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woman or knives?


Hey, that could just as easily be "Men or Knives" - right ladies?

What type of woman, what kind of knife? Warm flesh or cold steel. Depends on what your objectives and long term goals are. A much tougher question would be women or dogs or dogs or knives.
Knives cost less...and don't get jealous if you fondle another knife.
What can be called the best things in life?

Woman who has steel.
Making mate of woman who has steel.
Then you have more steel together than apart.


Well "or" is the key word here. Remember Hell has no fury than a women etc,etc. Triple that if a knife is handy. If she has a temper...forget knives. Remember Mr.Bobbit.

Go with the woman.Then carefully explain to her that knives are simply scissors with only one handle.Have your cake and eat it too.
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Did I miss your point?

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
Mmm...Sounds it depends on your purpose. What do you wanna do with them?

To ride them, to hold them, or to cherish them, or to hung them on the wall?

I'd stand on a tactical point of view...and take women.
Didn't go through the whole thread but I would choose women. Just make shure (as I am now in the process of finding out) she isn't married or you will need the knife.

If this is a humorus thread disregard the above, if serious, take heed.
Knives vs. women:
Knives don't care when you want a new knife

Knives never have a headache

Knives never holler when the seat is left up


Some of my knives have out lasted 3 wives. I guess I'm a better judge of knives than women. I pick knives. (although I do enjoy making memories). Ray Kirk
I can trade or buy back the old knife without the new knife getting insane on me. The knife will never accuse me of untoward behavior wih another knife, in fact, I can use readily take two or more knives with me everywhere in intimate embrace without problems, and can even put them to their best intended use simultaneously without hesitation or complaint on their part.

The knife will never nag me to clean or take out the garbage, letting me do so according to a master plan so grand it is revealed to me only in minute stages. The knife only requires basic maintenance at most and never asks me to remove nail polish or complains about an insufficient number of packages from Tiffany's. The knives I am resting comfortably and carressing intimately on the sofa with do not care if the plot of my television show is nothing other than women in swimsuits running around with machine guns and they do not get jealous o another knife on TV or in a movie, proclaimig the steel to be artificially enhanced.

Obviously I would therefore pick woman, isn't that right Honey?
Did any one read the profile for may?
I'll take my women with knives.My wife collects knives also.Likes autos and MOP folders.AMEN