Mar 20, 1999
If you use UPS be very careful. Around two months ago another member tried to send me a BM and it was lost by UPS, they refunded him ofcourse, but it still sucks to have a knife lost in the mail.

I just sent a M.O. to another member who was nice enough to sell me a BM Kodiak, and the payment was guaranteed to be there by 3:00p today. I checked the tracking number tonight and it is sitting in Burtonsville, MD. He is being bvery patient but I want to make him wait.

Just wanted to share so you can include this in your shipping decison making process

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After many problems with UPS, I've prefered Fed Ex or USPS for years. Fed Ex, especially, is very customer-service oriented. UPS gears their operation to big shippers, businesses, mail-order places, etc. They make if very easy for big shippers. But, for small shippers, folks with one package every now and then, they'd rather not bother with you. And as for the receivers, again, they love to pull a truck up to a loading dock and disgorge a load of packages onto a professional receiving clerk, but they really hate doing home delivery. Fed Ex doesn't seem to mind home delivery.


About a month ago I bought a knife from PVKnive sent via UPS Ground, and they provided me with the tracking number. Well, you know us knife nuts, even though I knew it was only a day, I checked it almost every 8 hrs trough UPS website.

On the third day since PVKnife sent the package, it seemed stucked in a certain city. Two more days and no change. Me and PVKnive agreed to do some something about it. I was about to call UPS, but lo and behold, the UPS guy came! Apparently the tracking system screwed up and wasn't up to date.

I will never consult the tracking system on their website again, as it's not reliable.

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Several folks seem to have switched to using Priority mail. I have myself. I have never had a problem with anything sent that way. Can't say the same thing about UPS.


Tom Carey
I have always gotten everything ive ordered on UPS....the PRICES>>>>however....are another thing ALTOGETHER....!!!!!!!! they are a rip can send the same thing priorty mail for about 1/3 the cost.
I propose we do a test. Lets say 10 you send me a knife UPS, another 10 USPS, and 10 more Fed-X. I'll let you know when I receive them and the condition of package
. If you want I could expand the test to except any number of knives (hehehe).
I don't like UPS because they always screw me on delivery. The best seems to be USPS Priority Mail. I've sent and received a TON of cigars that way and they get there on time and in great shape every time. Knives, too. I haven't had a single problem with USPS. They do an excellent job, and I've sent dozens of packages that way this year.
I think that problems with UPS vary from place to place. Here in New York City, I had really bad experiences two years ago. This year, good experiences. One memorable bad experience: I was waiting for an overnight package (a knife, of course), no choice except for UPS because the company used them exclusively. I tracked the package and it was already supposedly delivered. Hey! I didn't get it yet! I tracked the driver down and found out that the delivery was faked. My package was still in his van when I found him that afternoon. Needless to say, I called the local UPS and reported the driver to his supervisor. Good experiences: on-time delivery. I wish they would be consistent. Imagine all the knifenuts who went bonkers when UPS went on strike!

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Several years ago a UPS truck ran over my sister's dog Willard. The driver felt terrible about it and actually stopped and came to our door to report what had happened.

UPS = United Pet Squishers

True story.

David Rock
I've never had problems with UPS and I find them to be very quick and the packages always arrived in tip top shape. I can't say the same about the post office although I must admit I've had very good luck with priority mail, both sending and receiving. I agree that it is difficult to ship via UPS as an individual. I think the reason for the high cost is that most individuals end up using a private packaging service that tacks on there big fat fee for the privilige of getting your package shipped. Whenever I buy I always opt for UPS if its available but I will continue to use insured priority mail to ship.


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I'm a little biased as a former UPS employee, but they are the best in the buisness overall. There will be bad experiances with any company, look at the good/bad experiances within the cutlery industrie. And just so everybody knows, priority mail is subsidized by first class mail. So all the letters you ship help pay for their ineffiecnt package system, that's why the USPS can give cut rate prices compared to UPS and FED-EX, both companies have bitched to congress about this.
Lost 2 knives thru UPS that I shipped directly from their depot. Tracking #'s never got logged into their computer, so, they were stolen before they ever got onto the truck. Now, I use FEDEX. You get what you pay for, I guess.

RJ Martin
The worst thing UPS has done to me was take a week and a half to deliver a 3day package. I was able to track it the whole way, so I at least knew where it was the whole time.

My local FedEx driver seems to think that tossing a package on the doorstep of an apartment within easy reach of passers by is a "secure location". I do not. I also had specified to the shipper that the package should be sent to my work address, not my home. After finding the wrong knife sitting on my porch one afternoon, I very specifically told them that they should not send a package to my home. I forwarded the incorrect item to the proper party, and two days later there was another package sitting on my porch. Whatever you do, don't sign a waiver for FedEx to deliver without a signature unless you want to just kiss the knife goodbye.

The USPS has had a package that I sent to dannyc in the Phillipines for eleven days now, not what I would consider Express Mail. The only information they have had since day one is "left the United States on 05/29/99". Alright, already, I know it left, where the he** is it? They say an investigation takes three weeks (last week they said 16 days) and then I can file a claim. What happens then? Another investigation, that's what. And even if I do reclaim the money for the item, the knife itself has a special value to danny that makes it almost immposible to replace.

