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Who Likes Chute Knives?

Oct 22, 2004
This is a pic of our Lovett-Loveless Connection Combat Chute Knife. She is ATS-34, with 416s/s fittings, and Canvas Micarta with red liners. Hope you all like Her! Mike and Manuela
Not only I like chute knives, but this one has exactly the combination of materials I prefer :thumbup: The pic isn't bad either ;) :D
I still have several years of wait for mine ... argh!
You KNOW we all like 'dem chutes...

Let's start at the beginning:
(Clickable to larger)

There's LOTS of ways to git 'r done!

Huge drool factor, Coop. Thanks! I'll have something interseting to post in a week or so.:)

I love chute knives, and the one at the top of the thread is typical of those I like. Of those posted by Coop, I most like the true Chutes, i.e., not double edge. I do like the Wilderness pattern too (wide blade double edge fighter), but I'm less enthralled by the dirks (such as Takahashi's and S. R. Johnson's here).

IMHO, the Kressler piece isn't as graceful as the traditional Loveless pattern.
Joss, I remember reading or talking with Rob Brown about the chute design. He referred to the double-edged as the Johnson chute. He fulfills either. Maybe they worked on that pattern when they were a team?

At any rate, Loveless' is the pattern I prefer as well, although they all pack a lot of punch in a short package.

Thank you all. I knew I had a library that would stop us dead. ;)

OK! Now I've go to go get cleaned up! I've got drool all over the place. The smaller, or chute size double edge is known as a Mini wilderness. It is ground on the chute pattern. Rob is still learning the different patterns. I'll rag him on it the next time we talk. HeeHee!!! The Johnson double edged Chute is a totally different animal. I love them all. Thank you so much for posting these Coop, and have a fantastic New Year!!! Mike and Manuela
It is such a great usable and practical design I don't know why there are not more production versions?
OMG! That Burgundy Loveless Chute has got to be one of the most beautiful knives I have ever seen. Everything about it works perfectly.