Worst cuts

Jan 18, 1999
I was flicking my bali-song (an ugly no-name
type) last night and cut myself pretty good on my left hand middle finger. Now it wasn't
the first cut and won't be the last I get,
it was the worst. Not bad enough to get stitches, but it sure did bleed. I'm glad I made a good investment in bandaids. I'm
curious to know what everyones worst cut
Thanx, PR
Back in 1992 I had my right thumb operated on, well, it didn't turn out so good. I lost about 80% use of it. From the tip of my thumb to the first joint is numb. No sense of feel.

I just bought a new knife at the time, I think it was the A.F.C.K. I was showing off to a friend of mine here at work on how easy it was to open and close with only one hand, my bad one, too! Well, needless to say I was closing it and the blade came down and cut the very tip of my thumb off.
Thank God I don't have any feeling at that part of the thumb. Blood went everywhere. The worst part was the embarrasement I felt afterwards.

I am a little more careful now! Just a little more, though


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My worst cut wasn't even with one of my toys, but rather a kitchen knife.

Several years ago, I was distracted by company while using a short Gerber steel to sharpen a 9" Case fillet knife in my kitchen. I'm still not sure exactly how it happened, but the flexible blade somehow slipped off the steel. The next thing I know, my left middle finger is open to the bone with a cut running lengthwise across the first two joints.

I probably should have had it stitched, but instead closed it with butterflies, immobilized the joints, and bandaged the whole thing up. It opened up a few times while healing but, other than a scar, healed just fine.

Although my inattention was totally to blame, I hate that blade to this day.

Stabbed myself in my left leg once. Two inches of blade went in. A whole pant leg soaked with blood and 3 stitches later I was fine. Limp around for a week. Lesson learned: When you're bored, don't resort to stabbing at a piece of wood on your leg!

In Memory of Steele, J.E.

My boss / friend and knife forum member died suddenly without warning at the age of 56 last month.

I feel he would want me to tell you his injury from a knife.

He bought an A.F.C.K. and when he was playing with it, he dropped it from about a 6' height and it stuck perfectly in his foot, right through his shoe and sock. Can't remember how many stiches he got, at least a couple.

From then on he did hold the knife more firmly, especially when just playing with it!

God rest his soul!



O.k. here is mine. I was laying in bed one night playing with a knife and talking on the phone. I got up, to the hang up the phone. When I got back to to my room I plopped on my bed. And landed right on my knife. The knife penetrated about 2 inches into my left arm. No stitches, just one butterfly bandaid. That is why I don't sleep with knives

Most recent is probably getting cut in the left
hand with a custom butterfly sword, my own fault.
Should've gotten stitches but didn't follow the 8 hr rule, that
is if it's that bad you've got an 8 hr window to get stitches.
Now I have a scar and it's still healing. It made typing unbearable and plenty of people gawked.
I'm okay, I know what shock feels like now.
It looked like a shark bite then a burn but
it's looking better.
Well, in the interest of preserving what is left of my image on the forum, I conveniently leave out the nature of the incident that gave me my greatest cut.

The net result however, was 18 stitches running parallel down my right forarm. I was really lucky though. I did absolutely nothing more than superficial damage to myself. In fact, I rode my motorcycle home after all the stitches. You should have seen the look on the corpsmans face who got the first look at it.

BTW, it was done with an Emerson Commander and by the time that the story had gotten back to Ernest, it had gotten to the point where I had an 8" cut to the bone and had been in a cast for months.

Take care,
At the last Soldier of Fortune show in Las Vegas, I purchased a Cold Steel Vaquero Grande. Next Monday I brought it in to work to show some of my friends (carefully carried in an overnight bag - the guards would have had words with me fer shur, fer shur!).
When showing it to one friend who is not particularly knowledgeable about knives, I pulled it out of the sheath, opened it one-handed, and handed it to him (handle-first). He made some comments about the possible uses of such a blade, and then attempted to close it like a liner-lock. Since it's a lock-back, that didn't work very well. Then he gave it back to me, open, and I showed him how to close it, using the left hand for the blade and the right hand for the lock.
A long time before I had told him of the advantages of a one-handed knife, easy to open and close with one hand, using my A. T. Barr folder as an example. So, perhaps naturally, my friend asked if this knife could be closed one-handed. I assures him it could, and to demonstrate, re-opened it with one hand and closed it using only my right hand. We then took a quick trip to the secretaries office, because I knew she kept a good supply of band-aids! That thing did a JOB on the back of my right index finger!
Like many of you have mentioned, I really should have gotten a few stitches, but contented myself with band-aids and bacitracin ointment. I was able to dispense with the band-aids after 2 weeks, and by now, 3 months later, it isn't even very painful, but it has certainly left me with a permanent reminder of my new toy.


