What does your HONEY think?

Feb 9, 1999
What does your wife, girlfiend, boyfiend, or dog, think of your Knife infatuation? Do you jump at the chance to showoff one of your fondest fondles??..Do you quote steel facts when the opportunity arises? ..
Do you flick in private? Are you the most knowledgeable knife nutt at work??
My girlfriend is somewhat afraid of knives. But she does carry an Al Mar Woodsman and a Spyderco Walker I gave her. Basically, she thinks I'm a freak.
My girlfriend wasn't really into knives before i met her...but not against 'em...now she loves 'em
...bahaha. YES!!
I also converted my friends by buying them some knives...telling them facts when they needed 'em...and most of all...showing off MY collection to them...which gets 'em to drooling.
I do flick/play with my knives just about everywhere...you shoulda seen the look i got when I was waiting for my turn in the doctor's office and i was flipping open and shut my AFCK. And i got really wierd looks in church meetings too
...but i got better at doing it without them all seeing me...discreet movements to open, fondle, shut ,and put my knife back...that kind of stuff
But i'd hafta say..i'm not nearly as smart in the facts as many...but i'm working on it. But i AM the biggest knife knut in my school.

how 'bout the rest of you???

"I wouldn't mind you being inside my head if you weren't clearly so crazy."
Can't say my wife shares my interest in knives.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?
And just what are you going to do with this one that you can't do with the others?
What is the purpose of all these knives anyhow??

My wife tells me that I have a problem and that I am a freak. And my responce is, thank you!


My sweetheart is alo a knife knut, though I did help that along. She probably has more knives in her collection than I do, at least if I don't count things I made and just have lying around. We often like to collect pairs that come in two sizes; we have: Police/Rookie, AFCK/Mini-AFCK, Calypso/Calypso Jr., 8" Alley Kat/6" Alley Kat, and Civilian/Harpy (sorta a pair). Very often it's indulgent to buy oneself a knife but OK to give one as a gift, so we "swap." Soon I'll be getting a C16 Goddard and she'll be getting a 705 Axis

-Drew Gleason
Little Bear Knives
My wife has been so used to guns being all around the house, and being carried over the years, that to her the knives actually mean I'm calming down a little bit. (yea, right!)
She tolerates it but could really care less.

Though she does have a carbon fiber Dragonfly in her purse now, I wonder where she got that?

"May you live in interesting times"

AKTI - A000389

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My girlfriend likes knives too. She's always playing with the AFCK I carry daily. We've found interesting uses for knives, but thats another story.

The question my wife always asks is "why do you need another knife?" Followed up by "What can this one cut that the others won't?"...

I fear she is beyond redemption.....
When I first met my wife 15 years ago, she was wearing a Buck 110 in a Harley Davidson sheath, and I knew we were off to a good start.She was 21, and I was 41, but we had so much in common in likes, and dis-likes, that it was the begining of a lasting relationship.
Her being a knife knut, diffinently has had it advantages.She never complains if I want a new one, as long as she gets one also. She just had her 36th birthday, and I bought her a custom folder, and she was as happy as I would be if she got me one, which she has done on many occasions.
She is an officer for Reno, Nevada Police Dept. and carries a Emerson Commander, and Spyderco serrated Military daily on her uniform, and is considered the knife guru of the department.
So you see, there are women out there after our own hearts, love, and passions of knives.
I consider myself lucky, and never forget she is one of a special kind.She reads these forums, so I got to say this, but I do mean it.
She is always happy to see other women on here, as that way she feels more like one of the group, and not an outcast.

My .02 cents.

YES!! is the answer to your last four questions.
As to how my wife(the Knife Widow) feels about my knife infatuation, when I brought my first custom-made Bowie home I thought that she was gonna use it on me!
She is mellowing as we have more free capital to spend,(kids grown and gone, cars and house paid off, etc, etc...) but those first few years were pretty hairy. Now she actually wants me to make her an Art Knife for her daily carry. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

If the Enemy is in range, SO ARE YOU!!

Well, I own more knives than I care to think about, and far more firearms than the local division of the National Gaurd. All I can say is that most of my knives and most of my guns were gifts from my wife. She likes them, even if she doesn't own many. What she likes even more is getting them for me, because I'm thrilled when she does. I really, really, love that woman.


When I was dating my wife she told me about a recent mountain goat hunt she went on with her female boss. I said to my self "that is the woman for me!" As for flicking my blades she doesn't mind in the house but she gets all upset when I do it in public. She is an auditor by profesion so when I want a new knife I have to show that there is desposable income that can cover the cost of the knife (or any toy I want).

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

My case is unique. My husband, Jim, became interested in knives after he checked out the shop of Bob Engath, of blessed memory. He started making knives. I went with him to knife shows and got to know the people. Frankly, the knives have never done anything for me. I really like the people. Contrary to stereotype, knife nuts are not racist, illiterate, horrible people. None of the knife makers/collecters I have associated with are racist, illiterate, horrible persons.

It is well known that Jim and I are Jewish and nobody has hassled us about about it. We went to the Atlanta Blade Show and and the Knife Collectors E-Mail List had a dinner. Originally, they were going to serve pork and chicken, but someone noticed that there were Jews and Texans in the group. These were two groups who believe religiously that beef, not pork, is proper barbeque. No pig was served.

I really enjoyed meeting e-mail friends in the flesh.

Toni "The Fork" Mattis
Welcome to the forums Toni
And I must say your husband does excellant scans of knives.

Yes, beef is the proper bbq

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

This is cool I love to hear that girlfriends and wives are digging blades...WOW a couple that fliks together....Now this is turning out some interesting stories..keep em coming cause I want mine to get into knives and go with me to shows and stuff..lets hear from you ladies too. My wife too thinks I'm a freakazoid when it comes to knives
...So I will print this for her to read...
Thanx Bart
PS David Williams Nice story...I have also toned down my toy habits...Don't know if you remember a few months back when my wife found that I had spent thousands on knives..I have been selling some...I now keep her abreast of all my purchases.Seems to work out ok...now if I can get her into it??

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Well at first she was really anti- any tool that can be used to hurt anyone else. But after she listened to me and saw me handle my knives she respects my hobby. She now actually listens with interest when I tell her about a new knife I gotta have! I have been trying to get her interested in one of the smaller colored Spyderco's, but after she saw the CRK Site, she only wants an Umfaan!!
Well, I can't blame her, I want one too!


The dog, parakeet, my youngest child and my wife all show remarkable disinterest in knives. My wife thinks I'm going through a phase. Only my oldest child has an interest, and she will be going away to college in a couple of weeks. That means I will be the only knifenut at home.

Since my oldest is also taking my knife budget with her to college (just bought her college computer and now the 1st semester bill is due), I will be going through knife buying depression for some time. Sympathy cards, letters and donations are cheerfully accepted!
Let me put it this way: Usually I end up in the doghouse when I buy a new Knife.My fiancee says that I have my priorities mixed up and that I don't need any more knives, so I basically end up at war every time I get a fix from a new blade.