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Jul 20, 2014
Great looking family GT:thumbup:
Thanks, Randy. :)

I've been keeping up on this thread and trying not to post, so as to keep from making too much of a fool out of myself with my excitement over winning this knife. Firstly, I want to say thank you to all of you who offered congratulations. I really appreciate the sentiments.
Mr. Loomis, I want to offer you my most sincere thanks. You have given me a knife that I don't currently have the means to go out and purchase for myself. I am truly humbled by this gift. I feel very undeserving to own a knife like this, much less to have it gifted to me. I will feel indebted to you for a long time coming. I spent some time with my brother-in-law today, and of course I was showing off my new treasure. I can't even begin to describe the look on his face when I told him that some man from the Internet that lives in Montana had sent me this knife as a gift. He actually argued with me for a minute saying "No, why would somebody do that?". It made me realize how much we take this community for granted. It's not often that a knife this nice is given, but it's not uncommon to have several giveaways running at a time or for somebody to mention that they've been looking for a knife only to have somebody pipe up and offer that knife for free. This is unheard of in the real world, and it goes against everything that we know to be true of the Internet at large. There are very few things in my world as fine as my new knife, this community and the people I've met here is one of them. Kris, you have given me so much more than a pocket knife, and for that I thank you.
Thanks for the detailed review of your new knife, Cory! :thumbup: And thanks for the sentiments expressed in the paragraph above; I can relate. :cool: The story about your brother-in-law was very timely, since on Tuesday a colleague came into my office and saw 6 Alox SAKs and a Canadian centennial silver dollar lined up on my desk. I explained where they came from (they're a generous gift from Ken K.), and he couldn't believe that they were just sent to me for no reason and no cost by a guy in NS Canada! ;) Truth be told, I still have trouble believing that kind of stuff myself, even after witnessing/experiencing numerous instances in the past 2+ years! :eek::eek:

Congrats again, Cory, and thanks again, Kris, for a marvelous GAW! :thumbup::cool:

- GT


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Jan 13, 2003
Truth be told, I was always a bit of a miser with my stuff in my younger years, maybe the result of having other siblings and not having a lot growing up. Anyway, I would like to echo the statements by Cory and GT. Belonging to a forum like this has helped me to grow into a more giving person, both in my time and whatever else I have given to others here. I truly have received way more than what I have given.

Thanks to all of you for helping me to be a better man. :)