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Gus Kalanzis

Havin' fun, learning and putting up with Bastid.
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Oct 4, 1998
Welcome to our new Moderator.

I am very happy to share the moderator duties of our forum with Blues.
His knowlege and cool head are solid additions here.
Thanks, Gus.

(I should probably say that I'd never want to join any club that would allow me as a member at this point! ;))

Seriously, though, I'll try to live up to the high standard you've set and keep the memory of our mutual friend James Mattis in mind when a situation arises that requires a little diplomacy.

It means a lot to me to have an opportunity to give back to the many that have done much to further my interest in knives and the many friendships which have resulted from that interest.

Other than that...Let the games begin! :)


Congratulations... Or, is that condolensces? :D

Seriously, glad you're willing to put in the time. :)
This is great news, indeed! I can only imagine how overwhelming this job must be at times, very glad to hear Gus will have the help of this most highly-respected forum member. Congratulations, Blues!:D
Hey, this is great. It has been obvious that Gus could use a little help recently, and I can't think of a better man than Da Man himself, Mr. Blues.

I am so happy I could cry ;)

I too appreciate your willingness to share your passion, knowledge, time, and sanity with those of us poor afflicted CUSTOM knife knuts. Thanks Blues! :)

Aw, shucks, fellas. ;)

Where'd my wallet go? :D

Congrats Blues! Glad to have you on board as moderator now. As Blues said, let the flames, er, GAMES begin :p

blues is a moderator?
party's over folks...nothing to see here.

;) blues,ya bastid.
Does this mean hunting season is open :eek: ?

Ever hear the saying what goes around comes around :p ?

Loose the first rounds of incoming friendly fire :D

And to think that just Thursday I procured my first custom. Rusty
I'll try to live up to that confidence you've shown.

(Well, that, and I'll let Gus make the hard decisions. ;))

Oh no you don't :). Now that we have "another sucker" who can do this, it is time for a vacation. (Just kidding, if I could take time off, I would get to meet a bunch of you in Orlando.)
Congrats, bro... I think. :confused: You do realize that this means no more ignore list, don't ya? ;)
An excellent choice.
Congratulations Blues.

(of course, he'll probably change now that
he's making those "Moderator Mega-Bucks") ;)

Best of luck, Blues
...No More Mr. Nice Guy!...


Blues is NOT one to duck the Rough Stuff,I don't think he has EVER taken the easy way, he's too old & set,he wouldn't take the easy way even if you offered it!From my dealingswith him, he is a balls to the wall guy BUT he is always fair!
Okay, Jim, that's quite enough of that.

I told ya already, the check's in the mail!!! ;)

(Besides, Gus and I are old pals and he already knows about my character, or lack thereof, firsthand!!! :D )

Thanks James,

I did mean it when I said I was kidding :).

I did not know anything about this until Blues dropped me a line on Sa****ay. I am still smiling and it is an honor for me to share this task with him.

I think that all of us will be able to say in the not too near future that he made this forum a better place.

I know I am a better person for having him as a friend.

Added later.
I did not realize the day after Friday was a bad word :).
Congrats Blues. Look forward to your modulation, err, moderations.

hahahah! I always thought it was Sa tur day. BF editor thinks it is Sa **** ay. LMAO!