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Whats your pocket knife pet peeve?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Wunderbar, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Ripcord 82

    Ripcord 82

    Feb 15, 2019
    And you can have all the China junk you want Doc.
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  2. colin.p


    Feb 4, 2017
    Pet peeves? Absolutely none. If I don't like a "feature" on a knife, I don't buy it. And I really don't give a "smeg" whatever someone else likes or dislikes, I just please myself.
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  3. Weiss


    Jan 3, 2007
    One knife is not every knife. I have to keep buying them to find out for myself what I find cool and interesting and useful.
  4. DrRollinstein

    DrRollinstein Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 20, 2018
    Dont knock em till you try them, sir. These arent gas station specials im talking about.
  5. atdegs

    atdegs Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Jul 17, 2019
    Pocket clip screws that aren't flush with the clip.

    The rest of this list is super spot on, I hate framelocks that you can't help but put pressure on when opening the knife.
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  6. atdegs

    atdegs Gold Member Gold Member Basic Member

    Jul 17, 2019
    I end up bending a lot of clips to make them tension correctly.
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  7. Knives&Lint

    Knives&Lint DOES Go Chasing Waterfalls Platinum Member

    May 10, 2013
    DEEP CARRY CLIPS! and especially the assumption that because some YouTubers like them we all want them. I particularly dislike it when the reasoning for having them is to not draw attention from or offend the "sheeple". I can't think of a worse possible driving force for one's behavior. No offense to those who find them well suited for their practical needs, I just prefer my knife being easier to grab, and I actually dig having that bit of knife sticking out of the top of my pocket.

    Another is spring assist or auto on an AXIS lock...Hmm. Let's take one of the most ingenious and intuitive one handed open/close lock designs of all time, and remove the ease of one handed closing, just to make it open the smallest fraction of a second faster than it can already be deployed with the AXIS lock in the first place. Oh wait, there's more! Not only can you now open it with slightly more authority than you could have already with just a small flick of the wrist, now that is all you can do and there is no longer an option for discrete opening. Brilliant idea!
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
  8. Ripcord 82

    Ripcord 82

    Feb 15, 2019
    Not knocking the knives per say but the communist country itself. My company in Vietnam was caught in an L shaped ambush and we were nearly wiped out.Captured enemy documents proved they were part of a Red Chinese force helping the North Vietnamese Army. This happened near the Cambodian boarder within Vietnam boarders. Yes sir, they can keep their knives. Oh and I hate Jane Fonda too. Please don't ask me why because any good American will already know the answer why.
  9. Chronovore

    Chronovore Basic Member Basic Member

    Aug 29, 2019
    To be fair, people do have different reasons for making their decisions on this one. For instance, Ripcord 82 has a strong personal reason. Quiet hasn't elaborated yet. As I hoped my original comments made clear, I often see people taking an isolated stance on this tiny sliver of the overall market out of some sense of economic patriotism.

    I should clarify that I'm not commenting on the merits of our "global economy" or the factors which have caused it. The fact is that it exists. The causative factors affecting the global market place and the health of American manufacturing have a lot more to do with politics, trade deals, regulations, etc. than they do our personal buying habits.

    I prefer to use more tangible metrics like quality and price to make my buying decisions. Given that I carry budget gear, generally under a hundred bucks, most of the gems happen to be made in China. Over the last twenty years, I've always had at least one American-made Kershaw in my EDC rotation but it wasn't because they were made in America. I'm not sure that would matter anyway since Kershaw does make so many of their knives in China. To make a long story short, I feel like both pride and shame for knives depending on their country of origin is a "pet peeve" of mine.
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  10. JD Bear

    JD Bear Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 4, 2015
    What difference does it makes what his reasons are? I don't buy Chinese knives either. I'm very glad you enjoy them, but no one has to explain themselves as to why they don't...
  11. HwangJino


    Dec 2, 2012
    Coated blades. They look cool when worn, but they add resistance in cutting (for me).

    Places with metal detectors.

    As an idiot that I am, took my rare bronze spirograph sebenza to the airport (was running on little sleep and 4 hour drive to the airport), and had to ship it out of a kiosk in a flimsy plastic bag and my credit card number.

    Took 3 weeks to end up in my hands again, I was sure it was stolen.
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  12. The Zieg

    The Zieg

    Jan 31, 2002
    I dislike "tanto" points. And most modern "tactical" stuff. Not even for bananas.

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  13. South paw draw

    South paw draw Yep.....I'm a idiot. Platinum Member

    Sep 23, 2019
    Man what a brilliant idea. Wonder what it would take to set up in the airport to ship people's knives back home for them the right way. I bet tons of knives go in the bin, confiscated or stolen by err I'll stop there. But that's a good idea. I'm betting they have a lock down on that game.
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  14. Quiet

    Quiet "That guy" Platinum Member

    Oct 11, 2013
    They have had this for years at my airport here (major tourism town). I've had to utilize it myself once. It suuuuucks, because it's essentially a red thick plastic bag that looks like a biowaste bag. It seals up, and you have to pay something super dumb like $15 to get it sent to your house.
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  15. Quiet

    Quiet "That guy" Platinum Member

    Oct 11, 2013
    I am not under any obligation to answer leading questions from you. If you'd care to read more on that particular subject, feel free to utilize the search function. There have been countless threads on this already.
  16. HwangJino


    Dec 2, 2012
    $15 is cheap! I think they billed me about $43. I wrapped my knife in a pair of socks, figured nobody wanted to steal ankle socks...
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  17. Jmac1279


    Feb 16, 2015
    Things that I dislike in/on a knife are,
    -Partial serrations
    -Assisted opening blades
    -Flipper tabs
    I own knives with these features and just don’t care for them.
    That’s what’s great about knives though, something for everyone!
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  18. 416isToronto


    Mar 4, 2013
    Pocket clips that scratch the car!
  19. Cosmodragoon


    Jan 1, 2019
    Weak sauce, dude. Chronovore made some good points. Would it kill you to actually address some of them?

    Yeah, we've all discussed this before. So what? You brought it up here in this thread. It's like all the other issues that get discussed once a week, like the caliber debates over on TFL. Don't bring it up unless you want to talk about it.

    For me, I want to see more manufacturing stay here in the States. I want to see more jobs for American workers. I think buying American is part of the equation. Of course, I'm also in the budget camp. Is there an American competitor for Bestech or Civivi? How much more do I have to spend to get that level of quality made in the USA?

    It looks like Chronovore was talking about why that's the case. That's a serious issue. I'm active on that stuff but it goes beyond the scope of the forum here.

    Now that's out of the way, I don't like weak detents or 8Cr13Mov. :p
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  20. Quiet

    Quiet "That guy" Platinum Member

    Oct 11, 2013
    Your attempt at challenging my comment was weaksauce. You also don't get to tell others what they can and can't bring up. If that's an issue for you, well, that's not my problem. If you disagree with a comment I made, that's fine. "Don't bring it up unless you want to talk about it." NNNGGGG no.

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