What does your HONEY think?

We were driving back home from a gun show yesterday when my wife opened my bag of goodies, opened the Benchmade box, and pulled out my new autospike. She clicked it open and said "Oh neat - it doesn't jump out of my hand like the other ones - can I have it?"
I haven't yet decided whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. I have visions of her digging in her flower pots with my autospike. I suppose that I should be thankful that she didn't latch on to the Dalton Gypsy that was also in the bag
As most of you have seen in the older threads, my wife loves my knives. Especially when I try to "sneak" one by her.
Some older members might recall the "intercepted" Military my wife uses in the kitchen. She hid it from me while I was home on midtour leave!!.
As for her knife collection, she has two custom knives, a CF Dragonfly (I tried to bribe her for the Military), and most recently, two "new" autos, a SW and a BM AFO. These were supposed to arrive while I was home for midtour leave. They arrived the day after I left. AARRGGHH!!!

Were you the one who hid knives around the house and your wife discovered them in a move? If so, I remember that one. I thought it was a nice tounge-in-cheek thread until it got serious.

It helps that my wife spent almost $2,000.00 on her garden this year. Just think how many knives and guns I could have bought with that
But trying to point out a womans weakness and still remain in a relationship is like walking on broken glass barefoot while trying to find safe ground as quickly as possible.

This is my third post to this thread, I better shut up.


That is a good thing. But every time you buy a knife now, you must realize it might end up in her possession

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

My wife thinks I spend far too much money on knives. Of course she thinks the same thing about my other hobbies
I'm a very lucky man . My wife likes a quality knife when she see one. When I get a shipment of new knives she's right there with me digging into the box so she can check out the new models. She's also the only lady I know that carries 2 knives. A cricket on her keychain and a Junglee mini Tri-Point in her purse or on her waist band. I can even get her to spar with me (when she's in a good mood).She also helps me pick out knives for the shop that would appeal to women.

Ray Carr
Currently I have over 600 knives in my collection that I have been collecting since I was 9. (35 now) My wifes response is "well if its worth $5000 lets sell it and buy a new car" Can you imagine such a statement! It would be easier to sell one of my children or my mother than part with my knifes haha! Needless to say she puts up with my neurosis I just keep em in a safe!
My wife and I have been buying each other guns and knives for birthdays and Christmas presents for years. Her current line-up of fashion accessories includes a Glock 32 and a Spyderco Police model.

Ya just gotta love a woman with taste!!


When the world is at peace, a gentleman keeps his sword by his side.......
Sun-Tzu 400 BC

I found a Walter Brend model 2 fighter at a gun show a while back and seriously hesitated at purchasing it, even though I had been wanting one for a long time. My wife threatened me with bodily harm if I did not
buy it before someone else did!! What a gal, huh?!

Hey Cornsales,

Forget selling the children or your mother, sell the mother-in-law!

The choices we make dictates the life we lead.

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Mostly misunderstood.
Especially the Nemesis.
She nearly lost a lung.
I explained it was for COLLECTING only.
That I would one day get a good return on it.
(Okay, I'll probably never sell, but don't tell her....)

She mellowed, but still scoffed.
Oh well.


My wife thinks that knife collecting is the lesser of many evils.

My girlfriend does't care much for my knives. She once tried to open my AFCK and accidentally threw it at my friend, hitting him in the abdomen. The knife was fine. She tends to hold my knives like they are dirty soiled clothes until recently. She was using my sentinel to cut up some boxes recently. I plan on getting her a small "feminine" knife some day soon. -Krumbs
Hmmmm......my girlfriend thinks I'm nuts! Her family (except her dad, a retired cop)thinks I'm beyond nuts. Her dad wishes I'd carry a more "respectable" knife. I guess some people just don't get the beauty of a Balisong.

Clay G.

YES David Williams, that was me...We were moving to a new house and had all my knives together with receipts and she previously found a hidden purchase(Buck Oddessey)...Then added up all my reciepts, it was a bad week..but in the past now...I now sell to be able to buy...And it is not such a bad hobby..I could collect Rolex's or prostitutes...he he he...
...just kidding!I took everyones advice I am trying to get her interested in them, hence this thread....So she willl go to shows with me cause for now I'm banned from them..damn....So lets hear how your wife thinks of your knife hobby?
At first, my fiance was of the "yeah, whatever" mindset, as long as I didn't go out on any wild spending sprees. After I got a Micarta Calypso Jr. for her, I watched it disappear into the darkest, deepest recesses of her purse, until one day, we were at a grocery store, and she pulls out her wallet, and the cashier rivets onto the knife clipped into the front pocket of her purse, hidden under the top flap. She was working a job where she opened lots of mail and packages at the time and realized the sheer utility of having a knife handy. Doesn't leave home without it nowadays. Her latest recurring request has been, "When are you going to take me to the range again?" Definitely a keeper.

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

I guess if my wife would talk to me about knives I wouldn't spend so much time here.
The only thing I can figure, is that she must figure that the kitchen full of sharp knives that she has, (since I am always praticing a new way to obtain a "perfect" edge), is worth me having the addiction of knives.
My wife and I were watching "Sudden Death" last night with Jean Claude and she noticed that the knife he using was just like one that I own. Of course it had the little Spydie hole and serrations. Boy was I proud!
She knows how to make her man "feel good".
My wife dislikes my interest in guns and knives. She has no hobbies herself and I have countless interests. She doesn't seem to understand how I can feel so passionate about something like a knife. I am unable to explain why they are so beautiful. We kind of agree to disagree. I don't flaunt my acquisitions and hope she doesn't make a stink as long as I don't spend too much.