What knives did you buy this year?

BM 830
BM 905
BM 812
BM 970
BM 10
BM 42
BM 710
Spy Endura
Spy Starmate
CRKT Small Point Guard
CRKT large Kasper
Buck Odyssey
M14 Sniper
Too many cheap balis and POS'


My collection
I bought a Buck Strider BG-42, and a Camillus Talon. I also put in an order for a Sebenza wood inlay and a Kit Carson M16 A1 with Stellite blade, titanium bolsters and carbon fibre handle. The Sebenza will be ready in about 3 to 4 months. The Carson knife will take about 2 years, and as far as I am concerned it is well worth the wait.
SpeedTech Synergy
Microtech Combat Talon II (Thanks Chief!)
Microtech LCC Manual (Thanks Chief!)
Microtech LCC Dual Action (just arrived this week; Thanks Chief!)
I think my large Sebenza NICA Tanto was purchased last year, but I could be wrong.

A slow year:
Spyderco Native, Spydercard, LadyBug, Q, Delica, Dragonfly
Victorinox Compact, Rucksack
Livesay SOP
Cold Steel Twistmaster

The Native has become my every day carry, love it!



Trust no one...
Here's some of what I bought this past year. A few I traded for.....

-3 RJ Martin Kozukas, a #4, #5 & #2
-A Don Polzien #2 Kozuka
-Neil Blackwood Ti Neck Tanto
-Neil Blackwood Stellite Tac/Utility
-Neil Blackwood LiteWave on order
-2 Warren Thomas Ti Neck Tantos, one is a carbon fiber laminate.
-Brian Tighe Neck Knife
-Steve Corkum Shobu, Blk on blk 5 incher
-Steve Corkum Sebai Neck Knife
-Wally Hayes Typhoon
-Chris Christman Lone Star Sushi
-Mastersmith Audra Draper Damascus Bowie
-Biz Draper Tanto. Biz is Audra's Daughter.
-Lynn Griffith Texan
-Lynn Griffith Sniper
-Randall Made/Nordic Knives Special Bowie
-Randall Made RKS Model 4-8" Fighter with stag. Won't get this one until Jan. 2002
-Randall Made Model 27 Trailblazer
-Darrel Ralph Custom Balisong on order. (Regretfully thinking I'm going to have to eat my deposit on this one. We'll see.)
-Emerson Custom CQC6
-Emerson LaGriffe
-Chris Reeve NICA Tanto Large
-Bob Dozier Buckhunter. Again, on order.
-Bud Weston Tactical Folder
-HI 20" Sirupati
-HI 18" Ang Khola
-HI 15" Ang Khola
-BM 45 Tanto Bali
-BM 42 Plain edge
-BM 42 Serrated
-2 BM 42A's Plain
-Italian balisong w/birdseye maple(?)scales
-Spyderco Starmate
-Spyderco Lum Tanto
-Spyderco Chinese Folder on order
-2 Case RussLocks
-2 CS XL Gunsite Folders
-Gunsite II Folder
-CS Vaquero
-REKAT Sifu BladeForums Special, red G-10
-REKAT Sifu stonewashed, carbon fiber
-REKAT Pocket Hobbit with black blade
-Buck Custom 110, silver/pearl/damascus
-2 Buck 110 automatic conversions
-2 Livesay Zipper Neck Knives
-2 Livesay NRGS's
-Livesay G45?
Probably left a couple out...

"When loss and gain are alike to one, that is real gain.."
This is all I can remember at the moment. I am sure there were more.
Benchmade 730, cqc7, leopard, nimravis cub.
Spydrerco native plain and serrated, michael walker, Jot khalsa, 204 sharpmaker.
Rekat fang. (for sale)
CRK&T point guard.
Kabar usmc
Junglee short sword
2 swedish moras
edge company auto
2 cheap balisongs
Cold steel bushranger, srk, paraedge, vaquero.
leatherman pstII
Victorinox swisstool, trailmaster
3 customs from an unknown maker.

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Originally posted by OwenM:
<snip> So what knives did you buy this year? Which one sees the most use? What's your favorite?

AG Russell Small Lockback (Bought to be my everyday - a tad too small in the grips)
CRKT Small Pointguard (Right now my everyday carry)
Custom "Bird and Trout" knife by Richard Sunderland and engraved by by Tiz Pozzobon (My favorite, and it worked well this hunting season! If I was going to carry a fixed blade, this would be it)

Greco Companion Cub
Generic folder ground into trainer
CS Vaquero Grande
Spyderco Almite Navigator
Spyderco G10 Police
Spyderco Starmate
Spyderco Native
HI 20" Villager Sirupati
Busse Basic #5 (traded for Basic #3)
Livesay LP

I also won the Dale Reif Tactical set in February. The Native and Basic #3 are my favorites this year. The Basic #5 was great but not for everyday, hopefully I'll get it again in the future.
Off the top of my head . . .

