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What do you think is the best knife that Spyderco has released in the last five years?

Discussion in 'Spyderco' started by GatorFlash1, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. hhmoore

    hhmoore Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 7, 2014
    Since I've recently responded that the Advocate is my favorite Spyderco, I'm running with that same answer here. Still a Gayle Bradley design; so hopefully the GB crowd won't lynch me. (The GB was my first spyderco - I wanted to like it; but the proud liners bugged me.)
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  2. joeldworkin307

    joeldworkin307 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 2, 2012
    The Caly3 in Hap40. Probably my favorite Spyderco period. Definitely the one I carry most often.
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  3. Mako109

    Mako109 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 17, 2008
    - Advocate
    - Shaman
    - Swayback
  4. orangejuice

    orangejuice Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 12, 2017
    Well let me see if I can give you a nudge on behalf of Spyderco and Mr. Bradley and your future self.
    1. Now or never close - This is the last time that you can pick one up factory new ("This is false" - Soc monki.) If you buy one now on the secondary market you may find a catch/release example at a further discounted price.
    2. Summary close - I think we both agree that the GB2 is a stellar everyday tool that's priced aggressively to sell in comparison to its peers and will last a lifetime and you'll find comfort knowing that you rectified your 'instant regret.'
    3. Sharp angle close - You said "I need a bit of a nudge to pull the trigger again..." and I can offer you a bit more than a nudge, but 5 nudges from different angles if you will buy the GB2 today.
    4. Question close - Having owned one before, and the good taste to own another one, is there any reason why we can't proceed with purchasing the GB2 today?
    5. Assumptive close - It seems like the GB2 would be a good fit for you, and you are ready to move forward, so I'll just provide a link to the purchase page HERE.
    Joking around aside, the GB2 shines when put to work and if you do happen to pick one up, please drop me a line or post on your longer term impressions.

    * I am not affiliated with Knife Center, but chose the first distributor with stock.
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  5. Babalu32


    Jan 4, 2018
    Para 3 LW REX 45
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  6. DA170

    DA170 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 12, 2020
    Para 3 G10
    Lil' Native Comp lock

    Honorable mention :
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  7. BMCGear

    BMCGear Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 4, 2014
  8. hhmoore

    hhmoore Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 7, 2014
    Are the liners on the GB2 flush with the scales? Some pictures look like they are; some look like they're still proud, ala GB1.
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  9. MolokaiRider

    MolokaiRider Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 13, 2017
    They are proud just a squeeze.

    These knives are not gonna be comfy like a Mora.

    These are Taiwan Sebenza. Fluid, pretty, high rev, at 120 bucks at release. In my opinion the pinnacle of Spyderco before they had to deal with foreign competitors.
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  10. Colorodo

    Colorodo Gold Member Gold Member

    May 23, 2014
    Native Chief.
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  11. Gary W. Graley

    Gary W. Graley “Imagination is more important than knowledge" Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Mar 2, 1999
    Ditto for the Native Chief
  12. VashHash


    Aug 11, 2009
    In the past 5 years I'd say Police 4 in K390 and g10 and the native chief.

    Ohh Wait the autonomy 2 is sheer engineering perfection for what it is.
  13. soc_monki

    soc_monki Basic Member Basic Member

    Apr 5, 2019
    This is false. Multiple people have stated that the GB2 is a discontinued knife and this is the last run you'll be able to get. TazKristi has stated this is not true and the GB2 is a a full production knife, it was just backordered for a little while.
  14. orangejuice

    orangejuice Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 12, 2017
    Original post updated with your clarification. Thanks!
  15. soc_monki

    soc_monki Basic Member Basic Member

    Apr 5, 2019
    No problem! We have enough buying frenzy with sprints and exclusives, don't need it for a full production knife too! :D
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  16. 5-by-5

    5-by-5 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 13, 2016
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  17. Eversion

    Eversion Gold Member Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Gold Member

    Apr 9, 2020
    I think it's the Spydiechef as well
  18. tiguy7

    tiguy7 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 25, 2008
    My vote is for the S-110-V Military Blurple. image.jpeg
  19. AberdeenBlades


    Jul 24, 2020
    The RockJumper will be my first Spyderco - can't wait for it to arrive!
  20. emjay4248

    emjay4248 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 8, 2016
    The GB2 is as much a must have as is the PM2. I had mine modified to make the liner lock more accessible and it became a great fidget knife. If I hade to choose one or the other and had no choice. A stouter design, carries smaller than the PM2 and a more versatile blade with a stronger tip. Definitely get one. Even if you don’t carry it often it should be there when you need it.

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