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Mar 19, 1999
Hello people, i'm here to speak my mind, so be a little open-minded for me as you read this. Why the hell is "society" blaming video games and music and television for the terrible mishaps that these twisted kids are becoming, i admit all of us are a little twisted in our own way, even our "loving" president. Don't blame outside sources for your childs un-stable minds, blame your f****** selves, you have this hypocritical mess Rosie O'Donnell blaming the NRA for holding wrong beliefs, and not doing anything about guns, F-that, teach your damn kids that a gun kills, and was invented as nothing but a weapon, after it was invented and perfected people used it for other uses, hunting etc. I would like to see Rosie O'Donnell in the tenements of mexico or a bronx ghetto and say shes against guns. Sorry for this terrible post that has nothing to do with knives, but i hate "SOCIETY", i'm sick of these peaceful little caravan driving wives blaming there childrens crazy ways on music, television, and all other types of ways of the human race, i'm here to tell the truth and if you are affended by this post, i'm sorry, i speak from an open mind, drop your worries and speak your mind. I love guns and all types of readily "legal" weapons, why shouldn't a man be able to protect his own, and pack whatever he wants, my heart goes out to all those people screwed by the society of this country, to bad greed rules this world, and not human respect for one another, thats what it all comes down to is the green, from this came racism, and all types of devilistic ways, peace to all in my land.....The land of the open minded.

"Shackle their minds when there left on the cross"..........


By the way, i am a Catholic, just an open-minded one.

Frank, (rage)

You're preaching to the choir my man. It does feel good to get it off your chest sometimes though.

AMEN RAGE!!!!!!!


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Sounds like somebody needs a nap!

(I'm sorry, I couldn't resist
I don't believe in one man owning a tank with 120mm guns but other than that AMEN that one brother .
rage - good points.

i'm a little confused as to why you picked the "tenements of mexico" and the "bronx ghetto", as the places rosie would least like to be without a gun. are the people in these places more dangerous than those in the average redneck bar or small, southern, backwoods town?

anyway, good points. i also agree that music, TV, guns, etc., cannot be blamed for some children's obvious lack of morals.

hello people, thanks for reading my post, sometimes to be positive, you must bring up the negative, no i'm not a preacher, it's just that i'm sick of the bad rap music, movies, and especially guns are getting today, well, see ya..

"Without creation, there shall be no teachings"......
But Eric, I WANT a tank with 120mm guns! If I own, operate, and use it responsibly, what's the problem?

The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed.

(Emphasis added for historical clarity.)
Seriously, I don't see a problem with a tank and a 120mm cannon either...tho I'd prefer a Vulcan chaingun
I hear a lot of Amen's, but nobody has taken a swag at answering the gentleman's question.
Why does everyone want to blame TV, music, video games, gun manufacturers, etc, for today's troubled youth?

The answer is simple: nobody in our society today wants to accept personal responsibility for anything. It's always somebody else's fault. We can't ask parents and teachers to accept personal responsibility now, can we? No, it's much easier to blame video games or movies.

Besides, making a new law is a quick fix. Politicians can say, "We took firm and aggressive action to stop youth violence by passing this law and that one too." But, of course, the laws are meaningless. A child who takes a gun to school and shots at classmates and teachers already violates dozens of laws. What makes you think adding one or two more will make a difference? But making a law seems so powerful and it's really so easy. To actually fix the moral fiber of our nation would be painful and difficult (especially since many of our "leaders" know very little about moral fiber).

Our society is full of lazy people who look for an easy place to put the blame and an easy fix, even if, deep inside, they know that the blame doesn't belong there and that their "fix" isn't going to make a bit of difference.


Unfortunately the emotional arguments seem to be winning against the intelectual arguments in the court of public opinion and in our U.S. Congress and Senate.
I grew up in a house with guns. I knew where they were kept, I knew how to load and shoot them. But, I never had the urge to shoot up classmates or innocent citizens.
We were taught right from wrong and we were taught WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR ACTIONS.
an idea that has become passe'-sadly.
I don't know where all of this is headed.
When I think about what kind of society our future generations can expect, it makes me sick too.
Isn't it ironic? The Hollywood elite makes a glorious living in makebelieve- but when they speak- we are supposed to take them seriously and absorb the wisdom of their words?
Cool down Rage,
if you know how to reverse this pathetic avalanche, let me know.
To Gollnick, you are so rite about what you said in your reply, i take full responsibility for my actions, and i think everyone should, and JW, i'm glad to here that you where grown up like that, good parents, i was brought up from my mother, no father, he felt it was more important to gamble and lose his money, instead of raise me and my older brother. Full respect goes to my mother who raised me and my bro the rites and wrongs of everything, and also, instead of those kids in denver, colorado shooting there classmates, why didn't they just kick there asses, i know this is bad to, but dont kill, death is so final. Anyway, thanks for all the replies....

