What knives did you buy this year?

Kershaw: Avalance
Camillus: Cyberknife
Spyderco: BF Native x2, Matriarch, Calypso JR micarta & SS, Cricket ltwt, Wayne Goddard baby,Jot Sing Khlasa, Civilian (plain), Lady Bug cf, Standard, Rookie, Wenger jr, Jess Horn SS, Starmate, Wenger, Dragonfly SS

also some utility puukkos and kitchen knives

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On second thought. A whole bunch

What can I say.... A new year is coming

cut here

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Wow, I wish I could show my wife this thread just to show what a bunch of sick bastids you all are, but then she'd see what I bought, and there's really no need to do that.
what knives have'nt i bought? i am like a clearing house for knives. buy one, play with it a while, sell or trade it.i keep only select ones. mostly fixed blades. i tend to not keep folders for too long.always changing what i have.


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A few of my Knives