What knife did you carry *most* in 2000?

Oct 19, 1998
Okay, we've had the series of threads about what did you carry at (or immediately before/after, etc.) the 2000/2001 boundary, but the really interesting question to me is, what one knife claimed the most time in your pocket in the year 2000? I'm not asking which knife you liked the best; this is sort of a "put your money where your mouth is" question -- think back, what did you actually carry for the largest number of days? And why did that knife end up in your pocket (uh, or waistband, or wherever) so often?

In my case, the 710BT, Synergy, Stryker, Starmate, baby Sebenza, and Calypso Jr. (micarta) divided up the first half of the year, but my 730BT Ares just couldn't seem to stay out of my pocket, between its arrival in June, and the last few weeks of December. I'd pick up other knives and play with them around the house, but then always seem to find myself getting to the door and heading back to grab the 730 to take with me...

The contoured G10 scales fits my hand perfectly, feels very secure, and the multicolor G10 works almost as "urban camouflage", attracting attention to the interesting colors and away from the fact that it's a knife. The blade shape is eminently useful and big enough for most any job without being too "big and scary". It rides very low in the pocket, yet doesn't offer any odd protrusions when I reach in for keys, etc. And... "Axis Locks Rule" -- I've decided that they're even more fun to close than to open (I use the thumb studs to open, but just pull the buttons back and twitch my wrist to close).

The LCC, SERE 2K, and 940BT are all stellar knives, but arrived on the scene (for me) in the past few weeks, too late to make a dent, long-term carrying-wise (I suppose that could be construed as giving an unfair advantage to the other knives in this "contest", but, well, them's the breaks). Perhaps one of these "newcomers" will win this distinction for 2001...

So... how did the year go for you, knife-carrying-statistics-wise?

Carl /\/\/\ AKTI #A000921 /\/\/\ San Diego, California

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The knife that I carried the most was the BM 710S. I carried it because it has the Axis lock and I think that it is a very well made and designed knife. Two weeks before Christmas I got a BM 720 and I have been carring it ever since. I think that I like this one better.
Most pocket time overall? Hmmmm, that'd actually be two knives, as I always carried them together for the better part of 2000.

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This one is easy. I rotate around the sexy
knives (I count Spyderco's in this category)
but ALWAYS in my right front pocket is a Victorinox Executive and a Kershaw Corral Creek II. I like all my other knives, and
play with them constantly, but these two are
just always there.


Al F.

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The Spyderco Wegner and Benchmade 710 saw the most carry time last year. Both are excellent knives. They find their way into my pocket more than most. I predict they will see a lot of carry time this year as well. I will undoubtedly buy many knives this year, but it is refreshing to come back to the tried and true.

Dennis Bible


Spyderco Endura, Native and starmate,
BM Large stryker and Small AFCK,
Small Wengergrip and leaterman wave,
CRKT M16-03 and small KFF.

always two of this list is in my pocket, one left, one right.

If you make me choose a pair I had most....
Spydie Endura '98 ATS-55 and Large BM stryker 910S. But this is by small margin with one of the CRKT's

greetz, Bart

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1st half of the year it was between a CRKT Large Kasper FF, and a Spyderco Native or Endura II. The 2nd half of the year (and currently) it is an Extra-LARGE Cold Steel Gunsite, AND a Cold Steel Medium plain Clip-Point Voyager .

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All things considered, probably my BM 910. Ask again next year. I'll keep closer watch.



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Spyderco Native. I use the hell out of it and that way I don't worry about messing up any of my "pretty" knives.....
Most of the year was a full sized AFCK for ugly work and a small wood sebenza for dress
Spyderco Native, until it made an unscheduled stop without me at REI. Since that time, its been the CRKT kiss and a BM 710s. I have been carrying my Leatherman wave alot too, if that counts.
-- Rob
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The mid sized Buck Lite. It has been forced thru 1/16" plastic aquarium lids (to make room for a better filter system), took on a heck of alot of cardboard, stripped wires and skineed a deer, and my wife puts it through hell in the kitchen when I'm not looking and it's still easy to resharpen. Best 18$ I've spent in 2 years.

A pair of Spyderco Wayne Goddard Lightweights followed by a Spyderco Delica.

And if we are counting multi-tools, a Victorinox Swiss Tool.

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The only one that I know I had with me everyday was my Large plain Sebenza.

My pocket knife gets changed almost weekly, and so does my user knife to whatever is the last one I bought mostly.

Keith D.Armacost
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Probably my Red/Black Bladeforums REKAT Carnivore.

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