Who Likes Chute Knives?

Mike they are beautiful. We love Chute knives! Here is a Geno Denning kudu Chute with a polished blade.


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Here is an oldie, but goodie, from Lile's shop. The stag pushed me over the edge.

This is a pic of our Lovett-Loveless Connection Combat Chute Knife. She is ATS-34, with 416s/s fittings, and Canvas Micarta with red liners. Hope you all like Her! Mike and Manuela


This is a beautiful knife and I am counting the days! Have fun with Bob and talk to you when you return.

Combat Chute on Order!


-Adam J.
San Diego
...because I just completed these for Bob Parker this week.


Two sizes of blades and variation on handle materials.


There is a sub-knifemaking-industry in making Loveless patterns. Bob is right there with the best of them!

That burgundy Loveless Chute IS one of the most beautiful knives I have ever seen!! OMG!! That is incredible!! That is the perfect Chute knife!!
WoW!!! I had forgotten about this thread! Cindy D. What is the handle material on the one you pictured? Looks neat! That Rob Brown, even though really a mini Wilderness, is a fantastic looking Knife. Mike and Manuela
I love chute knives. Just today, at the Oregon Knife show in Eugene, I picked up a nice Ricardo Velarde integral "baby chute" knife. Sorry, no picture yet.
That burgundy Loveless Chute IS one of the most beautiful knives I have ever seen!! OMG!! That is incredible!! That is the perfect Chute knife!!

Thank you for viewing my chute knives, and I believe you are right, the longer 5 1/2 blade balences out to, you know what, perfect, my dad use to say, now that knife will make you feel like somebody, and I think he is right.
new web site ClassicknifeDesign.com
Coop,that second pic of Robert Parker Chute/Fighters is Making Me Drool BIG TIME!!! I Gots to Git Me One of Those.
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Good call. Bob would be pleased to hear from you.

Robert, thank you for posting your new website!! I Have it bookmarked, so I can, someday get one of your amazing Chute knives!!!
What terrific Chutes, my all time favorite blade shape. I thought I'd add a couple since this seems to be the defintive thread on these knives. Thanks for startiing it, Mike.


My Loveless, single nude logo:


My John Young, Ironwood:


Bill Ankroms, these were posted in another thread, but worth repeating:

Thank you for the drool factor, they even get a little damp out in the shop, now and then, all of the chute knives being posted make me feel so good, all of the great maker's and there work that make the chute knife what it is, and I dont mean me, and I think the 5-1/2 in. will dominate,balance and feel, perfect. R.N.P.
chute knives have three features that are not among my favorites......stainless blades, exposed full tangs and hollow grind and yet i cannot help my self..........love em and want one bad:D