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woman or knives?

Women. I may be a modest knife-nut,
but I think that the female
persuasion can't be beat in most
areas. Unlike knifes they are, you
know, ANIMATE! Now, if it was women
or my REAL love, which is cinema,
that would be an entirely different
story... What kind of freaky female
doesn't like film?;-)


Robert Joseph Ansbro
Knives are much cheaper......

We figured this out,on a Tequila night, while I was home in North Carolina.

If you add up the shoes, the clothes, the makeup and the hairspray that they ALWAYS need more of, you'll see what I mean.

Now, about the lingerie. Namely, Victoria's Secret. My wife ALWAYS shops there. I figured I could own 12 Sebenzas if I could have kept her out of there last year alone.

Wait a minute, did I just complain about Victoria's Secret??????
By the way, she's still using my Spydie Military in the kitchen....she hid it from me the day I packed to return here to Saudi

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Hmm ... the woman seems to be about to cut her way out of a tent ... she seems to have cut her way out of most of her clothes already, presumably so she won't get overheated with the exertion....

The trailing point design pictured is not ideal for cutting people out of their clothing in emergencies, IMHO -- I recommend a drop point for the purpose. Some authorities recommend warncliffe or even sheepsfoot blades, but I think a moderate drop point is safe enough, used with reasonable caution.

How sharp were the knives at the beginning of the test, and how well did the edges hold up? Cutting your way out of a tent should not require so much exertion as to make it necessary to remove most of your clothing first, provided the knives you're using are sharp.

Are the handles of the knives abrasive to the hand in heavy use? If not, why is she wearing gloves?

I don't think you're going to sell many knives with an ad like this, Bob. It leaves too many questions unanswered. Back to the drawing board....

-Cougar Allen :{)
Since I haven't had a girlfriend for I don't care to remember how long, the only "girls" I take out on the town with me are knives...sometimes 2 or 3!
Knives or woman?
I'll take woman AND keep my knives!

Women, are all of you crazy ? I love knives, but there are somethings even a knife can't do.

Dark Nemesis

All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)