Tip up or Tip Down

Bob Taylor

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Dec 10, 1998
We are in the process of catching up on the back log of the Crawford Carnivour and have to make a decision ASAP. As far as a position of the pocket clips we can make them tip up or tip down. What do you perfer and why. Before you start we can not make it to where it is changable so that isn't an option. I am cross posting this because we at REKAT respect the opnions of those who are active here. Even if you have no plans on purchasing the Carnivour you vote counts.

Bob Taylor
Tip up. It's easier to open the knife quickly when it's removed from a tip up position. Sure, you can get used to a tip down carry & draw but, why bother?

Howdy neighbour.

I prefer the pivot down.


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Tip down, on those occations that I would use a clip.

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Hi Bob,
Tip up, seems easier to open for me and if the blade partially engages it is pushed back in by the pocket seam.


Hey Bob..Do I count? tip down please.Just like pioneers and Escalator...
Ok..I'll go now! See you in california.
Tip up for self defense folders.

Tip down for utility.

Carnivore is definately not going to be my utility knife. Make it tip up!
My mistake in not explaning we are using the Rolling Lock to hold the knife closed this in more positive than the ball detent, sorry having a bad shop day, popping taps left and right grrrrrrrrr so my mind wasnt right.
Bob Taylor

I have NEVER had a tip-down knife open in my pocket. I have, however, had a tip-up knife (small Sebenza) open numerous times in the pocket. So many times that I've quit carrying it altogether. Just not worth the risk. Having said that, I think the problems that I've experienced are due more to the thumb stud design (that Sebenza stup will catch on anything - including skin
)than to tip-up carry. I regularly carry the BM AXIS and a Spyderco Native, both of which are tip-up. Never had any problems with either of those.

I also have to reposition tip-up knives in my hand in order to open them most of the time. I'm faster with a tip-down carry.

Just my $.02.


Deo Vindice


I’ve already got a Carnivour, and love it... It doesn’t matter where you put the clip, since the lock DOES act better than a detent to hold the blade closed. But would you please do something to keep the clip from rattling all over the place. Today it wobbled so much, and my fingers use the clip to gain leverage for opening the knife, that it took me two passes with my thumb to open the blade. Now I’ve tightened the clip so much, the blade is sluggish. I can’t seem to have it both ways. Your knife is outstanding, but I can’t say the same about the clip. There has to be a better way.

Hope you accept this as constructive complaining from a guy who really likes the Carnivour.


Jim Six

Of course, now that I think of it, if you put the clip on for tip up carry, it won’t be connected at the pivot, will it? That might mean you could have it tighter.

Geez! Now I want a new one with the tip-up carry clip!

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Tip down, pivot up. For saftey reasons. On a long knife, I am going to have to reposition slightly in my hand anyway. My thumb (extra large glove size, BTW) will not reach the opening hole on a long knife. At least not comfortably. So if I am going to have to reposition anyway, might as well be safer.

Tip up. The knife is built for defensive use first, right?? Then speed is the key. And its just a tad bit quicker tip up. If the knife had a Spydie hole for opening, then tip down would be fine. If the lock holding it closed is as good as you say it is, then tip up won't be a problem.

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Bob: Tip down, just like the Pioneer. This is safer in the pocket and just as fast opening if one practices. Personally, I doubt that most of us will be in a quick draw contest anyway.

The only drawback to this setup is the ability to get the clip tight without slowing the blade swing as Jim Six reported. If this can't be overcome, then tip up may be the way you have to go. On a knife this size, the clip really does have to be tight.

Did you see my note on the other thread about sidelock retrofit kits for older PHs?



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Heh, way to start a religious war Bob! We haven't had this particular battle in a while

In my opinion...

Tip-down's sole advantage is that if it opens slightly in your pocket, you won't cut yourself drawing it. The biggest disadvantage is that it is not possible to draw tip-up without using a pinch-grip at some point.

Tip-up, you can have you entire hand on the knife at all times, no pinch-gripping ever required. It's a more secure opening. It also means the heaviest part of the knife is in your pocket instead of above your pocket (or just at the rim), so it's less likely to work itself up and over.

Overall, I'm a much bigger fan of tip up, especially if the locking mechanism holds the blade in the handle well (has to be better than the ball-detent system).

However, tip-up or tip-down is not one of the things that will make the difference between me buying the knife or not. What WILL keep me from buying a knife is if the clip is mounted too low. Tip-up or tip down, MOUNT THE CLIP HIGH. If too much knife sticks out from the pocket, it scratches things as I go by, it's way more likely to work itself up and out, and people notice it more -- and most importantly, I know from experience I'll carry it less often.

High-mounted clip is the #1 priority. that does not interfere with the ergonomics of the knife.

Joe Talmadge has a good point. Defnitely mount the clip high!

Yes, a low clip has also kept me from buying a knife (and whether the clip makes the knife carry tip-down or tip-up is secondary).