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I tried to take the highroad and ignore the thread in Mad Dog Knives forum trashing BladeForum members but then I realized something. 1. They are doing the same thing they are accusing BF members of doing by commenting on something they don't have first-hand knowledge of. 2. Mad Dog has "Vapor Knives" also.

The thread in Mad Dog Knives:

The thread that made me realize they have "Vapor Knives" also:

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
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What's a Vapor Knife? Is it like a pooter? Cutting the cheese?

Anyway, I am really not impressed with KnifeForums. I will browse once in a while to see what's going on there.

I remember in their FMA forum that somebody reached the conclusion that El Cuchillo was Wing Chung taught by a Mexican.

Then there's that guy, Thadeus I think. I read a post once when they were getting their panties in a bunch over some topic that mentioned blood and guts or something, and in an effort to woo everyone with his superior knowledge and try to say something like he knows what the real deal is all about and nobody who's been there would talk about it; he started to describe wha it's like to cut someone.

I was truly impressed by the level of details he completely made up and aren't like what he said in real life at all. Especialy about how cutting human bone feels like drawing a knife over ceramic. I've been on both sides of this one, I can assure you it feels nothing like ceramic.

If these guys want to criticize BladeForums members for lack of first-hand experience, they shouldn't have the freak'n moderator of their forum dealing with personal defense be somebody who makes junk up and passes it off as real.

I'm also not impressed with McKlung. Only so much more belly aching and ballyhoo. Like a cloud of smoke, it looks real big but there's nothing of substance there.

I'm not moved by his knives either.

I'm not saying that BladeForums is perfect, but I'll put it to you this way; I'm an actively posting member of this forum.


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Oct 5, 1998
Well...I feel better....I can get down in it just as easy...and sometimes do. -AR

Damn...why can't I just keep my mouth shut?...please, don't answer that.

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To clarify, more for everybody else than you, I'm using a KFC member's term "Vapor Knife" because that is what he called Busse's Knives. But in another thread he said he has been waiting for a Mad Dog Lab Rat since October!

I like both forums and visit both daily. I guess this back and forth attack is not the first and will not be the last. Both are good for information. Guess which one I like the best.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

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Whoa, whoa WHOA!

No personal attacks, folks. Period.

I don't care what passes for acceptable behavior elsewhere, but this doesn't pass muster here.

There's much "vaporware" and "BS" on both sides and that's that.

Either way, do NOT lower yourself to personal attacks. They will NOT be tolerated.


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Oh well, just let them be... we don't have to stoop down to their level anyways. We're like a family here, something which is definitely missing over there. We're all very happy, diplomatic, and we don't pretend to know something which we really don't.

At least it shows that they have something to trash us about, meaning, they're envious of something.. hmmm.. wonder what that "something" is.
Don't you call that sour-graping? Just don't mind them at all...


PS. Snick, well-said.
Wow, never even knew there was something called knifeforums. I prefer it here though, always seem to find answers to my questions and know people better here.
I went over there. Looks the same to me. They do military time, we do am and pm. I was reading some posts by Thadeus on grappling, he's right bout it. But if Snickersnee says that being cut on the bone don't feel like ceramic, I'll belive him. Snick, Corduroy and Joe Talmadge are the 3 smartest people on these forums I have seen post. I think I'll look around there for a while, see how it is. I still like it here better though.

I see what you mean by Thaddeus seems to exagerate and seem like he doesn't know what he talsk about. In the way of modern warrior forum, he was talkign bout a lot of drug lords he has fought. Sounds far fetched, I know....
A wise man once told me....."It doesn't matter what they're saying about you, good or bad, as long as you're taking up space in their minds."

The moral?....... let them talk. Their members will come in here just out of curiosity, and will most definately like what they see......the truth!

Clay G.

Can we quit already?!?!?

If you don't like Mad Dog, then don't buy his products.

If you don't like Knifeforums, then don't go there.

My $.02


Spark's right, and there will be no end to this bashing. I always shy away from this kind of postings, as I found out long ago that there was nothing constructive in them. We are all knife users, and I think the proof is in the knives you use. Do I have to like the makers? AFAIC no, as long as they give me the knives I want, and I agree to pay their knives to the amount they are asking for, I'll be fine. I didn't say good or best knives, because I know what I need. A maker's attitude is probably important for PR affairs, but for me, a user, my knives are more important. The knife community shouldn't be dictated by some famous makers, but by the users of the knives IMO. If some makers have grown some ego, that's not our problem that's theirs.

Tuff --

I moderate a Knife Design Function & Test forum over at knifeforums. It was for more technical discussions on knife design. It used to get a reasonable amount of very high-quality traffic, but overall has lost most of its traffic, and my forum is only occasionally active these days. Spark and I have discussed having a Knife Design etc. forum here on bladeforums, but when the idea was broached to the bladeforums membership, it was decided to leave the "knife design & function" technical discussions in the Shop Talk Forum and see how that would work out. I wonder if anyone would like to reconsider a Knife Design & Function forum here, since the Shop Talk has excellent discussions on knife making but does not have the type of discussions on knife design and performance that my old forum had.

As far as the issue at hand, I would advise people not to sweat it. I'm in the knife thing for me, for my knowledge and enjoyment, not to take sides and squabble over silly things. Let it go, and absorb what is useful from all the resources available to you!

You have my vote for the forum done here.I used to go into Knifeforums quite a bit but now your lucky to see 2 new posts in as many days.The smallest thread here generates more traffic in a half hour then the largest post does in days over there.I could care less about kid s&*t & namecalling I just want to read and discuss knives and will go where that is being done which happens to be right here.


I for one would love to have it here at BF. I miss the quality discussions too.

This leeds me to a great quote I got off of Marion David Poff's page "Don't argue wih idiots they'll only bring you down to there level and beat you with experience."
The term I posted was "Vapor Steel". I only replied to this silly topic because you rightly CANNOT compare something to air. I have played with Busse knives & they are made well. I have not seen the INFI steel at all as of yet. It just seems to me that ALOT of ppl like to talk out of their arse. I for one only use these type of knives for self defense, if I want to cut fruit i'll use a folder or a paring knife. Some ppl get off on hell testing a knife, that's your deal not mine. Enjoy yourselves, & if you comment on something back it up! That goes for EVERYONE!

Joe, I would like to see you hosting a forum of that type here. Count me as another supporter.

Wow, I guess this once again reminds me why I read this forum and this forum only. I've never been too crazy about the "Agree with me or your stupid. period." way of thinking. I get more than enough of that every year at school. So I don't exactly need any of it from online knife knuts with an axe to grind.


Self improvement is a hobby of mine :).


"I remember in their FMA forum that somebody reached the conclusion that El Cuchillo was Wing Chung taught by a Mexican".

LMAO!!!! You gotta be kidding me???

War doesn't prove who's right or wrong....only who's left.

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