What do you think? PIC..

I guess somebody, someday is gonna use "Speedmetal" - it fits this as well as any

Something else: a long time ago I said somebody oughta package a "total basic lady's anti-rape close-range defense system". Not just a knife and sheath, a fully organized deep-cover carry system plus a basic video showing how to practice a stealthy "slash and run mentality" defense-if-grabbed gameplan.

This piece would be close to ideal. I personally think a sleeve-rig based on a neoprene sleeve with the Kydex attached to that might work, worn under "jogger's sweatshirts" with longish sleeves but no cuffs. Or, for skirts/dresses, a larger-diameter neoprene "garter" for thigh carry...set it up to switch back and forth?

My feeling is, you sell the people on this forum a knife and we have a pretty good idea how to integrate it into a "self defense gameplan". We can sort out the draw for what we usually wear, we can optimize the carry for our styles, our legal climate. And yes, that includes the lady forumites too...but...if you look at the current "how are you equipping your ladyfriends" thread on Tactical, you'll see that MANY ladypersons could use a "fully thought out turnkey approach". That means the knife, the sheath, the carry, the draw, the gameplan all "spoonfed" if you will.

I think there's a market, and this piece or mebbe the Hawksbill you were involved in either as is or with some mods might be perfect. And no, I'm nowhere NEAR the level where I could plot this out and do the video. Any high-level Bujinkan Sensei could, including Bud Malstrom of the Atlanta Dojo, there's also some guys in TN that might be closer...or any good FMA type teacher. Hell, Donna's in CT, she's got a couple of pretty dedicated years in Kali and has teacher-level credentials at least as a goal. Maybe get her and her teacher involved?

One reason I think a top Booj guy/gal could help is that small sleeve rigs were actually a standard Japanese carry setup for centuries. *Extremely* common among Geishas. Boojers'll either know those systems, or at least know who to ask about 'em.

This should happen, somehow, I think...and the Folts/Allen team of good knifemaker/sheathmaker...you've got the best shot at it, methinks.

Jim March
Very nice piece! Really nice lines, functional blade shape, great job. But since you asked, here's what I'd think about modifying:

Skeletonized handles don't provide the best purchase even in the best of cases. I'm in *very* strong agreement with those who suggest an index finger notch. It not only does wonders for the ergonomics and retention, but will make the small lower speedbump seem a little bigger from the other side.

If that top false edge is sharp, then the top little guard definitely stays. If it's not sharp, then that top little guard definitely goes, and is replaced by a more subtle grooved ramp.

I like the idea of thinner (and more importantly, lighter) 1/8" stock. I'll cord-wrap the handles to fill 'em out a bit more if I need to, I guess. All those holes probably provide plenty of wrapping options.

Really nice, in fact while I'm writing this, the more I look at it the more I like it! The only thing really bothering me is the tiny lower guard^H^H^H^H^Hspeedbump, which would be more pronounced if there was a bit of an index-finger notch.

So what I am thinking is this, getting a few of these laser cut, to save me some time...

But instead of doing the whole cut out, I do it with a block left where the finger groove would go. So it could be made in the layout that was pictured or a similar layout with a finger groove..

As well the top guard would all be able to be cut or the angle changed from the silouete that is pictured right?

So am I crazy or should I get 50 or so cut out?

And by the way I am still looking for a name, the best I like so far is Mantis, it sorta just fits the shape I think, maybe I will do it in some green handles..

Thanks for all your help,

Alan Folts..
Hey Alan 50 don't sound like much. I think you had better make a couple hundred. I might want a few more.

-Greg Johnson

"Mantis" sounds cool. Green handles would work very well. It will be nice looking. Hopefully you'll have one left to display at the NC Blade Show in September.


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This knife looks great, sorry I missed it as it passed through J-Ville!
A few names:

The Folts "LightHeart”
Folts “Flicker”
Folts "Flyt”


Nice work , Alan . I think it´s very beautiful . Don´t change the knife so much that Your own design vanish .
If You see to all the positive replies to Your knife , I think You should go ahead with the laser cut .
Keep up the good work .

Mantis ... I like it too.

But not solid green scales. Use some of the stuff you put on my Palm-a hawk; just a hint of green. Also, etch a line drawing of a Mantis on the side of the blade.
Mr. Folts...A small suggestion from a newbie. I made a small blade for myself many yrs. ago that has served me well. I placed a radiused hole above the choil as a thumb rest. This hole mates w/ a protuberance in the sheath... serving as a retention system. Only one side of the blade/hole is radiused- the off-side is for retention. You do nice work. Please e-mail details at your convenience. SJ
Mr. Folts, if you use the name "Mantis" then I have no choice but to buy one just so I can show my buddies the knife I named. Also, I just found out my tax return will be more than I expected this year.

