest similar to the one AG Russell sells, but for a less exhorbitant price? Gerstner discounts well for bulk purchase. And you could laser engrave "BladeForums" into the inside of the lid.
I geuss I can dredge up my old idea for a Calender.....But I guess we could so without the pretty girls, and just have pretty knives....focusing of course on knives of forum members & sponsers....What would be REALLY slick is one of those little desktop calenders that you tear off a page a day...A knife a day...yea...that's the ticket...of course I would not be able to bring myself to toss old pics, so I'd have to pin them up elsewhere....



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I'll go along with the reasonably priced (my preference) display cases. I need one & a friend of mine's wife asked me about one for her father who she just found out collects old pocket knives - there's 2 sold <grin>.

Also the suggestion for sharpening items. If it doesn't impact the retailers who support the forum how replacement sticks for the sharpening systems - in my case I'd like to purchase a couple of diamond sticks for the Spyderco system.
I'd pay for a picture of Spark dressed up in a pink tutu with a logo on it!

Some Kind Of Wonderfull

I would like to see normal knives that have different stuff on them like different colored handles.

Maybe even custom knives from various makers.

I would also love to see a Mug and and a little Kartman(A caracter from SouthPark for those who don't know)doll that says " Kicks Ass" or " rules Hippy"

And stuff like really fine grits of sand paper. Stuff like 1000+ that most hardware stores don't sell.

I got another HUGE seller for you....DREMEL BITS!!!!!

Dremels and Dremel accessories..



"No, it's a Vaquero Grande in my pocket, but I am happy to see you!"
MegaFolderians Unite!!
Dremel Junkies Unite!
Dyslexics Untie!

Hats, t-shirts, patches, jackets, and bumper
stickers with on them. Knife calenders and stationary(paper & post-its).
What about Cross pens(the real nice pens you
engrave) with and someones username
engraved on them? There better be Military
Man t-shirts there too.

my $.02
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Blue 440V Native for sure! T-shirts with Spark and Mike in pink tutus and Cutco knives!
I agree with Bob the bald. Tie Clip-its!! Any word on when?

. . . and adding my voice to those wanting hats, mugs, t-shirts, jackets, pens, and calenders (I like the knife-a-day idea).

While I'm at it - my pet peeve about baseball hats. The bill of the hat should angle down not stick straight out. Get quality hats we'll be proud to wear!

Once in a while, pick a knife, run a survey to see how most of the members would like to see it customized, then have the manufacturer do a limited run for the store with appropriate engraving, etc.

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