I suggest insuring for not just the value of the item being shipped, but for the value of your time and effort as well.

I've only ordered one knife UPS, and that was only because the company used them exclusively. The shipping was very slow, about a week and a half or two weeks. Whenever I have ordered from SMKW, I always have gotten the knife within a week with the exception of one backorder, which wasn't their fault. I think they use regular US mail. I have to agree, UPS hasn't impressed me much, but at least I got my order.

I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, HATE UPS!
Not only are they a rip-off, but they usually deliver during working hours, when no one is at home. So unless you can accept personal packages at work, you are not getting your package. UPS lost 3 of my packages, and totally annihilated one, being delivered to me via UPS. I tracked those packages ALL to the same distribution station, where they all got 'lost'. The one package that I got which had 2 deep BIG Boot sized looking holes in it and was generally mangled over-all, contained several sensitive electronic parts (which of course were damaged). Even though the package was marked fragile all over it, and literally had over 3 inches thick worth of protective packaging, UPS refused to reimburse for damages, stating that the package should have been packed better. WTF?!?! Darn inferior service for an inferior company. UPS is absolutely the worse delivery agency on the whole planet and I wish nothing but harm to the company. I will only use USPS or Fed-Ex these day.
Sorry for the rant, but it always makes me feel better if I can convince others to not use UPS. Did I mention that I hate UPS?
Only have one experience with UPS when Spyderco sent me a Military. It took only three days for the 3-day package to arrive.

Here in the Philippines, we have UPS, FedEx and DHL.

Any comment on DHL's service?
Felix, you really shouldn't hold your feelings in, it isn't healthy. You need to learn to express yourself. :)
UPS (pronounced 'oops') has lost hundreds of dollars' worth of packages for me. I have always gotten reimbursed, but it is a hassle. Now, any alternative to UPS is preferable.

BTW, how do you guys get the yellow smiley into your documents? Cut and paste doesn't seem to work.


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Well, I guess I'm not alone when I say that UPS is a rip-off. Clay (Kesting) wrote to me in another thread about UPS having this feeling of "loyalty" towards customs, that they have to declare each and every package they receive. And that's what I also noticed here in my country.

From where I am, Customs here are the pits. They'll do anything and everything to get that extra "buck". UPS isn't helping any, either. I was warned by a friend of mine not to use UPS, but I decided that I want to try them out, for a change, since I've been using FedEx (No worries, FedEx is #1 in my book).

To avoid that, I asked the seller to declare the items for HALF the real cost, and to declare them as "sample goods". We declared it at $50. Guess what? UPS told me that customs wanted $50 in duties and taxes... DUH?!?!?!?!? Either I paid up, or I lose the package to them. Bummer. And they took all of 7 days for a 2-day express shipping.

And their advertisement about delivering goods on time, or they refund your shipping cost?? Don't you believe it. Before you know it, it'll be stuck somewhere, and they'll say it's beyond their control (excuses excuses).

What James said is also true with EMS. I've been using EMS since I found out about its existence via Howard Korn of Knifecenter. They use this exclusively on their site. I find it very reliable until a few months ago when things were getting lost. I lost one already from TOTK, and it seems that the package James sent me is about to become victim #2.
EMS and Global Priority is on and off in terms of delivery performance.

Right. Money can be refunded, and it seems that USPS would rather pay the insurance claim, rather than try to trace the item. Seems like a hassle to them?!? Besides, they can always let you "wait in line" for claiming the insurance, right? Sheesh....

FYI, it's a Sebenza on the line for me, with the same birthday as mine, so what James said was true, as it's very valuable to me, and couldn't be replaced even if they decided to pay double the max insurance coverage for EMS.

Titan - DHL? Don't even waste your time. They're the most expensive, and their personnel here in our country needs an attitude adjustment. That's the reason why I used UPS to ship the tanto to William in the first place. From one rotten egg to the other, what can I say?
hehehe... At least UPS picked up the knife without extra charges.

I guess I'll try to stick it out with FedEx in the meantime. EMS? maybe, once in a while, if I'm low on funds.


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I used to work at UPS and for the USPS while in college.

Don't use UPS!!! They force their workers to do too much work in too short an amount of time and the turn-over rate is ridiculous(especially the p/t loaders and unloaders). The result is many packages are mis-sorted to the wrong place and many others are destroyed (by accident or negligence). Also, theft by the workers is common if not tacitly accepted.

USPS,on the other hand, prizes is package delivery, and places special attention on its fast delivery services. There were many times when I had to deliver only a few express or priority packages to various places without a time limitation. No other package delivery company can afford to do this. 1st class postage on regular mail does allow for this special attention, but since it is available (right or wrong) the consumer should use it. It is the only way you are going to get paid back for all the times you have to put an over-priced stamp on a small letter. Also, USPS workers have to contend with federal law that deters them from stealing stuff.