What knives did you buy this year?

Oct 26, 2000
There have been posts about what we WANT, but I'm curious to see what we are actually buying. So what knives did you buy this year? Which one sees the most use? What's your favorite?
Here's mine:
Benchmade Oct KOTM blue 940 Osborne (2)
Benchmade Feb KOTM G-10 720S Pardue
Busse Combat Basic #5
Case canoe folder 1/2500 LE (blue scales, polished blades&bolsters)
Emerson Commander
REKAT Hobbit Fang
Spyderco Dragonfly
Victorinox Recruit
Got a couple of others ordered, but they aren't here just yet.
I'm almost embarassed to say that the SAK probably sees more use than the rest of them put together. Kind of ironic since it cost $15, far less than any of the others cost. My favorite is the Busse, which has changed my thinking on what a knife this size is capable of.

Funny that all of my purchases for the year came after discovering Bladeforums in August. You people have rekindled my love for knives, and I thank you for it (though my wallet is a bit resentful). I'm even getting my first custom

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40 Spydercos (all sold), Klotzli (sold), Camillus CQB1 and cyberknife (sold), 2 CRKT stiff kisses (sold and given away), MT SOCOM, Vector, Kestrel and damascus mini SOCOM (all sold). Elishewitz/Pirela Polaris (sold).
What I do still have...
- MT SOCOM, my everyday knife
- 2 Elishewitz/Pirelas (the Corallus is my favourite)
- Weston model 3 damascus (thanks Les
- Jones Brothers fixed blade (thanks David)and neck knife on the way. Folding fighter with black blade being made.
- DeVilliers custom Operator paid for and being ground at this point in time.
- Matt Lamey Hornet should be about ready.
That's about the lot (I think), a great time had getting (and selling) these babies and a couple of lessons learnt along the way
Well, I have picked up the following over the course of the past year:

BM Pinnacle (should be here today)
CRK small Sebenza
CRK Umfaan
CRKT Kasper small
CRKT Kasper large
MOD Duane Dieter CQD
AL Mar Sere 2000 (should be here any day now)
Schrade Tough Chip
Gerber 400 series
Microtech LCC M/A (on order from 1sks)

Also on order, custom knife from Rob Davidson of Rocket Knives. Originally I wanted him to make me a custom folding putty knife/painters tool but I'm thinking of changing my order to one of his beautiful folders.

Whew! my wallet is ahurtin'......But my face is smiling

Peter Atwood


Either to many or not enough, can't decide.

BM 710, 940, 2-350, 732*, 880,885,and 6-3550**.

Gerbers 2-Waves & 1- Covert folder, got this one as a gift so maybe it does,nt count.


* The 732 is still on order from back in October!

** The Mel Pardue 3550s are used as steak knifes. Even non knife people, some of them sheeple, seem to enjoy the novelty of these "fun little knifes". They also are taken aback when told that they can't buy them without going to Florida or Oregon and comment on what a silly law this is.
Schrade Cave Bear
Schrade Bear Claw
Schrade Middleman
Schrade Senior
Gerber AR 3.0
Gerber Compact Sport
Gerber Legend 800
Leatherman PST
Leatherman Pulse with tool adapter
Leatherman Wave
Victorinox Swiss Tool
Buck 360
Toolzall electrical multi-tool
I too have picked up the above as a result of curiosity from things seen here at Bladeforums.Hmmm,this can be an expensive place to hang around

"Just me and my multi-tools."

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Here's mine:
Spyderco Starmate
MOD Trident
Livesay Air Assualt
Livesay Woo
Leatherman Micra
and 2 Livesay G-45's for Christmas presents for some friends.

I guess I need to start buying more to catch up with you guys.

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Small Darrel Ralph Apogee
Regular Sebenza
Small Wood (Redwood burl) Inlay Sebenza
Large Tom Mayo TNT
Here are the ones tha tI still have:

custom Philip Booth Scale release auto
3 custom Gene Osborn scale release autos(one more coming)
Emerson CQC5
Emerson Mirage
Emerson Vindicator
Strider BT
Busse Steel Heart II
T bar K D/A
Goshawk custom folder
BM 9500 BT
David Broadwell fixed blade
Steve F. intergral fixed blade
Geno Denning hunter (one more coming)

This list may seem like alot, but I must have sold twice this amount to friends and people on the forums. Believe me I do not have the money to buy all of these without selling some others.

