Timonium Knife show, Dec 10th.....Role call...!

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
Decided to make my way south of the border, Pa border that is and check out the show, it's a one day one but last I was there, in 1991, it seemed to be pretty nice.

Just wondered who all else might be making their way there?


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Me! I live close by and should be there at the opening if not before. Maybe we should arrange a BFC rendevous around 12 noon at Les Robertson's table.

I hope lots of folks are coming. This is a really fun and frenzied one day show. Many great makers attend this one, and there are many new makers as well.

See ya'll there. I'll be carrying my ten year old son

That sounds great, just searched a little on the web and found a site that speaks more on the show and has some info and pics.....


Catch you there maybe!
I'm going to be there. I'm looking forward to meeting Gary and Para, getting to talk to Barry again, and maybe even meeting Phil (Phillip? Jones) this time!

The date of the show is Sunday, December 10.
The show will be open from 10 - 5or6(?). You can purchase a VIP pass from Ted Merchant which will get you in the door at 9am (1 hour before the general public).

Timmonium is on the outskirts of Baltimore.
They have a map on the site that G2 posted.

Come on down and we will finally get to meet.

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<CENTER><font size="4" color="#FF0000">I won't be there!</font></CENTER>

In the past 12 months I've made plans to attend every knife show on the East coast. And haven't made a single one!

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So.......maybe this time ~ if I don't make plans and say that I'm not going.......

I'll be able to show up!

MAN, I'm a sick knife bastid!


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I am tring to convince the girlfriend to make it a day trip, but I am not sure if she is buying it. It would be my first all knife show. I have been to a lot of gun&knife shows but never just a knife show.

Harrisburg gunshow on Saturday and the Timonium show on Sunday. It'll be a busy weekend.
Just got my plane ticket yesterday so Ill be there.

Chesepeake Show is great show from my side of the table as well.

One day show!

Very serious buyers, especially in the first couple of hours.

Because of the pace of the shows, those who like to roam the room, use the famous "be back", have to go to the ATM, etc. Generally, do not get their first choice of knives.

The good ones go early!

Para and others you are welcome to meet at my table at noon. That way you guys can work the table while I go get some lunch.

Les Robertson
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Might head down Saturday night and get close to cut driving time on Sunday, hope to meet you guys there, I'll be a short little guy with an Amish looking beard, no mustache, kinda like a Leprechaun of sorts....but no lucky charms to be had fellas!!


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I might be there!!! if I go, I will bring some current works in progress..not fully ground yet, but they are getting there!
Check in time, if you mention that site in the http://www.knifeshows.com/ , the entrance fee is only $5 instead of the $6

ChefGet??? you out there?

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I'll have a table set up in the smaller room, even though Ted and his gang couldn't be bothered to put my name on the list of attendees - sheesh!

Stop by and say hi if you get the chance.

Take care,

R.J. Schmidt
Hey all. Im goin and this will be my first knife show. I plan to buy my first custom knife.
It will also be nice to see some of the people from which I get so much information. If all of you are going to meet at a table please post where. I would really like to meet you all. Thanks. -Lev