What do you think? PIC..

Oct 4, 1998

So what do you think??

I did this design because I wanted something light to use for a neck knife.

I also did it in thicker stock 3/16 with no handles, which is still out for heat treat..

So my question is this, is this desgn good? I am looking for something to do in a limited number versus the one of a kinds I have been doing for the last 5 years..

If there is something you would change, what is it? I think that everyone here has some very valid points when it comes to what they want in a knife, so what beter way to do a survey on a new design than right here..

Tell me what you think, good or bad, it will make a better knife in the long run..

Thanks for your comments in advance..

Thanks, Alan Folts..
Nice looking piece, Al, What are the other specs? Length etc.? Looks like it is geared a little more towards the defence side of the fence, but the 3/16" stock could make life a little easier in the comfort dept. I like it...Maybe add an index finger notch..not too much else...



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I like it very much. I don't think I could help you improve it. I would like to see it in Cpm420v. And with a red handle and red Kydex

-Greg Johnson

I like the design and the knife itself. What are the specs? My first thought on seeing it was round the gaurd points some.But after reading and finding out its a neck knife which I imagine would be smaller to begin with I think that the gaurd shape is good for that size.Nice knife.

Specs on this particular prototype are 3.5+ inch of blade, 7.75 inches overall.. About 3 ounces, heavy one huh?

This one is a prototype I did in ATS34 and black linen micarta. Although if I go into production on this or one similar I will offer choice of micarta color and finish..

So other than the finger notch and the thickness, it looks okay?

Thanks for the input..Alan Folts..
Lack of coffee & lack of sleep make the Yekim not able to comprehend what he read....

Al, it is a great looking knife. How much did the 3/16" version weigh?



"Will Dremel for Food!!"
"No, it's a Vaquero Grande in my pocket, but I am happy to see you!"
MegaFolderians Unite!!
Dremel Junkies Unite!
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Hey everybody I just ordered one from Alan but mine will have Bright Red handles and red kydex. I bet everybody will want one but I am first, HaHa

-Greg Johnson

Very nice, Alan. I'm a fan of the neck knife and that looks like a well thought out design. Handle looks comfortable and the size is right. I like how you incorporated the finger guards (probably a little pointy for a user, but not a problem in this knife's role). What would you think about a slight recurve on the blade? Besides that possibility can't think of much I'd change. In fact, would you e-mail me a price?

Beautiful knife. I can't think of anything I would change. I think it's a little long for a neck knife, but it would make a great belt knife.
MMM, very nice, simple and beautiful, everything a neck knife should be.

If you're looking for improvements, maybe making the butt pointed down instead of up. I really liked how my old Benchmade Stryker's butt dug into the palm of my hand in a saber grip. You may benefit from that.
Hey Alan, Donovan has a great idea, could you email me the price too?


Looks great Alan.

The only thing that I object to is the top
"guard". I dont see any use for that at all but to get in the way on a knife that size.

Maybe less pointy, and more contoured on the bottom guard as well.

Otherwise, how much?


Anthony P. Lombardo
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Nice photo.

Nice background.

Nice work.

Remove the the thumb ramp so you don't jack up your thummb.

Add some thunb notches on the spine instead.

Forget the neck knife chain.

Give us a IWB sheath.

Did you forgat a thong hole?

Ron Knight

Yeah I'm crazy, but what do you want me to do about it
Slim the lower part of the blade so as to make that choil area people talk about which I think would make the lower part of the guard more pronounced.
I like it. This could easily be my next neck knife.

I wouldn't change anything.

Thanks for showing us your work and asking our opinion.

When you decide on price, I would appreciate an email to bobirons@hotmail.com OR post a URL which carries your info.
Beautiful knife.

Would it be possible to expand the grind on the false edge, making it a true double edged knife? This could be more aestheticaly pleasing as well as more effective self defense tool.

Looks similar to the Scorpion!
Since you asked what I would change, here it is.
I'd also remove the top guard, maybe put some traction grooves instead. I would put more of a finger groove behind the bottom guard. Maybe decrease the size of the handle, but thats a hard one to call with out holding the knife. Is the micarta on both sides of the knife handle?? It looks like it is. Maybe use micarta on one side only. Leave the other side flat so it lays better against your chest.
This is only my opinion, and only cause you asked. It is a sweet looking knife. Very nice.

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I would agree that an IWB sheath variation would be nice. I'm not sure about the guards, maybe a little less pointy, but hard to tell w/o actually holding. Use a flat grind so it'll be one heck of a slicer, too.

Nice dagger though.
Very nicely done, Alan! What would I change? I might want to shorten o/a length by about 3/4", i.e. 1/4" from the blade & 1/2 from handle. Difficult to say for sure though w/o fondling a bit & seeing how it might print through a shirt.

One addition I would like is a removable Kydex clip/platform, ala REKAT, for belt or IWB carry. How much?


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