But I haven't recieved an e-mail about possible prices--has anyone else? Do you know when prices will be available? Finally, if it's available with or without the index groove mine will definitely come with.

MC 341
318 N. 9th St.
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Hey Gwinnydapooh I bought one already look at the seven post down. Hey I just talked to Alan and he said he would name it "Mantis" he is planning a drawing of a mantis for the blade and it will have green stabilized wood for handle. Hey he says you get a discount for naming the knife. Also he said that he tryed to e-mail you and it bounced, so e-mail him and he will replay to you.

Hey you luckey dog I ordered the first one and you get the discount

-Greg Johnson


Beautiful piece. No wonder Jim March raves about your work.
Couple of suggestions of strictly personal preference. I agree with Anthony on the guards. Perhaps,two small upswepts from the micarta handle would suffice,with less mass.
Additionally, I might omit the two forward small lightening holes to reinforce the critical blade-handle juncture with negligible weight gain. The 3 small areas in cross section should do it as is,but overengineering at this point,even for a neck knife might be prudent.

Once again, congratulations on a little gem.

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <---<
OK, I finally got to a computer!

The network here is touchy. Somebody forgot to burn the offering this weekend and things got chaotic, but I did finally get Mr. Folts' email and his generous offer. The discount is a whopper, especially to a guy who just thought he was offering free advice, and I just can't resist. I gotta have one.

Everyone who reads this should be careful to note that I never even implied that I wanted compensation, which means that Mr. Folts could simply have used the name at his discretion without so much as a thank you. Instead he decided to take what must be a substantial loss on a new knife to express gratitude for free advice. This guy is some gentleman. He's gained a new fan here even before producing the knife. Someday I will have money to spend on knives, and I will remember this. So should everyone else who likes to be treated as a valued customer by someone who knows his craft.

Ordered mine with mirror finish and the teal/black micarta. What are you getting?

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

I asked for satin finish and olive drab, cause a Mantis has to be stealthy, don't you know. I'm starting to wonder about it, but if I change it once I'll never stop.

Mr. Folts even offered to let me go without the usual deposit because I cried poor, but I ain't THAT greedy . . . .

Anyway, I can't wait! This is my first custom EVER and it's just too damn cool. All my friends think I'm nuts but I don't care!!! By the way, does anyone know if Elizabelle has seen this thread? I'd say one of these puppies in teal/black and mirror would fit her idea of a knife as a fashion accessory, wouldn't you?

MC 341
318 N. 9th St.
Monmouth, IL 61462
Jack from Edgy-Tools here. Put me down for a neck knife, it should be a good companion piece for that monster knife you are making me !

NOTE TO ALL : Alan is a a credit to the trade !

Congradulations on your first custom. I think it must be catching because my first custom (I won the Cetan!!!WOOHOO!!!) is on its way here too. It was pretty cool of Alan to give you a discount for naming it. From some chatting with him, I am under the impression that he is pretty darn cool. I hope you enjoy you new knife.


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Thanks for all the replies and the kind comments, I always new this place was great..

I just got the skeletonized prototype back from heat treatment and talk about cool!!

The only thin that I was wondering was that if anyone out there is fans of skeletonized stuff? If so what kind of thicknesses do you preffer, and do you prefer something with most of the corners left on or something with total round overs on the tang/handle area?

The one I did was in 3/16th inch stock although I cut another one of 1/4 inch thick carbon steel to use as a drilling template...
And the 1/4 just seems a little more comfortable to me although it ways a ton compared to the one in 3/16ths and to the one in 1/8th with the handles...


Thanks, Alan..
Very nicely done.

*Norse Knife Nut*

"Military" Fans Unite!!

"The only limitation is lack of imagination."

Hi Guys (Big Toothy grin),

Guess what showed up on my doorstep today? (bigger toothy grin)

Remember the 3/16" version Al mentioned in his post? (painfully huge toothy grin)

That's right folks...I got it right here in my grubby little paws. It is fresh from heat treat, and it came with two slabs of OD green Canvas Micarta. If you haven't figgered it out yet, I got it in kit form.

You can read all about my initial impressions in the reviews forum.

Short version of the review....So far it kicks butt, and it ain't even sharp and on't have handle slabs on it yet.

I will keep you guys posted on my progress, and I just bought a fresh roll of film, and I have made arangements with the Highmaster Spark to have them posted when I am done.


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