Not only do people today refuse to accept responsibility for the way they raise their children, but the world is quickly blurring the lines of who is responsible for the children in the first place.

Lets do some math, shall we. A couple(2), married or not, decide to have a child, but do not want, for one reason or another, to use there own genomes. They buy some sperm(3) and get someone to "donate" an egg(4) because you can sell sperm but not ovum(???) if either the "mother " or the donor don't want to give birth, they get another "volenteer" to carry the baby to term(5). With the odds of a marriage lasting beyond the first 5 years being very low, the "parents" divorce. They both remarry at least once(7), if not more.

So who are this childs parents? Sperm donor and egg donor? Birth mother? varios step parents? Or the two self involved morons who don't realize that our planet has more that enough orphans that need adopting but decided to contract out a custom child from a catolog of other people attributes? And what if they tire of their new toy and decide to give it up for adoption? If the child is fortunate enough to be accepted into anothers home, then who are the parents?

I might agree that it takes a village to raise a child, but it only takes one messed up self involved idiot to ruin their lives.

The simple fact why those Columbine kids (or any of these idiot wanton shooters anywhere) is they don't have the guts to face up to life. BTW, beating the crap out of someone CAN kill them...an extreme example being the skinheads ganging up and stomping a single innocent person (wow, that sure takes ba**s to accomplish). It isn't the really tough kids who are a danger, it is the cowards. They plan and prepare and then storm a place (school, post office, McDonalds's, you name it) armed to the teeth, shooting unarmed people expecting nothing. If every law-abiding citizen had the right to carry concealed weapons, how far do you think they'd get?? It is the legal system and even society itself that aids and abets these scumbags by making it a sin to defend yourself against real attack. Last week in the paper, an innocent man who shot two skinhead dirtballs to death in self-defense (they were approaching his house threatening to kill him and maybe burn his house down). the prosecutor said, quote, "Bare fear of death or severe physical injury is no justification for using deadly force." Sadly, the idea of defending yourself is viewed with greater suspicion than committing cold-blooded murder.
I am reading this and I agree with most all of you said. I spent 4 years in US and my opinion is that parents just do not have time for their kids. In our country mothers stay home for 3 years with their young. In US - you tell me what is the average.
Most Americans let kids (babysitters) care about their own kids. Parents are NO authority for their children - why should I listen to somebody who I see only a few minutes a day? When I was young and my father told me to do something I did it - no questions asked. How many times I saw parents in US BEGGING their own kids to do something....

And regarding sex and violence on TV. Yes, there is too much violence on TV. But what is wrong with sex or making love? Did this ever hurt somebody? If there is a good movie containing some sex, TV will cut it out (Australian movie Piano is very good example - since I saw the "European" version). And you Americans, if you used the word "love" a little bit less (because you love almost everything) you might be able to find its real meaning.

FREE COUNTRY - oh no - you are slaves of your own democracy.

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Personally, I do believe that the television and video games are part of the problem...
I have done a little research on this subject back in college for a psychology class. Here's what I found:

Back in the "early" years, in the American Civil War days, guns killed far less people than recent, more "modern" wars. Why? Because they used to train soldiers with regular targets such as bullseyes. Those targets do not really prepare you for the actual killing, so a huge number of soldiers dropped their guns and ran away in those wars. However, in modern wars, soldiers are trained with more realistic targets. Targets that looked like real human. The result? Far less percentage of soldiers got cold feet before shooting their enemy in the real war.

Now what is the point? The point is that violence in TV shows, in video games, and in musics are simply adding fuel to the generation of kids who are not getting enough quality time from parents. Such things are simply conditioning the youth toward more violence. Sure, they are fantasy shows or just games. But they are conditioning the mind to accept them as the norm. Are they the norm?! Heck no!! Back in parapsychology classes, I have learned bits of how to hypnotize people. (No, my dear customers, your spending habit with me is NOT a direct result of hypnosis.) Believe me, the intense messages for sex and violence found in modern TV shows, movies, games, and musics are programming us toward something that is totally unacceptable.

Some might say that we are now more "liberated" and "enlightened" than those old and outdated trational values and morals. But are you really liberated? Or are you simply saying that because the media programmed you to feel that way? The media companies are not doing this just so that they can be evil. (At least not as far as I am aware...) They are doing more sex and violence simply because such things bring in huge ratings or sell more games. Shock shows such as Jerry Springer or radio jocky Howard Stern gets huge ratings for their horrid shows. Why? Because people are facinated with those things.

Hopefully, this thread will not turn into a flame war... But as a friend, I must warn you of the danger of being swept away by pop cultures. Hypnosis/brain-washing is a formidable tool...

