Why did I buy that?

May 22, 1999
This forum has been a great help. With 15 knives and 5 multitools and 2 keychain tools I only have 1 knife I regret paying for: a boot knife called the 'Texas Wildcat'. You guys have kept me from buying knives like the CRKT P.E.C.K. and MOD Razorback. (I like everything Massad Ayoob does. My only reason was to have something with his name on it.)

Now tell me what you have bought and regretted. Did you thow it away? Give it away? Did somebody give you a knife that was crap? Did you return it for something else?

I'm buying something this weekend and I don't want to make a mistake. Although I can't think of any member regretting buying a Spydie or Buck
Yeah, I regret buying my SOG Sogwinder, I hate the rubber handles, but it is fun to play with, my friends know my other knives are good at a glance, but they think my SOG is a POS at first glace.
Sometimes I just regret what I paid for a knife, after I find that I could have gotten one $20 cheaper after shipping from somewhere else, and I only had 30 days to return the knife.

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To be honest, I've found myself regretting the purchase of my Gerber multi tool.. I do like the neat little motion you have to do to get out the pliers, but I have two major complaints...

1. the bottle opener will not open beer bottles! I actually had to use the frickin wrench.. and there's nothing more tragic than a spilled bottle of Bass

2. The handles have a nasty habit of pinching my hand when I'm using the pliers (see #1)

While beer extraction may not be big on everyones priority list, it figures highly into mine
I shoulda just waited a few months, and the Leatherman Wave woulda been out... But I use my Gerber so infrequently now, I can't justify buying another multi-tool

I've never bought a knife that I later regretted. My least favorite is my BM Ascent/Eclipse, but before I had an AFCK, it was one of my faves.. go figure

I've got a couple of old POS folders that I got from the Edge Co. that weren't worth the $10 or so I paid.

I also bought a "Cutco" knife when my daughter's boyfriend decided to be a door-to-door knife salesman. Blaze orange handle and truly garbage serrations. I just wish she'd dump the guy so I can get it out of the display case!
Tom, I just got the new Gerber Military Provisional Tool a few months ago. Considering my age, beer-bottle opening's not a real problem. At least, I've never complained of my "MPT beer deprivation problem," to my parents! But seriously, I do get some pinching action with the pliers, especially as my hands get closer to the plier head. Not enough to regret buying it though.

I regret my very first knife. A PUMA Protec. What a POS! The serrations are dull, and the rest of the blade was shot to hell when I sharpened it. Now, I'm no expert, but I can sharpen a knife, and this didn't resharpen well at all. The lock is giving me play now, but it doesn't matter because I haven't used it in years, due to the fact that during a heavy chore the blade bent so much I cand barely get it in and out of the handle now! Jeez!


Maybe I'll change my signature to "Never Buy a Puma!" Thanks for the memories!

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stunned silence

Hehehe. And a lotta crap besides that. Hey, we gotta start somewhere, right? I also bought a Multi-Plier way back, 'cause I wanted to be "different." Inside of a month I traded it for a Leatherman and haven't looked back. Only thing I'd give it up for was a PSTII, and then that for a Wave. I've played with others and I won't stray from Leatherman again.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Once, when I was young and ignorant, I bought a United Cutlery "survival knife" with a plastic handle. When the wire saw broke in my hands, my dad offered to buy it off of me. Then, when I should have known better, I biught a United Ninja sword. Should have saved up for an Ontario. Oh yeah, I have a Gerber Multi-tool and love it. Now I'm getting a Multi-Lock.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?
Hmmm...let's see...

CRKT KISS - sliced off the tip of my thumb when I tried to test the liner lock by "squeezing" it.

Junglee Sahara Jr. - very thin liner and the serrations suck - wouldn't trust it after what happened with the KISS.