Camillus CQB1
Cold Steel Voyager Tanto (Huge Size)
Dalton Cupid
Elishewitz Omega M3
Elishewitz Omega M5
Elishewitz Omega M6
Emerson CQC7
Emerson ES1-M Satin
Emerson Proto Commander
Emerson Proto DT Damascus Commander
Emerson EKI CQC7B
Emerson EKI CQC7B Waved
Emerson EKI SARK
Emerson EKI SOFCK Spearpoint Black T
Emerson EKI SOFCK Tanto Black T
Emerson EKI SOFCK Tanto Green T
Emerson EKI La Griffe
Microtech 5/2000 Proto LCC DA
Microtech 5/2000 Proto LCC MA
Microtech LCC DA First Gen
Microtech LCC DA Second Gen
Microtech M-Socom Clip point
Newt Livesay RTAK
Newt Livesay Woo
Reese Weiland Abalone/Ti Wasp

That's all I can think off right this second . . . Still waiting for some more to come in. Do they count?


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I guess they count as long as you have them in your hand on Dec 31.


Somebody out there more crazy than I am. That's nice. Here goes:

1. A.G.Russell Combat Master bowie
2. A.G.Russell Gentleman’s Hunter Damascus
3. A.G.Russell Model 340 Lockback Damascus
4. A.G.Russell One Hand Knife
5. A.G.Russell Woodswalker
6. Al Mar Small Pathfinder
7. Bear MGC CB02 Bowie
8. Becker BK2 Campanion
9. Becker BK5 Magnum Camp
10. Camillus CQB1 Terzuola
11. CRKT Kasper Crawford Plain Edge large
12. CRKT Navajo 2.5” Plain Edge
13. Fällkniven F1
14. Gerber LMF
15. Herbertz drop point hunter
16. Outdoor Edge Magna MA-10 Aluminium
17. Spyderco Military Plain Edge

I did not have much of a budget this year, but I must have spent some money on knives anyway.

Stiff KISS Combo Tanto Edge


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MT Mini-Socom Auto
MT Socomm Elite
Benchmade Mini-AFCK
Chris Reeve Small Sebenza

The sebenza and the AFCK see the most use.

Spyderco Calypso Jnr,Endura,Military,Walker lightweight and Moran Featherweight.The Wlaker is a great every day carry,the Moran scary sharp and a joy to use.
CRKT Neck peck (excellent outdoor knife,weighs nothing and always there ),Mirage,Carson M16 and Partner (great value fixed blade for abuse on an everyday scale)
Middleton handmade hunter -two brothers based in sheffield who turn out very high quality jobs,selling at fairs,wish I had a scanner so I could show you guys.
Cute little tanto bought 2nd hand maker unknown.
And a diving knife bought on honeymoon in Greece when snorkelling one day I was nearly caught up in an old net,and yes some ***hole did say "are you going to kill a shark with that?"

For a first year collecting it is I suppose a good start.

Best of luck in finding a leader guys .......
Well, I have to admit I didn't buy all these knives, but these are what I added this year.
I started getting handmade and customs this year;
Denning #6 drop point hunter in stag.
Michael L6 Cooper drop point hunter.
RO Easler 3" skinner in stag.
Arclite w/blue black G10 scales by Darrel Ralph.
A mini puukko.
Two kitchen knives from PJ Tomes, used every day.

Customs to my drawings;
Two Lonewolf hunters in stag.
OGG custom Bowie from Max Burnett.

A CS Black Bear Classic rehandled in stag by Jake Evans.

Production knives;
AG Russel 'One Hand Knife' in jigged bone.
Large and small CRK&T/ KFF
OE/DDR Impulse
BM/Pardue 330 in pearl.

On order;
Art Washburn Damascus linerlock in stag.
Allen Blade dagger in stag.

If my math is correct that's 18 new knives. Total ammount spent was $1900.00, that works out to about $106 per knife.

All in all a very good year for me. Most of these are pictured on my PhotoPoint site.

"Will work 4 Knives!"
My PhotoPoint Site

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Hi I am from Denmark were it is very difficult to buy knives but I got these:

Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife from Wilkinson Sword
Copy of danish ironage knife
Hand made knife by Jens Rahbek, Denmark
Opinel Gardening Knife
Böker Speedlock
Brusletto ”Fridtjof Nansen"
Schrade, Old Timer 1520T, Sharpfinger
Camillus, Yello-Jaket 717
Opinel, model 6
Mora knife, small model
Mora knife, big model
Puma Automesser
Buck, model 181U, Odyssey
"The Knife" a space age product.