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Read the thread about "embarrassing moments"... I about diced my thumb off doing a neighborhood sunday brunch when distracted by body contact by a young lady <sigh>


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Another AFCK stoy. I was laying in bed, bored while my wife was doing some work on the computer. Got out my knife collection and was playing with this and that. When I came to the AFCK I had it in my left hand and went to snap it open. Bad move, didn't have a tight enough grip on it and it flew up and cut me along side my mouth. Lucky it was only a 3/4 inch cut and only through the skin and no deeper. Could have given my a funny smile or if a little higher, even worse eye sight. Thank God it wasn't any worse. My wife is tired of seeing blood. So am I for that fact, but what can a guy do who likes knives so much.

more careful, same results
The worst I've ever done were some nasty openings on my hands and wrists, but not from knives. They all came from football cleats and helmet snaps.

When I was 10, my dad took five of us fishing for my birthday (Dad was cool like that) and another friend's dad drove. We'd been admiring each other's fishing goodies on the back porch so we all ran around to the front of the house. One of my friends, Mike, went down like he'd been shot. He'd grabbed the filet knife by the sheath and run full tilt, flinging the knife itself down at his own legs in the process. He opened about 4 inches of his right calf. We were lucky his mom didn't sue us blind!
Once I stupidly held a sharpening stone in my hand with one of my fingers sticking out over the edge. And when I ran the knife's edge across the surface of the stone really fast, I cut a large chunk of skin off of one of my fingers. I remember a while ago, someone said that he cut himself with one of those boyscout knives (was it James Mattis), and it was like a cherry colored supersoaker or something. Pretty similar experience with me, lots of blood...
I guess that isn't too bad, but it was a real pain to type when the skin on parts of your finger is not present.

Fixed it with lots of band-aids. Healed up well enough to type decently in a couple weeks.
My worst, I'm sorry to say was no even with a knife of any type, and pretty dull, but a close friend of mine has one of the oddest I've seen.
We(two of us and a friend of his) had gone to a bar in one of the seedier parts of Baltimore(he knew the owner, so he didn't have to pay, and I could go in). While there the third party got increadibly drunk, and started harassing a group of 6 large locals. As we left, John(friend) noticed the six start to follow us. We went to where the car was, and were sure that the group was coming. I noticed John take out a box cutter, one of those little blade in a handle deals .5" of cutting edge. I was too busy trying to figure out how to survive.
As the group approached, they spread into a v shape, with the one that the third person had been harassing the most at the vertex. He said something about killing the guy, and then getting rid of us. I had no doubt that they could very well have done great, if not lethal damage. John lunged towards them, and drew the blade of the box cutter down the entire length of his left arm, not enough to do real damage, but visual, shocking and bloody. He screamed something about thriving on pain and that he wanted to die first. The leader looked like he just woke up with a horses head in bed with him, and just looked at John. The other guys muttered something about crazy mutherf**ker...and started to backup. By the time John lunged at them again, they were in full retreat.
We then went to the car, but by that time most of the bleeding had stopped. Left a nice, 18" scar.


Great thread PR, brought back some "fond" memories.
I look at my hands and see a road map of scars that remind me of learning how not to use my first pocket knife, why not to use a dull hatchet on wet wood, and why it is important to remember good shop safety when working with blades and why you should only put one hand into the chest cavity when dressing out a large animal. One of my favorites though is from a large bowie blade that I was finishing. When the blade fell from the counter I quickly reached out and caught it in the palm of my hand. Another reminder that sharpening is the last step in a new knife.
Non Blade Cut

I had a childhood chum who was quite a clutz, broke a glass table top with his head and nearly sliced off the tip of a finger while cutting cheese. These pale compared to an event which almost buried him.

While playing some game in the backyard he was running in a planter and fell onto...an aquarium. The result? A 10"x1" scar on his inner thigh that never fails to draw double takes when he is wearing shorts and a permanent lesson about the femoral artery.

I watched one of my soldiers get a nasty cut. He pulled the knife blade out of his Gerber Multi-plier, closed the handles, then attempted to push the plier head back into the handles by pushing the two buttons and vigorously sliding the pliers back in. His fingers slipped off the buttons, forcing his hand towards the rear of the handles, where the waiting blade parted the flesh of his thumb to the bone! It happened during a meeting. I asked him if he cut himself (he was amidst his peers) and he said, "No!" I asked him why he was bleeding all over my carpet! Nough said.
Drunk, pissed at GF&BF, Gerber MKII, to the femur. Figure that it was about a half to a quater inch off the aterial. Bled a lot.

Using a fixed bladed Kershaw boot knife (bueatiful blade), forgot to put it back in it sheath, left it sitting on the bed while reaching for materials, hopped back up onto the bed, knife got caught in the blankets and shimmed itself down the front of my knee. Was kind of cool.. I could see all the way down the front of my shin by opening the hole in my knee.


Well guys, I know this wasnt a VERY bad cut, but thought I'd post it anyway. I had just recieved my new Halo2. I opened it and decided to check the lock up. Don't know how, but my left hand slipped, and I ended up shishkabobbing my two left middle fingers. Needless to say, very painful! My left middle finger is still numbed from that incedent. Might be a coincidence, but it seems like I have cut my self with EVERY knife I have owned!