What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

Oct 19, 2005
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Schrade 194OT, and Robeson 12227 EO Jack, 1922-39 View attachment 1584845 View attachment 1584846 Ok, this is funny. I thought to do a search using “Robeson 12227 eo jack”.
The very first search result was my exact knife, with a highly detailed description. His description of it’s having been subjected to the drooling ministrations of a demented Fluffer ‘n Buffer, the photos, and naming of the identical marks leave no doubt it’s my knife. I did not buy it from this guy, so it’s been passed around a bit.
There was a time when I optimistically decided the scales were ebony, but it looks like I was overly optimistic.
Here’s the link ~ it’s a long expired sales ad, but worth reading just to see an honest and THOROUGH knife description!

Wonderful set! I have the same 194 here in my backpack as back up, and I have an e.o. Exactly like the sweet Robeson, but, mine is a Valley Forge and unfortunately the pen is broken although, it does have a very cool Valley Forge in what looks like a neat script of Old English font or similar...I find it amazing that it was used alot and the frosted script remains fairly well for a jack that is potentially 100 years or more old...good show and tell today sir!👍🏼
The blade is scratched and dirty, thought I would add it to my reply here...cheers!
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Apr 27, 2009