What's happening in the David Mary Custom shop?

The first Velargo, modded to have a slimmer handle by request of the gentleman. AEBL sharp and fast, it gets its name for its speed (vel) and wide blade (largo).

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Orange tailed weasel. Gets it’s name from the purple shirt and straw hat it wore to the beach.

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These are awesome…and that dagger is something else. Great job, David.
Beautiful work man! How can I get one of those daggers and how much? Also reaching out to you about building a couple of my blades to include much needed critique and redesign I'm sure. How can I best contact you for that?
Here’s a Velargo with a couple blanks I modded as well. One meant to emulate the style of a CRKT knife a gentlemen’s owns but would like to replace with a custom that can fill its shoes and another I decided to mod just to see what a smaller version would look like. This was part of what I did at the shop yesterday.

Started EDchef and TeenyChef for a gentleman.


Wild Willie Wild Willie kindly send me a new clip for my Learherman.

3V stencils arrived.

Welcome to David Mary custom, where the ducklings are ugly. But only for as long as necessary.

David, The EDChef & TeenyChef appear to have equal length cutting edges. Is the difference between them only the blade height, with Teeny being shorter edge-to-spine & a straighter looking spine?
Many thx in advance.
Thanks, David. I notice that I "Loved" that post (which is true, based on the super handiness of the three profiles shown) and it's completely slipped my mind. My leaky sieve memory doesn't remember squat. 😉😖 Maybe I can rationalize it as Living In The Moment since everything beyond about 30 seconds ago is gone POOF!

Email on its way.
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