Tip up or Tip Down

No argument on this - tip down and clip high on the pivot side (a' la Axis). No matter what kind of lock you use, I still can't get rid of the picture of the tip going into my palm when I reach for my keys . . .

Yet another vote for tip-up carry. I used to think tip-down was better for safety reasons, but I got used to tip-up with Emerson, Bob Terzoula and Chris Reeve knives and have grown very used to it and have never had a mishap. It seems to be a common trait of many custom tactical knives, for some reason.

I also agree with Joe tha the clip is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. I really have always liked the Microtech Socom, for example, but that #(*%#% clip prevents it from ever being a daily carry for me -- it sticks out so much it seems to hit everything I wask past and advertises the knife to all.

Another thing that Chris Reeve and Terzoula do is they use a _small_ clip. Do you really need a 3" long 1/4" wide clip to hold a knife in your pocket? EDI has a nice low-profile clip but with such a long piece of metal going down the outside of your pocket it advertises a "big knife" in you pants. With the CR or Terzoula tiny clip it looks like you have a pen-knife in your pocket from the outside and seems to catch on things less and does not work it's way up and out when you sit down.

Mr. Taylor,
Are you sure there is no way to put a tip-up or tip-down option?? I'm still for tip-up, but it seems more people would be happy with the choice of either.
tip down because it goes from pocket to saber grip or hammer grip in one motion instead of funbling with the knife.
I must be doing something wrong.
I seem to have problems with tip down withdraws, and my tip up withdraws are easy. I guess I'll have to blame my first Spyderco(Endura). Oh well.

I prefer tip up carry, a la Endura, More efficient for me and no need to change the grip much as in the tip down carry, a la AFCK. Tip up for waist and below carry.

However, for the rare carry Above the Waist,
such as on a PFD (personal floatation devise)
when white water canoeing, on in the upper left breast pocket of a BDU, I perfer tip down.
I've tried carrying a number of different liner locking folders clipped to a front pocket, with the knife inside the pocket naturally. Problem is, that pocket is useless relative to being good for carrying change or your keys, etc. Why? Because every time you reach inside, the knife scrapes the back of the hand. So, a few days ago I was carrying a liner lock, clipped to my leather belt, tip up. Appeared neat, because it was easy to carry and access. Walked into a store, pulled my wallet from the rear pocket, and the wallet caught on the clip and lifted the knife from my belt, and it fell to the floor, landing on a carpet. I didn't realize it; the fellow next to me informed me about the knife I almost lost. Whew! The next day I lifted the knife from my belt, still point up, and the blade opened about one-half inch and I felt it stick my finger, but not hard enough to draw blood. I'm not carrying this piece anymore until the "slack" is taken out of the blade. I've experienced other liner locks opening gracefully, too, when they shouldn't have.
I'll add another vote for tip down. I have never had a mishap with tip up, but I don't trust tip up. I guess it's a mental block created by the reallity of others.
Best Regards,Todd