The problem is the very strickt danish laws on weapons and the very hige shipping costs from USA, never below §26.

I haven't bought that many knives this year.
Lets take a look in the knife drawer and see what is new.

I bought: REKAT's Carnivore Cub
Pioneer Drop Point
Bladeforms red Carnivore
#15/50 & #18/50

I won here on Bladeforums:CRK&T KFF
Spyderco Military
Gerber EZ Out(Thanks Bayou Lafourche)
That's about all for this year.

Oh, I forgot the small Camillus Australasian
knife that comes with the monthly knife contest.

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Hrm... I will put it in chronological order as well as I can remember. I also decided to comment out each entry. (I'm bored at work.)

1) CRKT M16-04
Nice flipper action, big menacing knife. Pretty smooth, dislike the liner lock though (too thin). Makes me want a custom Carson very badly.

2) Benchmade 720
Action of the Axis lock has turned buttery- smooth with use, blade flicks out with ease. Unpopular blade shape, I think, but perfect for the messy utility work I dish it out. Also, coating lets me cut down on blade maintenance. Oh yeah BM edge is a little thick, but lasts forever. No nicks or rollovers even with some moderate abuse.

3) Won CS Imperial Tai Pan here
(thanks BarnZ)
Boy this sure made my day. Nice knife, just not my style.

4) Al Mar SERE 2000
One of my favorites. So well made, without a doubt the highest quality knife I had at the time. It's still in the running, on par with LCC. Sharp liners and pointy thumbstud took some getting used to, but it's still probably by favorite carry knife, along with Seb.

5) Won big ats34 gerber EZ-out
(thanks Bayou Lafourche)
I understand some people scoffing at the constuction of the newer Gerbers, but this has proven to be a very solid performer for me. It came very sharp, hold a good edge, the Zytel-like handle keeps the whole package very light, and it's nice and thin, comfortable to carry. Oh yeah the lockback is real solid too with no play or wobble. I don't care much for the clip being fasted by one hex type nut, though, or the resistance opening, but I still think its a lot of knife and a good value.

6) Kershaw/Ken Onion Blackout
A lot of fun opening, but the constuction just didn't seem on par with my standards. Rough edges, thin lock, flexy handle. I really like the blade shape, though, and the handle shape. Makes me wish I was a rich man to afford customs of the designs I like... oh well, it is almost enough to know they are out there.

7) Traded Tai Pan for... [
-a big, thick knife. very well put together. not as ergonomic as the SERE, IMHO. Pretty materials and very tight precise contruction, though. Despite it's weight and relatively uncomfortable (to me) handle, sometimes I just can't put it down. So nice....

b)Spyderco Bob Lum
-I love the grind on this one, so interesting with the impression of lots of tip strength (I am not an expert). Ti scales scratch easy and it is not at all smooth to open (except for the convenience of the spyder-hole). Still, it is razor sharp, nice and thin to carry, and usually draws compliments from the marginally-knife-aware people I tend to associate with. I dislike the weird grind marks on the scales and liner near the lock, and the sharpness/difficulty in releasing said lock. I also though the higher numbered first run ones (996) were supposed to have Ti liners, but mine's steel. Oh well, steel wears better anyway.

c)Sebenza, small, decorated
-everything the CRK fans say about this knife is true.

d)MOD tempest
-kind of a disappointment. Another tacitcal knife *yawn*. I don't care much for all the lettering on the blade, the kraton? inserts on the handle. It is pretty comfortable to handle with a functional finger guard/ dropout sort of thing. I especially like how the (thumb ramp)? is sort of double- angled for choking up on the blade when doing precise cutting (I have not done this, but it is still a comfortable grip

8) sold Blackout

Sold it to a roommate, it has since developed a rattleing sound. Also, 440A (I believe it is made of this) is a disappointment in edge holding.

I've been quite lucky this first year of serious knife aquisitions. Nothing to compare with some of the big time knife enthusiasts, but hey, I'm on a budget
Sorry for long-winded post.

--traded sebbie for d/a mt lcc--


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Let's see-- just got a Gerald Morgan 8" damascus/stag bowie, so beautiful!! Working backwards: Ontario Gambler. CRKT Kasper folders large and small. William Olson utility, which got a Waxy sheath. TOPS Skinat. Livesay Bushi, cord-wrapped. Did I get my Sifu this year? And probably I forgot a couple.
My daily carry is the big KFF, I like it a lot. Some impressive lists! Working for knives-- EE
Spyderco Wayne Goddard Ltwt.
CRKT M-16 in Carbon fiber
BM 732BT
SOG Seal Pup

Well, that's about it....