What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by jackknife, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Nature Boy

    Nature Boy Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 15, 2016
    2011 Case Olive Bone Pe
  2. 5K Qs

    5K Qs Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 20, 2014
    No such thing regarding pocket knives, Jeff! ;):thumbsup::cool:

    Lovely stag lamb, Les! :thumbsup::thumbsup::cool:

    Thanks for introducing me to that classic medium stockman, Dean! :cool::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Whirl away, ED; that yellow Delrin model is always a great choice! :thumbsup::cool::thumbsup:

    Tim, I'd love to see the pros and cons of that knife included in the next Presidential Debate! :cool::cool:;)

    Notable Northwoods pair, Dee! :thumbsup::cool::cool: Denim micarta?

    Three superb knives, José; I certainly admire your collection of GEC #83s, including the ebony and stag posted here! :cool::cool::thumbsup:

    Dazzling duo! :cool::thumbsup::cool:

    Thanks, John; I think it's one of my most visually appealing knives, with the blue bone and red shield. :)

    A nearly perfect knife day with that Winchester stag sowbelly stockman!! :eek::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Thanks, Lance. :) I like the buckshot bone covers, but only have 2 of them: the teardrop and a canoe.

    Thanks, Dean. :)

    Terrific trio, as usual, Chuck! :thumbsup::thumbsup::cool:

    Lotta tools available in that pair, JJ! :cool::thumbsup::thumbsup: What model is that Victorinox?

    Memorable photo of your unforgettable Abbeydale Jack, Jack! :thumbsup::cool::thumbsup:

    Sweet stag pair! :cool::cool::thumbsup: That AG Russell pen knife is a dream! Is there a date on the tang stamp?

    You're right about that, Ron! :thumbsup::cool::cool: But be careful; there's more coronavirus in the air now than there was when many of us were "locked down" early last spring! :eek::(

    What an impressively-designed knife! :cool::thumbsup::cool: Love the slender profile, coined liners, blade combo.

    Stellar stag pair, Harry! :thumbsup::thumbsup::cool:

    Thanks, John. :) You keep putting the elements together, and I'll try to notice the connections.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Paul! :thumbsup::)

    Thanks, Jon. :) Almost everything I know about encouragement, I learned here on The Porch! :cool::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Kudos on that elk antler Sodbuster, Jeff! :thumbsup::cool::thumbsup: If I'm reading the tang stamp correctly, that's from 1965-69? My high school years - cool! ;)

    Thanks for the additional info about your Opinel, Dean. :)
    I guess I didn't realize how small the Pocket-eze is.:cool:
    Your BF Buck 301 is first-rate! :cool::cool::thumbsup:

    Thank YOU kindly for posting sublime pairs like this almost every day, Steve! :thumbsup::cool::cool:

    My first guess was also "snail?", but that doesn't make much sense to me. What company made the knife? Could the shield be a letter (P? Q?)? My third guess was that maybe it's supposed to be some kind of fishing equipment (reel? net?). Looking forward to seeing the progress you make in your War on Rust! ;):thumbsup::thumbsup:

    - GT
  3. WValtakis

    WValtakis Hand Engraving, Ti anodizing, and mods Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    May 29, 2004
  4. 5K Qs

    5K Qs Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 20, 2014
    Thanks! :)

    - GT
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  5. JonMcD

    JonMcD Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 1, 2020
    Well, it’s October, and in my book, that means it’s time for a vacation alone to the woods. I do this every year for a week and I anticipate this all year long. I’ll be deep in a Tennessee mountain valley and by God’s good grace I’ll have no cell access.

    I plan on taking an extended leave away from all of my regular cell phone habits, as they tend to build up over time into ‘time wasters’ - even if I am using it to keep up with you fine people. Ill extend this after I get back so I’ll probably be away from the forum for a month or so.

    Funny to even feel the need to toss up the ‘Vacation Responder’ on the knife forum!

    Have a blessed October!

  6. Jack Black

    Jack Black Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    Thanks John, comfort food! :D ;) I needed it after being served THIS for lunch in a restaurant (Yep, that's supposed to be a main course! Wasn't cheap either)! :eek: o_O :thumbsup:


    Thank you Gary :) :thumbsup:

    Have a great time Jon :thumbsup:
  7. EngrSorenson

    EngrSorenson Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Jul 3, 2019
    Sweet knife!! I love that.

    Wow. The curves on that... 36, 28, 36, 22. :D Gorgeous

    Have a good trip, friend! Noble thing to do. May God keep you safe.
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  8. Magizm7

    Magizm7 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 18, 2017
    Some stag for Sunday.
  9. HFinn


    Sep 6, 2012
  10. SteveC

    SteveC Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 13, 2017
    Camillus #70 and a Schrade Cutco Jack

  11. JohnDF

    JohnDF Gold Member Gold Member

    May 14, 2018
    A worthy quest.
    Hope it's enjoyable.

    That's very disappointing. :(
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  12. Amir Fleschwund

    Amir Fleschwund Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 29, 2008
    Well that really sounds serene and peaceful, Jon. Kudos to your incredible wife for blessing you with this freedom.
    Looking forward to your return!
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  13. tongueriver

    tongueriver Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 28, 2007
    Rauno Vainionpaa, just for fun and show; I won't actually use it. I have plenty of arn in my pockets.
    r2.JPG r3.JPG r4.JPG
  14. scrteened porch

    scrteened porch Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Feb 19, 2012
    Imperial, Joker, Basset, Wright.
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  15. RDaneel

    RDaneel Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 23, 2000
    Thank you for your kind comment, Gary.
  16. RDaneel

    RDaneel Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 23, 2000
    After seeing @5K Qs Case penknife posted earlier, I decided to carry mine today. It's a slim knife and excellent carry for attending church. :)

  17. Jonny D

    Jonny D Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 25, 2014
    These two for today!
  18. JTB_5

    JTB_5 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 6, 2017
    Ha! Not sure if I can look at that knife the same way again, now.
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  19. Half/Stop

    Half/Stop Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 25, 2014
    Thanks for the compliment Jack! :) The food looks great and your pairing today is stellar my friend! :thumbsup:

    It’s scary Gary! You’re exactly right my friend! :(
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  20. Half/Stop

    Half/Stop Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 25, 2014
    I’m carrying small today. ;) I’ve got my William Rodgers Lambsfoot and one of my #68 Pony Jacks. Y’all stay safe out there wherever you’re at! :) :thumbsup:


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