What does your HONEY think?

My gals knife collection is on her dresser in a large wooded box I bought her at Ikea.

She has:

A woo
Junglee Marshall Jr. Plain Edge
Junglee Marshall Plain Edge
Mini Socom
Benchmade Mel Pardue 850
BladeForums Native/Neck Scheath
Zytel Native/Neck Scheath
Spyderco Pro-Grip
Boye Folder
BM 825

She lets me have knives as long as she is not left out ..... :)

my GF has always been pretty reasonable, but shes is starting to take interest(at last years blade show i got her an elishewitz ghost-now im jealous
) she also has a spyderco delica98 and a leatherman micra that she got from me.
i just have to get her a decent fixed blade
My wife isn`t exactly thrilled about my knives,but I convinced her it was cheaper than collecting guns.(now there`s a laugh)
We keep our own seperare checking accounts and have assigned financial responsibilities.
We are each free to use any surplus as we see fit.This has worked out great for the 3 yrs we`ve been doing it.It makes it easier to make allowances for individual interests.I am lucky to be married to someone with a great deal of tolerance and a good sense of humor.


AKTI# A000150
I am a very Lucky man. Not only do I have the two greatest girls in my life: my girlfriend and her 11 year old daughter, but both of them got infected by the knife virus. My girlfriend got bitten first. I was introduced to her by a good female friend of mine who is a coleague of hers as a macho wierdo with strange hobbies( martial arts, knives). However she was not appaled but showed a definite, genuine fascination.Not much long into our emerging relation ship she wanted a knife. I got her a Gigand Frank Carter collaboration.She loved it. The daughter also was very fascinated with my collection and grown up tools like flashlights, that she wanted a knife for herself. She got a SAK from her mom and a Maglight from me and she is defintely in for a LM Micra.
But that´s not all: they live near to one of the finest cutlery stores in town.One day we were passing by and I saw a BM Balisong in the window and we went in to check it out. the kid loved the manipulations as did the mother. I went out to ponder to get it when the little one spoke to me dead serious:"Go in and buy it now you´ll regret it if you won´t later." I went in and got it.
You just gotta love kids.
Purchase for girlfriend in the near furture:MOD Ladyhawk
Purchase for the kid: MIcra and Spydee Dyad
May our passion fall on fruitfull soil
Matt from Munich
Greg Clem:

In Van Damme's movie, Sudden Death, wasn't it the Spyderco Executive(early proto. of the pro-grip/pro-venator) that he used?

Matt Seling:

Great choices for gifts! I was just thinking the other day, as I was looking at a pic. of the MOD Lady Hawk, what a GREAT gift that would be for a wife or girlfriend

And I couldn't think of two better knives and tools than the LM Micra and the Spyderco Diad to give to a child, other than the Micarta Spyderco Mini-Calypso

And Yes, I wish I knew someone who likes knives

I need to get more of you guys on my buddy list so I have people to talk to when I want to talk about knives!

I need a bigger bucket.