What's the story behind forum names?


Mar 8, 1999
In the BF Family Album thread, Sochin asked
"If I may ask, will anyone share how they came by those incredibly creative forum names?"

I've often wondered myself, and there's got to be some really good stories behind some of those names so I'm starting this thread.


I'll start off: Rusty was my childhood family nickname that I had been trying to stamp out for decades. When I got on the net, there were so many other Russ and Russells that I bit the bullet and used Rusty. Then I found KF and BF and Rusty took on an "oxidation" flavor that appeals to my warped sense of humor.
I was born and this was my chosen birth name my Mommy & Daddy gave me

Douglas was my Dad's last name, Mark was taken after Mark in the Bible, and W = Wayne which was my Father's best man in their wedding.


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phone = I am a telecommunications consultant
archery = one of my hobbies

I was looking at the receiver of my phone, one day, and realized it was bow shaped. I had been looking for a name for the 'net' and the nickname 'phone_archer' was born.

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )
My story is similar to Mark's except William is my dad's name.
I go by Shane, which is my middle name and is a link to my Irish/Norwegian heritage(or so I was told)
The other reason is lack of imagination when signing onto Bladeforums initially.

God bless!

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copfish@aol.com I am a Police Officer/Administrator and my Nickname is Fish (John Fisher)
I use my real name on the forums. My parents were wise to name me what they did. I love my name, it's really unique & I have ALOT in common with my namesake...
. It really cracks me up that ALOT of ppl don't even know who Attila was, that's when I have to give them a well deserved history lesson. What I HATE the most: When ppl misprounounce my name... it CHEEZES me off no end! Oh well, other than that i'm a pretty StAbLe man...HehHeh

I got my name because I'm a hammer thrower for track and field in both High School and College. I like to spin really fast, sometimes too fast, and a kid who saw me said I spun faster than Taz does! It has nothing to do with knives, but I like it anyway!
Great question. DB Toe was a pen name I used back in school. I don't remember how I came up with it back then. When I started my hotmail acount it just came to me to use it. Then when these forums started requiring names I just shortened it to db.

Mines real easy....In the early to mid 1900's, Jail Guards (now Correction Officer's) were called "screw's" or "hacks" by the convicts. Therefore by me being a Correction Officer in a maximum security facility, I am a Jail "hack".

C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "
Mine is relatively easy. Shootist because I love guns and the shootist is one of my all time favorites. The credo is a good one to live by. 16 is my badge number. When I tried to use shootist on instant messenger it was taken, so I put 16 with it and Ive been using it every since.
My real name is Don Gwinn. When I signed into KFC I used "dgwinn." Real creative. So when I came to Bladeforums I revived one of my old high school nicknames. In my high school every male Gwinn eventually gets named "Gwinny The Pooh" by kids who think they're the first to think of it. Besides, Pooh Bear is cool. See the family album thread for an artist's conception of what I may look like.
Well, Rusty,

since you give me mention, I'd better get on this...

'Sochin' is the name of a 4th Dan karate kata and is called "The Fighting Old Man" kata. Since it has been a favorite of mine for many years, after I turned 50 it seemed like a fit!

The Fighting Old Man

Schlager is a type of practice rapier blade - dull and pointless. Sometimes like my ramblings. As Ever - Brian
Since you asked...

First day of class in college, every roll had me listed as "Ames". I spent the first day correcting them. On the second day, one professor still called me "Ames", since he had not corrected his seating chart. I again corrected him. He then joked that he might have a hard time remembering that, it being such a rare name. I suggested he try to remember that "It's James, like the Saint."

I was Saint James for the next four years.

The name grew on me quickly, and I have used it as a handle ever since.

A combination of two "call signs" from Test Pilot School.

Dogboy: Because my wife and I bought a puppy Rotty soon after I started the school. I was leaving school every day at lunch, before flying, to go feed and 'potty' the puppy.

Outlaw: Because as the course progressed, well, I got a bad attitude.

Some called me 'Outlaw,' some 'Dogboy'. It got combined toward the end.

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My wife's chat buddy in Australia saw a picture of me and told my wife I was a root which is aussie for stud,he,he. I couldn't let my wife forget this ever, so I quickley adopted the name and my wife roles her eyes everytime she sees it!
A co-worker gave me the nickname "Senator" due to my habit of arguing... uhh, discussing - yeah, that's it - discussing all things political, social, religious, etc...

Fortunately, unlike my Capitol Hill compatriots, I use facts and logic to back up my side of the debate. Therefore, I'm always right!


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Nothing very exciting...Jim, because that's the name my folks gave me and Ugly, because...well, let's just say I ain't no damn purty boy!