What Else You Collects Other Than Khukuris?

Jon & Mizutani San --- There is a thread on a new HI project proposal to make a BirGorkha Tomahawk smoking pipe model --- I guess it should be a must-order-item for you ...
! --- Personally I would love to have one when my budget say YES! Oh ... should I start a new collection on Tomahawks ...

We learn a lot here, we have lot to learn here. And every topic can't drift away from khukuri!

How I came to know about block Meerschaum was, I had fewer mony concentrated on smoking pipes at that time. That made me keen on price tags and why the difference.

If HI hawk is equipped a pipe more than 1 inch in diameter, it really fits my smoking.

\(^o^)/ Mizutani Satoshi \(^o^)/
It has been several days since I have got to sit down and enjoy the forum. I am sorry for the slow response. You asked about our reptiles, well here it goes.
We have 1 iguana, 1 savana monitor, 1 nile monitor, 3 corn snakes and 1 milk snake.
A milk snake looks like a coral snake. It has bands of black,red and yellow the entire length of the body.

Dust .

Use to collect WWII firearms until our gun laws got really bad.

Knives (not really collecting as I want to try them out).

Actually, I "voted" for the weapon 'Hawk in that thread. It sounded as there might be some "problems" & delays with the pipe 'Hawk, I have no actual use for a "chopping 'hawk", so I voted for the one we could get the soonest. I'm not sure what I'll ever do with it (except as a collectable), hopefully I'll never have to use it as a weapon - probably go out back, try to throw it at the tree, break the handle, and send it back to Uncle Bill (or whomever) for repair
If it is a weapon I have it.As for deeds and habits good or bad,I have had those too.