I bought enough knives this year that my wife will be pissed at me for the next 5 years. Here is why:

  1. BM730s
  2. BM732sbt
  3. BM940s Red
  4. BM940s Green
  5. BM330s
  6. Randall #18
  7. Rekat Fang
  8. CS SRK as gift for Dad
  9. CR Aviator

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My list is sort of embarassing. I wish I could afford nicer knives

Ed Caffrey's Mastersmith test hunter with a 52100 blade with stag stick handle, and blued fittings

Daniel Winkler damascus lockback folder with mammoth ivory scales

Daniel Winkler damascus hunter with fossil walrus ivory scales and a wonderful decorated sheath made by Karen Shook

Shuyler Lovestrand Persian style fighter with desert ironwood scales

Buster Warenski skinner with desert ironwood handle. This one is an older Buster marked knife.

PJ Tomes 3 inch midlock folder with 420V steel, stainless bolsters, and pearl scales. This one is my new EDC knife.

I have a Tomes two bladed 'moose' double lockback folder with 52100 blades, a Lovestrand Hunter with Mammoth ivory, and a Tim Herman plain sliver folder with a D2 blade on order. Those will probably not come until next year.

It's been a real Knife year!


My Knives (new ones at the bottom)
Calypso Jr. lightweight
small Centofante
Wegner Jr.
Rescue Jr.
Ladybug II
aluminum Cricket
William Henry CF Lancet
Camillus Tuxedo
Benchmade 705
Darrel Ralph small, sculpted Apogee
titanium Mirage
SOG cross-grip
plus, while in Europe, I bought a slipjoint folder made for the Prezioso knifestore in Rome, and a Rangers linerlock while in France


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Gonna show this post to the wife just to prove that I'm not the only one who spent way too much money on knives

CR Large Classic Sebenza, Small Sebenza
MT LCC, SOCOM Tanto, SOCOM Elite (x2)
BM 330, 850, 856
CRKT Urban Shark, Mirage & Point Guard
Elishewitz Cortex
Crawford Shark

Hmmm... It sure didn't seem like a lot before I started typing...


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Here's what I acquired this year, and yes the wife is not happy...

Busse #5
Busse #9
Busse Badger Attack
Busse Prototype, Only one made, Name ?
MT M-UDT...Black blade
MT M-UDT...Bead Blast
MT UDT...Bead Blast
MT UDT...High Polish by S.O.F. Knives
MT Mini Socom...Auto
MT L-UDT...Black blade, Claw logo...Sold it
MT Chameleon...Sold it
MT Halo II, Beadblast...Sold it
MT Halo II, Black Blade, Only 300
Halo III, Tritium Button...For Sale !
Whitewolf/Brend #1
Whitewolf/Brend #2
Case D/A Conversion...Sold it
2 Rick Chandon Custom Folder's
Jeff Chaffee Tanto/Stag,Gary Graley Sheath
Randall #14 Attack
Dan Brdlik Custom Fighter
Lacy Zabo...Neck knife, Name ?
Elishewitz Damascus Spectre
CRKT Small & Large Kasper's
Spyderco Centofante...Sold it
Spyderco Lg. Wegner
Spyderco Spydercard
Spyderco Military...Sold it
Spyderco Bladeforums Blue Native
Spyderco Jot Singh Khalsa
Dalton Small Seal
Dalton Large Cupid (11 3/4")Beadblast
Dalton Large Cupid, High polish by Dalton
Dalton Gatekeeper
Dalton Scale Release
Dalton Pocket Hawk
Dalton Lg. Hawk
Rekat Carnivour
Many Benchmades, Too numerous to list...
A few Boker's, Manual & Auto...
2 Hubertus
3 or 4 Cold Steel's
And a few other's that I can't remember off hand...It's been one hell of a year, since I found these forums. I enjoy this place, and the people here, Very much !!! Thanks to everyone, and have a Great Holiday !!!

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Well I collect Emerson Customs. I picked up the following:

2 CQC5's
4 CQC6's
1 CQC 7
2 CQC 8's
1 CQC 9
1 Viper
3 Neck Knives
1 Titanium LaGriff
2 Custom Fixed Blades

2 more "Pre-Tactical" Customs Inbound.

and 1 Chris Reeves "Gold Coin" Sebenza

This is a expensive year!
Don - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

My list for the year to date:

Emerson CQC6 (undated)
Emerson CQC6 Full Dress 1999
Emerson CQC6 Ti Blade (since sold)
Emerson Commander and CQC7B CN set
Emerson SOFCK Spearpoint
Emerson SOFCK Tanto Black-T
Emerson SOFCK Tanto Green-T
Emerson SARK Black-T
Emerson SARK CN - Currently under going P-SARK conversion

Microtech CTII Black Blade
Microtech Socom Tactical

Larry Chew Cujo Spawn
Kit Carson Model 4 with Ti handles
John W. Smith Damascus

Brend LDC4
Don Polzien Model C Kozuka

I currently have on order a TAD/Mike Snody Explorer with a couple of modifications!