Pretty fly for a Jedi
Personal responsibility is the key of course as several have recognized. Also, it must be taught starting in the home and the teaching should continue through the school system years. Also, our leaders should provide examples of behavior which serves as an example for others to follow.

Seems we have breakdowns occurring all the way through starting with the erosion of family and personal values at home. However, if all accept personal responsibility, the breakdowns would not occur. Easy to say, hard to bring about. Only each individual can change themselves.

The programming and mindset thing is very dangerous in these electronic times of ours. It is very possible to go on autopilot and set aside thinking and being responsible. This has happened several times in recent years, as we have seen in the news, with loss of life/lives being the result. My parents used to tell me to "think about what you're doing" for good reason. I tell my kids the same thing. When you stop thinking and just act, you are on dangerous ground.

Enough preaching - back to knives.

Rage, you do have a way of stirring things up.

God bless.
You asked, "Why the HELL is "society" blaming television, music and video games" on misguided youth, let me give you my opinion. It is because the USA has become a "HELL" society! Anyone who believes, violence and sex, in television, music and video games, does not introduce and help instill unwanted ideas into a child's head, is very naive. People had guns 40-50 years ago without killing one another for minor disagreements, it has only been since the government took prayer out of schools and began teaching Darwin's nonsense theory, has killing become a more viable consideration to solve problems. Governments know it is easier to rule an aimless people, that is why God is denounced in communist countries. In the USA instance, God is replaced using television, music and video games. We are now seeing the reaction of government allowing atheistic views on it's people. Atheistic views take a few generations to incubate, time for wise grandparents to die off, then all that is left to raise children are materialistic brainwashed parents. Look at the results. Darwin's "HELL" theory is based on the premise that life is but a combination of chemicals that in due time, will again divide, but in life's laboratory, life has always come from life, and never from dead matter. Anyone who thinks life generated from earth is a fool or a cheater. With the outlook in life that "one is going to cease to exist at death", why not have some revenge. How this "HELL" theory has been sold to a country founded on freedom of religion is a mystery to me. Even the great scientist Einstein said, "Everything is ultimately a thought." The life force is "un-see-able", as is "thought". The life force, is the person, not the body. Some might say that this is the 90's and I am speaking like a relic from the stone age, but look at society, who is living in the stone age?

People criticize 3rd world cultures because they incorporate the caste system in their society, but if you look, you will see the caste system is in all societies. In those countries, the high class people are mainly in the religious sector of society and help educate and govern society. Whereas in the USA the main difference in the society is between the rich and the poor, wherein the rich are the leaders, who are only dollar and cents wise. In countries that instill a religious foundation in their populous, the consciousness level of their people is raised above the basic instincts of the animals, mate and defend. Whereas substituting God with sex and violence, fills the consciousness of shallow minded individuals with those acts. Any thought that enters the mind and is contemplated, whether it be rational or irrational, has a better chance of taking place on the physical plain if the person has no cultural application of good over evil in their life.

There is no simple answer for such evil-infested-minded consciousness, but I believe a renewed positive sense of brotherhood in society is the beginning. In order to get youth to change their outlook on life, they must be taught to live on a more spiritual level. They must understand there is a heaven and a hell, and to live in harmony is the way to heaven, whereas by violating another person, punishment results, if not in this life, the next.

I know this response is not about knives, but the topic was raised, here is my opinion.
Thanks for listening.

Don't even get me started with the foolish rantings of Rosie.

To me, the issue of gun control seems to consist of a small pocket of people who are really in tune with what is going on and what needs to be done, surrounded by a large, panicky majority who's either barking up the wrong tree, or chasing their own tail. Sorry for the arrogant attitude, but that's just what it seems like to me.

For what it's worth, I think Colombine was the result of a fast-paced society suffering from the growing pains of its information era, with morality behind technology but desperately trying to catch up. In short, there isn't anyone or anything to blame. America has grown and experienced quite a bit in the past century. This means lots of changes. Unfortunately, some people never learn to adapt to these changes. Of those few who are maladaptive, some resort to horrible violence. Our only mistake now, if any, is to allow those extremely militant, psychotic few, to grip the rest of the community in a panic frenzy, resulting in scapegoats and poor judgements.

To fight that, we must wield that which brought us this tragedy to begin with; with a little bit of enlightenment. That's why I've been personally making a big deal out of this issue. Many of us on here represent the "sword of society". As part of the bleeding edge, we must not allow ourselves to think or act without the proper frame of mind. And if all this rambling had to be distilled into just one phrase, it is this: Seek enlightenment. Blame no one or thing. Help each other grow. Only then will we be able to bring forth the appropriate changes that will improve all of our lives in general...

such legalizing 3-round bursts for starters. That's not asking much.

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