For most part, I've been very happy with all of my purchases (with the exception of the brain farts above).
There are many regrets as you can see by my many post in the For Sale Forum. I think the biggest waste was the Master Hawk, what a pos.
Well Sal and Star (of Spyderco fame)will probably hit me for this but.....I bought one of those Jot Singh Khalsa,serrated, I think I spelled it? It was one of those impulse buys..kinda like when your standing in the line at Wally World(Walmart) and you buy another pair of pliers just because they have vanadium in there....Well, I never could figure out what I should do with that knife. It kinda hooked out of my pocket like a hump back whale
..Everytime I pulled it out people would point and say what the **** is that? But regret turned into an idea!!The local Pakistanian who owns the seven-eleven,..likes to see my latest carry.He always has a knife his cousin sends him, They are all brass bolsters and rosewood scales with grind marks all over the blades,and the liners have 1/64th clearance between them... Get the picture
Well when he saw this baby, he went beserk..he he he...Well we struck up a deal..You would think he was buying sheep...he handled that knife for an hour...$75 bucks and a big jar of that really good beef jerky..you know the kind that takes a while to chew
WHEW, tough barter...the beef jerky was the clinch!
Did I regret buying that Jot Snauzu Khalsa? Just for a few weeks!!!Solly loves it, keeps it behind the register....
No offense to anyone, just the way life happens


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OK, my turn for flames. The two knives I absolutely regretted getting were the BM Mini-AFCK (no use for this after having the full-sized AFCK), and lately the Bladeforums Native. Hated the color and BF logo-etching so much that I traded it for a new StarMate. I got lucky, though. Oh, and the mini-AFCK got traded for a nice custom damascus dagger.
When I was younger I used to look at the knives for sale in the back of Boy's Life Magazine and would always want those knives. I bought a cheap-ass survival knife for $6 and what a POS! I also bought a Pakistan Boot Knife for $3 and the tip broke off the first time I stabbed something. They were the two sorriest knives I've ever held.
I saw the Jot Sing Kalsa on sale for $50, not a bad deal, it is kinda safe when it is open, but what a POS whale when it is closed! What a joke with the pocket clip, too, I wouldn't want that in my pocket, people would be sayin' "You happy to see someone?".

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
I think its all relative. Some of my regrets weren't bad knives, just not such great deals compared to some of the others. I have bought some really crummy throwing knives in my time, but that was in my early throwing days when I hadn't learned yet to see quality in a thrower even from a picture. Of the regular knives I've bought, the BlackJack HALO was a total POS for me, and in the folder arena, my BM Eclipse was a big disappointment. Too much play in the blade, real stiff to open. Even sent back to BM to see what they could do, but they ended up doing nothing at all. Finally, my BM Sentinel, one of the early models. Beautiful knife, liquid smooth operation, but a little play which BM did eliminate on return. Big problem with it is that the spearpoint blade shape makes it hard to get really sharp, and it just doesn't suit me as a utility knife. Good fighter though, and would be happy to sell it if I could get anywhere near its too high original price of $110 or so (to me)...
$.05 cheap knife in a plasitc bubble out of a "gum-ball" machine. It took me soooooooo long before the knife was the item that came out of the machine instead of all the other worthless junk. Funny, I have no idea what all the other stuff was, but I can picture it very clear, even after 40 or so years, trying to make that machine *hit* on the knife. Ahhh the start down the road. Think this has any relation to my present day facination with slot machines?

Kinda regret purchasing the BM stryker and sentinel. They're okay, but at full retail... I think I would've been much happier with a Spyderco Military and Wegner.. Just a hindsight preference thing.

Bought a CS mini Tanto recently. Great knife, got a beautiful deal, but it only sits next to my bed, waiting to slash open the next intruder. Thing is, there hasn't even been a first intruder- 21 years in the same house and not a single problem of the dangerous kind. But one never knows, and that's how I justify the purchase!
When I first got the knife bug, I did a mail order purchase of a couple of dozen Chinese made POS knives. My only excuse is I didn't know any better at the time, and the prices were so low.
Also, 2 Pakistan folders (Buck 110 lookalikes). Fortunately, even though there were several dozen POS knives, it wasn't much money. There were even 1 or 2 of the Chinese knives I liked - seemed better than the rest.

After I compared these to some good knives, that was the end of my POS purchases. The only thing I miss about the POS knives is the low cost - buying better knives costs more.