Where is KI headed??

Jan 27, 1999
It keeps getting thinner!!!!!! :p how come??
The articles are aimed at a few major knife companies (IMHO)
For the second issue in a row the Blade Show West and the BAKCA show have been left off the SHOWLIST!! maybe they forgot!!!!!! :rolleyes:
All I notice are the typos!

BLADE is an "industry" mag to me. I liked KI because it was a "maker's" mag. Bud Lang, save us please!
Atleast they solved the shredding problem. Mine make it here in mint condition where as they used to be torn to pieces.
Hey guys, if you do not like the magazines, send them to me.... I will recycle them :).

All those typos and mislabeled photos finally got to me, stopped getting it 4-5 months ago...
I have to agree, somewhat, especially with the typos, bad grammar, and mis-labeled photos...Oh well, I still like TK, and Blade, but mostly look at the pics, anyways...

KI was my favourite of the big three. It has been lousy lately. I think it's the change in editors. :(
When Bruce took over, he had a bunch of reasons why the magazine was being produced so shoddily. He promised that as he got into the swing, KI would become better than ever. I was happy to give him that - that he was new and would try hard to make the magazine great.

I'm afraid that as time has gone on, I see the magazine slipping even further off of it's former prominence. Fewer pages, less custom knife substance, terrible typos. With each issue, I become even more sure that when re-upping time comes, I will, with very little hesitation, toss the renewal card, as I no longer see KI as indispensible to my hobby.

I'm sorry Bruce, but you've squandered your honeymoon period. If the publishers won't let you produce a great magazine, step off and keep your integrity. Each issue that comes out in it's current state with your name on it damages you.
I am such a knife nut that ANY magazine about knives is OK with me, but even I am extremely disappointed in KI. Mine came the other day, and with glee, I opened it and started looking through it. About 5 minutes later, I was done with it, not having seen much of interest. KI used to be my favorite as well, due to the excellent pics and knifemaker articles. The new one at least had some kind of article with Daniel Winkler, but how much can you read about his knives anyway?
Originally posted by dano
.....with the typos, bad grammar, and mis-labeled photos...


That's a production issue - and should be quite simple to fix. I don't read KI (too hard to find) but if someone can get me a contact email address I would be happy to offer my editing services for a couple of issues - at no charge.

BTW, if anyone can find a typo or spelling mistake on my website - I will buy a knife from them! ;)
The older I get, the harder it becomes for me to stomach any of the "industry" magazines. Guns & Ammo (arguably the most popular of the gun industry mags) lost its appeal for me about 10 years ago (right around the time it published its 27th consecutive "9mm vs. .45ACP" article in which not so much as a fleeting attempt was ever made at reaching anything remotely resembling a definitive conclusion).

How many times have you been subjected to reading a sentence like: "So, no matter which pistol you might purchase from amongst the 40 different models (we've barely mentioned in passing) in this article, you can rest assured it will be a solid performer". After a while you just want to pull your hair out. Fortunately Gun Tests magazine has neatly filled the information void left by the slew of industry mags. Maybe someday we'll be treated to a Knife Tests magazine? One can only hope. :)
I'm not sure how much bearing this has, but Bruce is located in TN, the magazine is out in CA, Obviously, Bruce cannot oversee every single step of production at the CA facility. Also, I wonder if Bruce maybe spread too thin? He has his successful auction business and also organizes the Spirit of Steel show, and maybe doesn't have enough time to dvote to KI?
What's the general consensus on Knife World? I like the fact that the articles tend to be more in-depth. I also really enjoy Bernard Levine's What Izzit? column and the regular military blades feature.
I wish Knife World was an actual magazine instead of a newspaper. It's messy and feels cheap, despite the quality of the content.
Bronco said it well. Lol. Most articles seem to have about as much bite and credibility as a Sammy Maudlin episode [for all you Second City fans].
Believe me Bruce Voyles boss has been told by many,(former Subscribers)knifemakers etc.,about these concerns,he just shrugs the complaints off and says that Bruce is doing great,and KI is too_Oh well.
Originally posted by MJHKNIVES
Believe me Bruce Voyles boss has been told by many,(former Subscribers)knifemakers etc.,about these concerns,he just shrugs the complaints off and says that Bruce is doing great,and KI is too_Oh well.

Then I retract my previous offer. Because...."A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."
It's a rare pleasure to see posts from a writer! The writing on your last few posts has been better than anything in the last few KI offerings. Don't retract your offer - we sorely need you. :)
Sorry, HJK - I didn't mean that as a "general retraction". :) My offer to HELP someone(at no charge, of course) with text for their brochure, website, laundry list, etc. is ALWAYS open! And if that should turn into a JOB/PROJECT, I could even be coerced into being paid with a knife! However, a quick edit or proofing of someone's text is ALWAYS free. (Did you ever see the movie, "Pay It Forward"? As unsociable as I am, I'm a firm believer in the concept/philosophy that movie is based on.)