What Else You Collects Other Than Khukuris?

Jun 3, 1999
After following this forums more than 2 years --- I found out that most of us are also collectors of various items other than Khukuris --- such as guns and bows.

It seems most of us have same interest on same few items --- I just enquire about Osage Orange Bows few months ago! and now there is a thread whereby few of our friends did mention that they have collections of Osage Orange Bows! It surprised me! Do we actually have sort of same mental paradigm? I don't know!

Anyhow, FYI I did collects Walking Sticks, Stones and Rosaris. I love to collect guns but nowhere to do that in Malaysia! I love to collect Bows but I have not started yet ...

Just out of curiousity ... what else you collects other than Khukuris?

My wife said "Hubby ... you can collect anything but not girls!"

Besides khukuris, which is my most recent collecting addiction, I collect a couple of things. I collect electric guitars, currently my collection is down to one guitar, it has numbered as many as six and total instruments I have owned has got to be around 30. I also collect pocket knives, the old fashioned slip joint kind. Again the size of the collection is in constant change. I once collected snakes (boas and pythons)and hope to do so again, but my apartment living is not conducive to that. For a while I was collecting guns but I have no where to shoot recently so I got rid of them. I have a huge book collection, mostly old science fiction, horror and fantasy; but also some classics, miltary history and naturual science stuff. That is the only collection that just keeps growing and never dwindles, probably because it is the least expensive. I only collect things I use, collecting for investment purposes does not interest me. I have been to guitar shows where I met people who bought $25,000 guitars who did not know how to play. Not to mention the ones that are worth a fortune, as long as it remains unplayed. If I own it, I will use it. "Market" value or demand has little impact on my decision of what I want. If I like it, I don't care if the market says it is worthless. I would like to collect many other things but my income won't allow it, I see bowie knives and swords in my future however.

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I pretty much just collect knives, mostly production ones that I like. HI khukuris are as close to "custom" knives as I get. I enjoy shooting my recurve bow and precision airguns, but I don't collect them. I'm fortunate to have a wife who doesn't give me any rash about my blades. I guess as long as I don't say anything about her junk, she doesn't gripe about my junk.

aka "kuma575"
What do I collect other than khuks? Well, I have a house full of boomerangs (actual returning, make your jaw drop on the floor to watch them fly boomerangs rather than the australian tourist kind). I also have a cupboard full of old electronic tubes (valves to those in the UK) for my hifi, they are getting tougher to find all the time...

Cheers for now,

Gary_B in the PNW.
In addition to khukuris I also have koras and the occasional Indian sword, katar or pesh kabz for trading.

Gary, I think I have a few tubes around somwhere. Guitar amplifiers still use tubes and I got some from somewhere that don't go in my particular guitar amp. Email me if you want them, I will see if I can dig them up and tell you what they are.
Hmm, let see....

Wine, barley wine, military history, sculptures, "how to" references, astronomy texts, computer programming, beer and winemaking references, cookbooks, cultural items, religious items, languages, philosophies, experiences, photographs, paintings.....many things....

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">... Sandi and Terry have a collection of reptiles -- and wood chips ...</font>
Sandi --- Are they small reptiles? Don't tell me you have alligator or anaconda in your collection!

I have few rosaries made of woods --- one of my rosary is having 100 beads and each bead is from different type of tropical woods. Maybe ... I should get woods from different countries so that I can make a new rosary which have 100 beads and each bead is from different country!

I do collects books --- I have a small library at home!

JP --- nice stuff! --- is the one at the bottom of the pict Indian sword?

I remember that Iban people of Sarawak (one of the state in Malaysia located at Borneo)were collecting enemies heads and they hung them at the ceiling of their long house --- of course it was a long time ago!

Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoos! I have 4 authentic aboriginal ones and one made of purple heart wood, many bamboo that I made while in Maui. For those that don't know a didgeridoo (or Yidaki) is an Aus. Aboriginal wind instrument that is thought to be tens of thousands of years old and is used in sacred ceremonies. Its musical function is one of a rythym setter for dancers and other musicans.
That and guns, and other knives.
GReat thread
yes, the sword is Indian and so is the kukri with the talwar grip.

Here is another interesting kukri with a unique grip that is of Nepalese origin.


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