What's happening in the David Mary Custom shop?

Good evening friends, my phone is almost dead so it is powered off and plugged in, so photos will have to wait a bit.

But after picking up the MagnaCut blade and creating a build sequence based on order chronology for the blades that I received, I went to the shop and got two blades well on their ways. I was originally going to spend my shop time cleaning up the ones I already have done, but that will start tomorrow along with the two knives I started today, which should be ready for cleanup with an hour or two of additional work to them.


Okay so sometimes sheath making feels daunting, especially seven of them, after a day of hand sanding and fiddling with ergos on knife handles and fighting with trying to make MagnaCut look good using a grinder with only one speed.

So I did not start the sheaths. Meaning there will be no postal run Friday. Instead I will do a postal run next week earlier in the week and with another knife or two on top of what I have started already.

Instead I turned my brain off and cut wood scales and am still at the shop organizing them.
Friday. Feels like a Saturday. Grinding like it’s Monday. Kephart styled custom for a gentleman in Alaska in 3/32” MagnaCut with my usual flatvex grind and a crowned spine. This one will have OD canvas micarta scales with some subtle contouring. Not quite coke bottle. Maybe Doctor Pepper.

Still a bunch of work to do here at home but I hope to get those awaiting something from this batch their completion pics and invoices within an hour or two.