SOG Recon Bowie (number 78)
SOG Crosscut

And that's about it - but still a month to go!!



Damn!!! I'm not even your wife and I would be pissed!!!
That is about as many knives as I've bought in 5 years!!!

What ever do you do for a living? If I want to spend that kind of money on knives I'd have to walk 42nd St. in a pair a fishnets and heels.

"Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.
----Abraham Lincoln
Well let's see-A three piece Loveless set in Ironwood Burl (Bigbear,Fighter and Boot),3 integral Lovelesses (wow),Loveless Dagger, Loveless hideout, 8 other assorted Lovlelesses including a one of three Loveless/Johnson, a bunch of Moran knives, a bunch of custom Emersons, S.R. Johnsons, Jim Martin gold folder, much microtechs,and a whole lot more, been a great year!
Dave Ellis, ABS, M.S. http://www.exquisiteknives.com

Darrel Ralph - DA Apogee, Nomad II
John Fitch - Mosiac damascus stag bowie.
Rob Simonich - Small talonite fixed wharncliff. (Though Les R.)
Richard Rogers - Split Backspring whittler.
Bub Worrel - Peanut damascus and mastodon ivory
Larry Chew - TKCL-auto (on the way in a week or two).
Bob Dozier - Toothpick with 3 sheaths.

Factory and Antique
CRK - small Sebenza, Pinstripe small decorated Sebenza with Iolite inlay and Umfaan.
MT - Vector, Krestal and Hawk autos.

Case - Case / Bose trapper.

Queen - doctor's knife.

Winchester - doctor's knife.

Case Classic - 91 pattern.

Several antique Doctor knives (Keen Kutter, Ulster, Case, Cattaragus, Robeson)

Puma - Duke stag (this is one heck of a nice factory lockback and I essentially stole it off of ebay.) New model Medici.


No regrets at all (I'm divorced and my dogs never complain

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I guess this is the BladeForums equivalent of AA. "Hello, my name is Dean and I'm a knifeaholic".


4 Dragonflies >2 CF, one stainless (given away), one ltwt (given away).
2 Calypso Jr. > 1 micarta (sold), 1 ltwt.
2 Enduras
2 Remote release (one sold)
Pink cricket (sold)
Dyad, Jr.
Navigator (Almite with Chai from James)
Spydercard (given away)

Benchmade: 705 (sold)

Mirage Wharncliffe
Mirage Titanium

And my pride and joy:

William Henry CF Lancet
William Henry Rainbow Spearpoint
William Henry Fishtail Spearpoint
William Henry Evolution

Nine months! Thanks Bladeforums!
Nice idea this time of year. My Y2K acquisitions include:

Hossom CPM 3V/silver maple fighter
Clyde Fischer L6/bone folder
Phil Wilson CPM10V hunter
Ed Schott CPM3V Lord Wharncliffe's Mistress
Ed Schott CPM3V camp knife
RJ Martin D2 Quickening (old style chisel--no secondary bevel)
RJ Martin CPM420V Trek (edge thinned out by Randy)
David Boye BDC(cobalt) and BDS(steel) hunters
David Boye BDC dive knife
Busse Battle Mistress (old style-straight)
Busse Battle Mistress variant
Busse Steel Heart E-type Bowie variant
Busse 5/16" Mean Street
Keith Coleman small damascus folder
Keith Coleman BG42/buffalo horn hunter
Sebenza—BG42 (new standard large model—my first Reeve—well made knife)
Himalayan Imports 25" Kumar Kobra
Cold Steel ATC Kukri (completely re-ground by John Fitch—one flat grind from spine to edge)
Livesay Recon Combat Machete

I do have a long-sought-after Hossom CPM3V machete in the mail, according to Jerry, so I’ll toss that one in here. If you promise not to drool on the picture, you can see it on the Shop Talk forum under “The Grind From Hell—Part Two” thread.

Several more on order, but that’s about it for in-hand acquisitions since 1/1/00.