What knife magazine do you read most?

Jul 30, 1999
I have a paid advertisement coming out in Blade Magazine next month. I have a 12 issue agreement. I am considering advertising in another magazine also. I am curious to know which magazine everyone here likes best, and reads most often.

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I read Tactical Knives cover to cover and basically pick at the others.
I get them all when they come out just to see if there is something in them that I don't see here first.
Seldom happens.
BTW does anyone know what happened to Combat Knives??? I got a couple of them and then it just disappeared in my area.

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Hi Lynn,

I'm personally fond of 'Tactical Knives,' due to the content, and I like the name
Seems to be more reviews and straight-forward information contained in TK. - Jeff

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Tactical Knives is really the magazine that got back into knife collecting full force after a bit of a layoff. I have every issue since the first one. TK is good in that it talks about real life applications of knives. Although i am primarily a collector, I like the idea that my knives are actually useful on a daily basis. I also subscribe to Blade which is a great magazine but I must admit TK is really fun.
I like Tactical Knife magazine myself. I have a knife in the June 99' issue. I chose to advertise in Blade first, so that I would broaden my customer range. Tactical Knives may be my next choice. They do have the most expensive ads though. Need to get more input on forumites favorites.

Lynn Griffith-Tactical Knifemaker
Winner of "Best Tactical Knife" at 1999 PKA show
My website
See my award winning "Spec Ops Tanto" in Gallery 3 of my website
Discounts to Police and Active Duty Military

Tactical Knives is my favorite magazine.I'm not into "artsy" looking knives and the other knife mags seem to have to much of that.I wear the covers off of my Tactical Knives magazines.

I read all of them. I guess I think Blade magazine is the best, followed by Tactical Knives, and then Knives Illustrated.

If I was to advertise, it would be in Blade.
I like Blade and Tactical Knives. I`m liking Tactical Knives more and more (in spite of their use of the dreaded "T" word on the cover!) TK may soon be the knife rag to beat. (imho)
I have subscriptions to Blade, Knives Illustrated, and Tactical Knives. My favorite is Tactical Knives because that's the kind of knives I like, but journalisticly Knives Illustrated is head and shoulders above the other two. I'll see your add anyway though.


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I read all 3 but my favorite is "Tactical Knives."
Either way I think your ad will get lots of exposure.

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Blade and Tactical Knives.

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I recently cancelled my order at the newsagent for KI.
No problem with the mag but the exchange rate in Oz is horrific and I am economising.
Blade is looking a bit threatened, too.
But Tac Knives is assured a future in my budget.
I think I saw a mag called "Combat Knives" or similar a little while back...was too busy too stop but it looked a lot like TK.

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Don't forget Knife World! BTW, if you skip over to their website, they have (last time I checked) a FREE three month subscription. Knife World is printed much like a small newspaper, and some of the current writers for the other mags got their start with them. They also cover about everything...custom makers, factory, pocket knives (lots of coverage there) razors...just a broad spectrum of knife related issues. It's more of a change from the "advertisement" driven glossy, multi-color mags out there, but it's not lean on content. Otherwise, my vote goes to Tactical Knives and Knives Illustrated. It's a toss-up between the two. TK definitely has the best photography!

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Last time I checked KI had the largest distribution followed by Blade and then Tactical.

The choice is then "what market do you want to reach?" I have chosen to stick with KI because of the broader market.

Initially advertising does very little, as the marketing people are fond of saying you have to put the ad in front of the people three times before the public remember it. This is kind of like the military principle of "tell them three times".

My own experience is that ads generate a little business but a feature article really gets the public's attention. As a result I go out of my way to get any type of press I can.


The magazine I most enjoy is Tactical Knives. I also read Knives Illustrated and Blade when I can find them, but I don't enjoy them as much as Tactical Knives.
I read them all and like them all, even try to read some of the non-English (or at least look at the pictures). My order of preference:

Knife World - honest writing and most rounded view of the hobby and BR Hughes writes for them. Usually read it cover to cover.

KI - consistant quality and written well.

Blade - (ok 2nd place for artsy stuff) At least give them credit for a great show every year

(I am an old geezer compaired to most of you folks. I own enough "tacticals" and users. So every year or two or three. I try to talk someone into making something unusual and save like heck in between. Every once in a while picking up a Custom for a factory knife
just to keep from getting the shakes.

TK - more open than Blade and they write about auto's.

If any members have information on how to get subscriptions to any of the non US publications, please let us know.

Thank you in advance,
I read blade mostly because thats the only knife mag I have a subscription too. I like all the others but TK is my favorite.

I am only subscribed to Blade Magazine. I wouldn't mind subscribing to TK, but I would still stay subscribed to Blade.

The artzy stuff in Blade admitantly doesn't make for my favorite reading...but I feel it gives me a more rounded understanding of knives in general, with a touch of class. If I just read TK, it'd probably be just to follow the fads.

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Hmmm, I like them all and have advertised in all of them. I also have subsciptions to all of them. Hard call for me, but next months Tactiacal Knives will be my favorite because I am in two articles and a sidebar. Then in a couople issues there will be stuff in Blade and Knives Illistrated on my stuff. (All unsolicited by the way) I guess I will love them all!