Whats your favorite Mora

Gibson, here's what I did with my original OD Mora Clipper sheath from SG: If you look inside the sheath, you will see two ridges that the guard supposedly snaps into (not very securely). I took a 1x1 inch scrap of thick leather and glued it in front of the ridges with contact cement. This gives it more resistance. I just did the "shake the hell out of it upside down" test and mine did not come out. Try it, it's a cheap and effective fix.

Just curious, in what situations do you plan on being upside down? :)
Now that I own a Mora, I am going to answer my own question. A #780, Triflex craftsman. Its the only one I own, so I guess I really can't compare it to other Mora's, but I really like the design and simplicity of the knife. Its not the end to my search for the perfect knife, but its definitely a good user knife that may help me figure out what I am looking for. :)
Hey Guys..




Heres the sheath I make for the clipper...


Feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions...


Normark, I might get you to make me a sheath for my clipper when it comes, yours looks really nice.
In fact, I have a few things I should send to you, my RAT5 could use a nice kydex sheath.
hey normark. on your mora sheaths, you dont have any, that have some little sort of side saddle on it do you? like say a place for a small sharpening stone, or a ferro rod?
also, what i dont get about 'you cant ship knives to this state and this state etc etc" is, how do the STORES get theirs then? I bought several knives when i was in texas and canada. did god just miracle those knives there then? they had to ship em in didnt they?? and bowies are illegal in texas? then how did my buddy buy one when we were down there??
My woman is very bashful about our "personal" life, so I refuse to answer that question! :D OK seriously, I don't ever plan on being upside down, but if I ever do find myself that way, I reckon the last thing I need is a razor sharp knife sliding out of its sheath and down my body.

That leather shim idea does make a lot of sense, I had to go get mine to look at it and see what you meant. Dang female-unit had it out in the kitchen... what was she thinking, actually using it?!? Oh yeah, that's what it's meant for.

I've now found two guys here who can make a sheath like that for a fair price, I'm sure there are more. I encourage you all to ask around. Maybe I'll wait till I have one made to try "modifying" the stock sheath... just to see if it can be done.