What knife do you "plan" to purchase next?

May 21, 1999
Great deals that pop up in BladeAuction and BF "Knives for sale/trade" don't count, right? I've been trying to budget for a MT Vector for months but when a good deal comes along I can't pass it up. A good deal is a good deal, I try to explain to my beloved, but she doesn't seem to understand. Should it effect ones planned discretionary spending? Who's with me? (HOOOOooooo!!!!!)
My next knife is the T.O.P.S Hawk Recon. A nice heavy duty knife that looks really good. Now only if i can convince the wifey!!!


Well I received my SpeedTech IPO #51 of 74 with the Nandina handle today.( beautiful knife thanks Jim & Melanie) I have a MT Vector & Kestral on order from Fred at the Knife Outlet. (eagerly awaiting their arrival) And a Spyderco Civilian on order from the Knifecenter. So I don't PLAN on buying anything for a month or two , although Amir is really tempting me with a couple of his MT's in knives for sale. I get an itch ,I gotta scratch.
I'm going nuts waiting for the plain-edged Starmates. May have to get that Goddard I've always wanted just to stay calm


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Lets see,I think a Benchmade auto-stryker next then a kestral and maybe a custom butterfly knife in my near future.
Theres so many fine knives out there its hard to decide which one I should get first.Later,RS
I want a nice custom fighter. Preferably no more that 350.00 with a 7" single edge, only a frontal guard (so the thumb falls into place on the spine), and preferably no stainless steels in terms of a blade. I get AZCK's flyers, I frequent knifemakers' internet sites... I still haven't found the right one.
I am currently wanting a SOG Government pretty bad. Professor - try a Ka-Bar Next Generation or a Cold Steel SRK, 2 great fighting knives in my opinion. I should just change my name to KaBarcronie...
For me--MOD Auto Trident. I have been debating about what and when, but I have narrowed down to at least knowing WHAT now. That only leaves the dreaded...WHEN?


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Currently waiting for a leftie AFCK 800SBT, but I might have to succumb to the lure of a Native to keep my sanity.
I've got a Busse steelheart on order.
i keep seeing battlemistresses pop up for sell very tempting.
can someone lone my $400.00
The only knife I could see myself definitely buying in the near future would be the Spyderco/Bob Lum Chinese Utility Folder, but only if I could get it for under $75, regardless of handle material and lock type. Great knife, as I had a custom that is very similar made up in fixed blade format. Can't wait for that knife, but if it's another $200 titanium wonder, then it ain't that important to me!

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I will probably buy a Spyderco Civilian for my main defense knife, very soon.

I was patiently waiting for the Busse Battle Mistress knives to become available when I happened upon the "for sale by indivual" forum. Before long I am the new owner of a 440v military. But wait, he also had an Ontario Bagwell. Well you know the rest of the story.
My wife said when she heard about the new purchases "Now just what is the purpose of those new knives"? Don't you yada yada yada.
She doesn't seem to understand, its like asking why you climb a mountain or something like that.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?
Just received a Mad Dog Panther, tomorrow a vintage HALO I.

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Hey Professor,

Good to see someone else doesn't care for that back guard. I ground the back guard off my Alley Kat and added some grooving, and I also have a special Blackjack single-guard Model 5 subhilt specifically designed by two fellows I know who feel similarly about rear guards. Have you considered finding an old Blackjack "Hunter" (single-guard Randall Model 1 pattern), or the double-guarded "1-7" or "1-7 subhilt" and removing the back guard? It might fit your needs precisely, and I hope wouldn't cost more than $100-$150.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)