Very disappointed with Benchmade 940-2 . Immediately returned

Discussion in 'Benchmade Knife Company' started by darthwayne, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. steelhead seeker

    steelhead seeker

    Aug 1, 2014
    The only thing that bugs me about this is YOU used it, touched it up with a honing steel then used it again and again (I say again and again because you say the steel helped for a bit) then decided ehhh must of been a used product already? Wtf....if it was clearly a used product already you should have just packed it back up right away instead of using it more, trying to sharpen it...then using it more then deciding to send it back..
  2. -Corey-


    May 29, 2015
    I don't necessarily see anything that's a dead giveaway as it being a used knife. I've bought a ton of Benchmades and received many brand new knives that had cosmetic issues. The oxidation on the pocket clip is something that I've found to be common on that oxidized finish. Many of mine that I've seen issues on were ordered straight from Benchmade through a local dealer. Had a tan HK Turmoil that had black marks on the handle right out of the box. Got a North Fork folder with a chunk of wood missing on the handle. And many of the ones I have with the oxidized finish pocket clip have looked exactly like the pic you provided. It would be nice if Benchmade would up their quality control to a higher standard, but everything I see in your pics is on par with what I've seen them send out. Doesn't bother me, but I understand some people expect more for the price they are paying.
  3. tussery


    Jul 20, 2007
    I have also seen a ton of their knives come from the factory with the wire burr still on the edge. Which folds over on first use. I almost never use a Benchmade knife without running it through stones and strops.
  4. sinkrate


    Mar 21, 2015
    Definitely get the 551-1 it's in my opinion a very good work knife! Hope you get the issue solved with the 940-2. Merry Christmas to everyone on this thread!

  5. darthwayne


    Oct 7, 2016
    That sounds very ignorant of you to say. Firstly honing steel does not shave any steel or cause wear unlike stones and secondly i was very gentle with its usage and only sliced papers cardboard and styrofoam egg case

    Thr axis lock was loose and broken in. It wasnt slightly stiff at first like on my griptilian which i bought from another seller.

    Yes i love griptilian and g10 is new thing for me. I have a question though.the 551-1 looks very handsome and hence i wonder if it will handle slightly rugged work without getting dings and scratches on g10? I dont like how my anodized aluminium scale knives get scratches on them.

    i love the grey color with blue accents...its growing on me atleast from internet photos...also the black handle makes griptilian look slightly scary and police standard issue type knife so i am glad they made it look more 'stylish' and premium collector type
  6. wtlj


    Jun 30, 2014
    It was ignorant of you to use the knife then send it back for that very reason! What gives you the right to be upset about receiving a used knife and then again using it. You should be ashamed of yourself for your actions...
  7. 1 ADAM12

    1 ADAM12

    Nov 22, 2013
    PARDON.............., I mean't :thumbup:
  8. frequency


    Dec 26, 2016
    Hi All,

    Pardon me, I believed Benchmade is a good company. I own a few's of their knives.

    Now a days businesses is rather cruel due to competition. I hope these knife making companies still produce their knives solemnly in their factory using the real material as stated. I mean do we trust Chinese S30v? How could we differentiate S30v steel and S35VN steel or even A2?

    Lastly, how do we know that is S30v steel when we purchase the folder. Basically we have to trust the company.

    Best Regards,
  9. chrshale


    Oct 21, 2009
    Good lord people. Do we have facebook warriors here too?

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  10. wtlj


    Jun 30, 2014
    Wth is a Facebook warrior? I don't have FB and never have so not sure what that is...
  11. chrshale


    Oct 21, 2009
    Someone said you were wrong to try out your knife and that you should be "ashamed". That's nonsense and something that person wouldn't say face to face, and that's a facebook warrior... arguing for the sake of arguing.

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  12. jkarp_53


    May 25, 2006
    We usta call 'em by other names, but generally speaking the formula is an old one. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but sometimes that gets out of hand. Yet this is supposed to be the season for kindness, politeness, and with things said in good cheer. We're all here because we chose to come here, and opinions are simply that. I thought the knife in question did appear to look like it was used, and would have been disappointed to find it that way. Maybe it was the lighting, but that's my opinion, see?

    I hope everyone's celebrating the holidays in one variation or another, and if it's a knife you were hoping for you got what you wanted. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here reading this. Unless you like to argue, that is. :p
  13. wtlj


    Jun 30, 2014
    Hahaha. Perhaps you should figure out who your quoting and talking to before you post. Your quoting the so called "Facebook warrior" not the OP. [emoji849]
    I don't care how its spun, the OP was wrong. Yes it sucks he received a used knife but why use and sharpen it again? I'm not here to argue, just stating the facts is all.

    Oh and by the way I'm assuming you meant to "start following" the OP not me...[emoji23]
  14. chrshale


    Oct 21, 2009
    Exactly like I said, these forums allow for nonsense arguments about nothing. Merry Christmas.

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  15. wtlj


    Jun 30, 2014
    Well it is a "knife discussion forum" that you are a part of and participating in...I'm still not seeing a valid point?
  16. pwrdbycotn

    pwrdbycotn Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 17, 2015
    So you used the knife, sharpened it, used it some more and then decided to return it? So whether it was new or used before you got it, it is 100% used now. So, now the place that you return it to has to deal with a used and sharpened knife because you couldn't examine it before using it. And we wonder why most products these days are so expensive....
  17. M.FREEZE


    Dec 13, 2012

    The 940 is one of my smoothest, best cutting folding knives I've ever had. How tiny of a knife were you anticipating? The specs list the overall length at 7.87"... also, did you realize the lack of blade belly prior to your purchase, or upon opening the box? Lastly, it appears that you find $170.00 to be too much for the price point to size ratio, but initially you said you were anticipating a somewhat tiny knife. If you found this knife to be a premium product rather than a utility product, why did you purchase it?
  18. jpm2


    Nov 19, 2014
    The punch line being, he returned it for being used.

    No doubt.
  19. darthwayne


    Oct 7, 2016

    - honing steel is not sharpening it...u have over 2.5k posts you should know better...i am new to knife world

    - how do you know knife is used or not used without using it to slice paper or cardboard? ..its not like i have some knife fetish and i spend hours glancing over its handle for signs of usage...i knew its used when i used it to slice...scratches on handle & wear & tear marks on axis lock were secondary observations. i buy knives to use not to collect.
  20. wtlj


    Jun 30, 2014
    I'm not even going to bother answering this...ignorance is bliss.

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